text writing: Should the software refer to itself in the first person, especially in the error messages?

(I searched on this StackExchange site for publications related to the use of first-person pronouns, but everything I found was about how to address the user and not the software, for example, instructions / form guidance: first person facing a third person? And What grammar What person should I use when writing to the user?).

Should my software (aimed at non-sophisticated users) refer to itself in the first person, especially in the error messages? (See also, should the error messages be apologized?)

I noticed that the Apple macOS (and many products of the Apple ecosystem) sometimes refers to itself as the first person personifying the user's computer, while the Windows platform prefers a more neutral and emotion-free language (and Feel free to insert a joke about the usability of many Linux bash command line error messages hostile to the user).

For example, here are some examples of message text in my application:

I am concerned that the use of personal terms and the reference to software in the first person seem condescending and unnecessarily detailed (in fact, I shudder when I read the messages), but at the same time this may be welcomed by my users.

Has any peer-reviewed research been conducted to investigate the effects of personal language on software error messages, especially when the software refers to itself in the first person?