The 3 types of basic logos that are used mainly

A logo is the part of the brand assets that is used to create an identity. It implies creativity and innovation. There are certain basic types of logos that form attractive designs and designs. These types differ according to the element, the sources, the designs and the aspects. I have listed some common logos below, take a look at them.

The symbol

The first type of logo is a symbol logo. It's about adding an iconic or iconic logo with a simple and clean design. It is used mainly by large brands and for large fences. The most popular business owners have preferred this type of logo, for example, Apple, Nike and Shell Oil.

Word mark

This is the oldest type of logo. It involves creating a logo using words. The designer uses a particular font and writes the name of a brand such as the Coco-Cola logo and Facebook. In a simple way, it represents the professionals and the singularity. This is the smart way to print the name of your brand in the minds of the audience.

The combination brand

It is the most attractive way to create a successful logo. It is a combination of two logos: the watermark and the symbol. Mix a symbol and the name of the brand using an attractive font and a color palette.

Well, by designing a captivating logo, you can be sure to generate tons of traffic on your site. To achieve this goal, you should consult a professional logo design company that can promise to deliver an attractive design.