The best Shopify theme for a site that sells products from third-party suppliers (Etsy model)?

I am looking for a theme that fits my business model but it seems that I can not find one that works without some slight modification. I have a lot of experience in digital marketing but I am new to electronic commerce.

The site will be built similarly to Etsy with external suppliers and their products. It will be a fairly small inventory and will focus on a very specific element. Less than 100 sellers with 5-10 products each.

Ideally, the site should start with a large, clean header photo, followed by a "day of the day" product and then a "featured providers" section where a user can see the suppliers and their products. The site would charge a commission for the sale of a seller's products.

I'm starting to think that a custom design might be the best, but I'd prefer to find a low-cost start option to test the concept of the site before getting a good amount of cash for a fully customized site.

Any indication would be greatly appreciated!