The best plagiarism verifier?

Hello friends! We are new among you. We want to present our project that is totally free for you. His name is and this project determines that if the text is original or is copied. Of course, there are some similar platforms in this area, such as and; but the main difference is to be faster and give more efficient results. You can see it in the photo below here.

Information: Our request is; Do not save your comments and observations. If you write comments about whether you use the site in English or not below the topic, we will organize the site in English completely and send it to you.

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The differences of Smalseotools and Copyscape
– It is working with a high performance than the other content scanning platforms.
– The results are perfect as% 100 even if a content has been indexed as new (sometimes this type of text or content can not be found in Smalseotools and Copyscape.
– Other checker platforms look at some parts of the text. But Kopya Kontrol verifies all the contents, 100% of the text is scanned.
Totally free
– We will still be free for individual scans.

Api support
– We integrate the Api rating, which is designed for content agents and content sales sites, on your website. To know the price of Api and other information, you can contact us on the contact page.

Grouped query
– The opportunity for grouped consultation is for producers (writers) or content sellers. It is enough to take credit for this.