The 11 most important directories you need for your business.

Despite what some may think, web directories are very valuable for local businesses. It is true that some directories may be spam, but they are not inherently of low quality. There are many solid and well-regulated web directories online. Before search engines became the most frequent way to find information, people used web directories to find relevant websites. These listings are still an important way to help people find your business.

What does Google think?

The idea persists that Google takes a dim view of local business listings. The reason why people have this perception is that in 2012 Google penalized several hundred web directories. This move made many companies understandably cautious about putting their information on local listings. However, it is important to recognize that the reason why Google penalized these sites is that they were of low quality. Since then, Google has not made a practice of penalizing directories simply because they are directories. Google really focuses on listings that do not add value for users.

Why are directories so important?

Putting your information in an online directory can be tedious. There are hundreds of things you can choose from. And it's not exactly fascinating to enter the same data (your address, phone number, etc.) over and over again. So, why are directories important? What would happen if the main television networks had advertising space available during the Super Bowl and offered their company a free place? All you have to do is claim it. It would be crazy if it does not take advantage of the visibility that brands are willing to spend millions of dollars. That example is a bit extreme, but the point is still true. There are powerful sites and high traffic that will allow you to claim your list for free or for a minimal cost. Brands will pay a lot of money to appear on other sites with similar domain authorities. If you do not claim your listing on these free sites, you are turning your back on a wide visibility and, consequently, on income. The most important site where you should claim your listing is Google My Business, which has a domain authority of 100 and can certainly help boost your local search engine optimization strategy.

Internet saves time and money

Maybe you are a believer in the power of traditional yellow pages, print marketing or radio and television advertising. Moz points out that, if so, he has every reason to search online for listings of local businesses. By doing so, you can achieve the same goals for much less money. Print advertising, as in the phone book or through brochures, is expensive. On the contrary, while not all online directories are free, you save much more when you use them than you would when you print marketing. Online directories also allow people to solve their problems much more easily. When users find it online, they can click on a link to get more information about their company and talk to you. This is not an ability that people have when they discover you through radio or television. The number of people you can communicate with online is much greater than what you can reach through printing or other means.

Protect your brand

There is another reason why you need to claim your ads online. If you do nothing, you are leaving open an opportunity for another person to reclaim your listing and damage your reputation. It is essential that you place an order for local listings to protect yourself from trolls and clandestine competitors. You must do it even if you only go after the minimum number of listings.

The 11 most important directories

Here are what we believe are the 11 most important directories to include your business.

Business directories

Let's start with high-quality private directories, edited by people, that are not covered by third-party listing services.

Important listings of search engine maps

Yellow Pages Type Directories


More than knowing about local listings

There is much more you need to know about including your company in online directories, apart from what is explained here. For example, how do you find the directories specific to your niche? Which are the most important directories for your business besides those that are in our top 10? There are tips you should keep in mind, such as the need to make your name, address and phone number (NAP) exactly the same on the Internet. You should also know that there are databases in which you can pay to be and that can be a great advantage for you. The databases are associated with directories, saving you the valuable time you would spend entering your information manually. The databases also allow you to manage multiple listings from one location. You can find a lot of the information you need in the publication linked above. Do not neglect your reputation or waste a golden opportunity to increase your income. Do what you need to do today to take advantage of online directories.