The zoom of Nikon P900

Your camera sports an imaging chip that measures 4.55mm height by 6.17mm length. The corner to corner (diagonal) measure of this chip is 7.66mm. This camera has a zoom lens with a variable focal length. The range of the focal length change is 4.3mm thru 357mm.

This camera sports a miniature sensor as compared to a 35mm film camera. The 35mm camera sovereign for about 100 years. Because of it’s popularity, it is customary to describe the view as seen by your camera, stacked up against the view as seen using a 35mm camera. This is an equivalency that may or may not be of benefit to you (gray hairs like this).

This equivalency is called a magnification factor or betters “crop factor”. The crop factor is derived by dividing the two camera’s diagonal measure. For your camera, this value is 5.6. Thus your lens 4.3mm thru 357 delivers the equivalent of a 35mm film camera with a zoom lens focal length range 24 thru 2000mm, this is a formidable zoom range.

We size lens to cameras based on the diagonal of the imaging chip. In this case, your camera has a diagonal measure of 7.66mm. If your camera is set to zoom focal length of 7.66, equivalent to about 43mm, the view delivered will be about the same as the unaided human eye.

If you zoom to a longer focal length, you will be in the telephoto realm. If you set the lens to a shorter than 4.3mm (equivalent to 25mm) or shorter, your camera is operating in wide-angle territory.

Suppose you zoom to 45mm (equivalent to 250mm, you have magnified the “normal view 10X alike looking through 10 power binoculars. If you zoom to the maximum focal length of 357mm equivalent to 2000mm, the view will be approximately the same as viewing through a 2000 ÷ 43 = about 45X power telescope.

Stated differently, a bird 100 yards distance, at maximum zoom, images as if you were positioned 2.2 yards distant. In metric terms, a bird 100 meters distance images as if it were only 2.2 meters distance.

You zoom lens is remarkable in that it is remarkable as to its zoom range.
Be happy, it’s all good!