The best way to get a .dev domain name before everyone else

There is no "better" way, just heuristics.

.dev It is a gTLD. It is managed by Google and, like any gTLD, is covered by ICANN rules.
Your start information with dates can be viewed at, which is the authoritative source next to the record itself.

All of the above would apply in exactly the same way for any TLD (at least gTLD), there is nothing specific for .DEV that has nothing specific, in fact, except

  1. the semantics that you may be willing to attach to it, and therefore its value
  2. The fact that it is technically loaded on the HSTS preload list, but this only has consequences for HTTPS access on websites of a .dev domain name, no records

Is there maybe a way to buy a domain the first second that is available?

It is basically aiming at the landrush phase where there are almost no domains and people try to capture them. It's a bit different from another case when people try to grab domain names that have expired and are about to return to the public, but the technical consequences are the same.

I'm sure you can imagine that you're not the only one in that case and maybe even someone wants the same name as yours.

In the case that the most wanted names are similar, you can be pretty sure that no manual process will win. Companies have automated robots that will send commands much faster than any human. Some registrars may allow you to "pre-register", paying or not: give them the domain you want and they will do it. try To grab it, at the moment you can send the command.

No one can guarantee that it will succeed, first because the registries are required by ICANN to give equal treatment to all registrars (with respect to the number of connections, filters, etc.) and then because a registrar can obtain two orders for a domain, therefore, if they are detected in the registry, obviously one of their 2 clients should be disappointed. Or put the name in an auction.

For all the above reasons, if you follow the "pre-registration" route, be sure to read carefully the contract you are signing for this service.

ICANN and the registries mostly warn people not to enter such schemes.

Other than that:

  1. Like any gTLD, there is a sunrise phase, so if you have a pareo The trademark registered in TMDB can obtain the associated domain for a specific fee. It happened in the past that people registered brands just to be able to register the domain name. But it would be too late for you, since normally only existing trademarks will be taken into account before a specific date
  2. After that, during the first days, the registry decides to offer domain names at a higher price, which is reduced every day until it becomes the standard registration price. So it's a bargain you have to make yourself: you want, it can be sold at $ 1000 (fictitious values) on day 1, $ 800 on day 2, $ 500 on day 3, $ 100 on day 4 and finally reach on day 5 its normal price of $ 20 (I do not know, all values they are fictitious). Depending on how much you want to invest, you can try to register it on days 1, 2, 3, etc. Of course, someone who has more money than they can register before you.

Or can I access a few hours before using a vpn in a specific country or registering it from a registrar in a specific country?

No, because as I said, all registrars receive the same treatment as the registry.
Now, some may be smarter than others in the way they use their available connections and in the way they send their commands, both in order and content, but, of course, no one can predict who will win.

Or maybe some other "cheap" tricks to grab a desired domain name?

As for that part, do you honestly believe that if someone discovers the miraculous solution to win things like that 100% of the time, will he share it there (or on any other website) with some stranger? I doubt it

Final notice, even if you did not request it: your life will probably be simpler and "lighter" if you do not focus so much on a given name, and just look at other TLDs and other names (if you want) you take it too fast ), since many efforts / businesses can work in exactly the same way as the name they are using.