The poor man's guide for the traffic.

Cha EsK !K Es EsK Es EsK Es EsK Es EsK Es EsK Es EsK Es EsKchaKcha Es Es! Es Es! Es Es !Kcha EsK Es EsKKcha Es Es Es Es EsKK Es Es Es EschaKK Es Es Es Es! Es Es! Es Es Es Es! Es Es Es Es! Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es Es EsKK Es EsKK Es Es Es Es Es Es EsKK Es Es Es Es Es Es! Es Es Es Es Es Es! Es Es Es Es Es Es! Es! I wanted to show you a way that I created traffic for free on my first affiliate marketing websites:

This assumes that you are using long-tail keywords with searches in the range of 300 to 500 per month. A good tool to find long tail keywords is Ubersuggest. It is possible that some of you are already doing this (but this is for the newest members). Well, here is my traffic suggestion …

1) Create a new Google account with Gmail. Once your Google account is created, you can use Google Alerts. This is a great tool to find conversations on the Internet related to your long tail keyword. Create a Google Alert for your long tail keyword. It will display websites related to your keywords as you enter them. This Google alert will also be sent to your Gmail. Through email, a list of press releases, news articles and other Web-based content related to "natural weight loss" will be sent a daily Google alert for the long-tail phrase "weight loss" natural".

Use these Google Alerts to visit websites that analyze the topic of your niche and leave a comment on the blog, forum or news site. This is the perfect tool to find guest publishing opportunities too! Visit the website and see if they allow the publication of guests. Some websites will allow you to add backlinks to your website in exchange for your articles. Very little effort is required to contact the owner of a website about guest publications … especially if his domain authority is more than 50 years old.

But be careful, do not just go to a blog and post a comment or write an article with "I have a website that sells natural products to lose weight. here"Normally I do not mention that I sell products to lose weight … I could comment on the content in its article or write an article related to its Topic on the blog. Kcha EsKcha EsKcha EsKcha EsKcha EsK Es EschaK Es EschaK EsKcha EschaK Es EschaK EsKcha EschaK Es Escha EschaK Escha Escha EschaK Es Es EschaK Es EschaKKcha EschaKcha EschaKcha EschaK EschaK EschaK Es Es Es Escha EschaKcha EschaKcha EschaK EschaK EschaK EschaK EschaK EschaKcha EschaK EschaKcha EschaK EschaK Es! A backlink from a high domain authority website related to your long tail keywords will definitely make it go up in Google search engine rankings.

With this method … sometimes you have to become a member, post a certain number of times, or become a guest writer, etc. to leave your backlinks … but these will be quality backlinks in your niche. Google loves this!

Be sure to leave a mix of backlinks on different websites that are your primary keyword, an LSI keyword (related to the keyword) and a raw keyword (your website). You want your backlinks to have a uniform combination so that your keyword profile on Google does not look superscious.

Tip: I use Firefox and I have a free add-on from the SEO bar that reviews every site I visit from Google Alerts to see the Domain Authority of the website. So, I can see if it's worth spending a moment to post a comment or write an article. Chrome should offer a plugin too.

This is a great free search tool (Google Alerts) that works well to find niche related websites to post your backlinks … you need to spend hundreds of dollars on software.

2) I do the same in social networks with free Social mention… point to long tail keywords using the links of microblogs and small blogs that are on the search.

So, in conclusion, try visiting some websites a day and leave a comment or request if you can become a guest writer. You will have massive traffic in a very short time!

I can not put links yet … so just do a Google search if you want to find the companies mentioned in this publication.

I hope this helps,