The installation of Ubuntu restarts each time a manual network connection is configured

I do not install Ubuntu often. However, now I am having this problem twice.

The first time, I ignored it, I continued my installation with DHCP enabled, then I manually configured the network adapter after installation.

Now, I am in a completely different network, a completely different hardware, etc., and I am trying to do a basic installation of the Ubuntu 18.04 server again.

I reach the initial stages, the installation finds a DHCP address for the network adapter and gives me the possibility to reconfigure it at that moment. I edit the configuration and specify the network information I want to use for IPv4 after choosing "Manual" for the IPv4 Method:
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When I choose "Save" the configuration, the installation is immediately restarted on the first screen and the configuration is deleted.

This is the second time that I install Ubuntu 18.04 with the same problem in completely different networks and hardware. I'm 0 for 2 and I can not find a bit of this on the internet about this problem.

Why is this happening?

EDIT: I found this post unanswered: