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I recently published my new site on, the following results are a bit jumbo for me, someone has some idea of ​​how to rectify the results below. I am using FSB hosting for the website. Thanks in advance!

Configure your domain redirects from non-original page versions = Top Priority
Warning: there are no 301 redirects to redirect traffic to your preferred domain. Pages that are loaded successfully with and without
In the .htaccess file, I directed all traffic www to not www and all traffic not https to https. If you want to do the same, I will publish what I used to accomplish this. I do not think I had to do anything in cPanel.

www They are treated as duplicate content!
Like the previous comment .htaccess

Warning: the speed of your website could improve slightly.

Too bad, your server is not using a caching method.
I think you can fix the above by enabling Cloudflare in your domain. (It's free, and all you have to do is register and change the domain name servers.If you have cPanel hosting, you have an option). (Be sure to enable development mode if you are actively changing your site, as you can cache the view and the changes will not be visible, even when the store's cache is removed.)

Otherwise, it may be a different type of server-side caching offered by some hosts. Someone more competent would have to confirm about this …

Too bad, your website is using online styles.
Possibly related to FSB

Too bad, your website has too many CSS files (more than 4).
Possibly related to FSB

Too bad, your website has too many JavaScript files (more than 7).
Possibly related to FSB

The URLs of your website do not redirect to HTTPS pages.
If you have an SSL certificate, see my note about .htaccess above.

Your headers are not configured correctly to use STS.
Mine also said this, but apparently it's not a small deal.

W3C Validity Low impact Invalid: 5 errors, 4 warnings
I did not mention the W3C in my report. Are you running some custom HTML (which you wrote yourself), embeddable forms or something? Maybe you share what theme you are using (I'm in Impact)

Slow moving speed
Remove blocking of JavaScript and CSS processing in the content of the top half of the page
Possibly related to FSB

Enable compression
Related to the host. My host uses gzip. Ask your host provider if you want to know more.

Reduce JavaScript
I had no mention of this. And I'm not aware of what it is, I'm sorry.

Take advantage of the browser's cache
Possibly related to FSB
Reduce server response time
Possibly related to FSB

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