The SEREngines 2 tests are now ready

As of August 9, 2017, SEREngines v2 is almost out of beta.

Currently there:

  • 36 High Authority Web2.0 Blog Engines
  • 19 high profile social profile engines
  • 3 high authority social bookmarking engines
  • Email Creator for 4 email providers

New engines are being developed on a daily basis, as well as improvements in the performance of the SEREngines add-on.

Some notable improvements of GSA SER and SERE are (Thanks @Sven):

  • Use the same proxy for the account on the site (reduced footprint)
  • Use the same login session for the account on the site (reduction of the footprint, reduce the number of times the accounts must log in. Still in tests)
  • Do not use the same email account when you register for another account on the same site within the project
  • Memory management and threads of the CPU (reduce threads if the memory / CPU usage is too high in SER)
  • Cloud-based engine performance record that we monitor to make sure all engines are running and push for updates when necessary
  • Improvements in human-type automation
  • Recaptcha v2 solution with a success rate of 100% (2captcha required).
  • A new website was launched where you can manage your API keys with features such as IP blocking, subscriptions and the affiliate program
  • Headless collision is a thing of the past

Where from here?

  • Continue developing new high-quality Web2.0 engines, social bookmarking and add new email creators (and no, we will not create poor quality blog networks like our competitors to make you believe you're getting more links)
  • A big surprise will come within the next week, which is beyond the scope of what we currently offer and will surely increase your SEO efforts in 2017 and in the future.
  • Help videos to help create the most optimal campaigns with GSA SER + SERE

Requirements to start:

  1. SEREngines account: visit
  2. 2captcha, this is important since many of our engines use Recaptcha2, without this you will get low success rates
  3. Mix of email providers like those created by our email creator. Mix those with some necklaces and you'll get the highest success rates
  4. Fresh proxies of high quality. Rotated as often as possible. Perform mathematical calculations when creating accounts, for example, if you only have 10 proxy servers and want to create 1000 wordpress accounts in a day, that means you have created approximately 100 accounts with the same IP address. An easy way to get your web2. 0 deleted accounts

To start using SEREngines, see the tutorials section on the website here:

Try the free 15-day trial!


Just launched a new service to solve your email problems with GSA Search Engine Ranker.

It has been highly optimized for its SEREngines campaigns, so it works better than other general services. It is also perfect for campaigns that are not SEREngines.

I suggest going with the Premium subscription, since this allows not only general emails, but also those of level 1 (domain only, so that
Email accounts like: instead of your standard subdomain). That means that Web 2.0 SEREngines that do not allow global email accounts will allow SEREmails premium subscription level 1 emails.

Therefore, mixing in a subscription to SEREmails Premium + the existing free email providers ( and mailru) make a perfect combination.

Check out the new catchall service here:

* Note * – Although these emails are excellent for SER and SERE users, they will also work with any other link building tool as long as the tool accepts pop 3.