The news publication site runs on autopilot [DA=28/PA=34] [200-500 Daily Google Organic Traffic]

Why are you selling this site?
Because I want to load one of these websites where I do not want to work. Also, my approach has been changing to my other project, which left me with no time to invest in this project.

How is it monetized?
I have sold blog posts for $ 20 / single publication. I have sold about 120 blog posts so far through and my agency's website.

Does this site come with any social media account?
Yes, Facebook and Pinterest.

How long does this site take to work?
TMD VPS Accommodation costs $ 30

What challenges are there with the execution of this site?
Nothing. The site runs completely on autopilot inside wordpress.

Packages Includes.
1- Thematic license.
2- All complement licenses (Automation, Spinner, Pinterest Automator, SEO Plugin).
3- Facebook and Pinterest account
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4- Free transfer of VPS.

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