The cursor stops blinking after a few seconds in Windows 10

When several applications are used, the cursor stops blinking after a few seconds of inactivity.

The symptoms:

For example, if you are writing to Notepad and stop writing in approximately 5-6 seconds, the cursor stops blinking (and remains in the "on" state). If you start writing again, or switch to another application and go back to Notepad, or click with the mouse, or perform other similar activities, the cursor starts blinking again, until you pause a little and then, after 5 to 6 seconds, stop again.

The same thing happens in the Start-> Run box (or by pressing Win + R), it occurs in the File Explorer when you are typing in the address bar and in other integrated Windows applications.

It seems that it does not happen within other third-party applications and browsers, for example (for example, Chrome and Mozilla), but it does happen in the Edge address bar.


This happens specifically in Windows 10 (and does not seem to happen in Windows 7 for example)

This does not seem to be specific hardware or machine. We observe the same in different machines from different manufacturers.

The question:

How to turn this off? We want the cursor to not stop blinking.