The benefit of online business purchases


Online purchases are generally available 24 hours a day, and many consumers alike, have access to the Internet at work and at home. Other agencies, such as cybercaf├ęs and schools, also offer access. It requires visits to the traditional retail and must be done during working hours.

When a problem with an item is not what the consumer ordered, or not what he expected, consumers worried about the ease with which they can return the item to the right or refund. Consumers can contact the retailer, visit the post office and pay the return shipping costs, and then wait for a replacement or a refund. Some online companies have a more generous return policy to offset the traditional advantage of physical stores. For example, tags at the online shoe store for return shipping are free and have no restocking fee, even for returns not as a result of a merchant error.

Information and review
The online store should describe the product that is sold with text, photos and multimedia files, and in retail physical stores, you should plant products and packaging so that they are available for direct inspection (which can perform tests, accessories or other experiments).

Some online stores provide product information or additional links, such as instructions, safety procedures, demonstrations or manufacturer specifications. Some background information, tips or practical guides designed to help consumers decide to buy the product.

Some stores even allow customers to comment or rate their items. A dedicated review site that hosts user reviews for different products. Customer reviews and blogs now offer the option to buy cheaper purchases around the world without having to rely on local retailers.

In a traditional retail store, employees are usually available to answer questions. Some online stores have the function of chat in real time, but most rely on emails or phone calls to answer customer inquiries.

Price and selection
One of the advantages of online shopping is being able to quickly search for items or services offered by different providers (although some local search engines can help consumers find products for sale in nearby stores). You can search engines, compare prices by buying online and use the service discovery engine to find the supplier of products or services.

Shipping costs (if applicable) reduce the price advantage of merchandise online, although it is possible, depending on the jurisdiction, the lack of compensation for this sales tax.

This is one of the examples of Indonesian online shopping: