text editor: what "alphabetic" keys are commonly used in Qwerty for cursor movements?

For games it is very common to use the awsd design. Gaming Keyboard even has some special covers for those keys.

For your question I see the difference in the way you can place your fingers:
In awsd you are only using 3 fingers (ring index) of the left hand. From this position, a player can reach many other important keys surrounded and use his right hand for mouse interactions.
In the hjkl or jklö as someone else mentioned, all the keys are in a line. That means that I am forced to use 4 fingers, since moving a finger to the sides is really difficult. That could be more difficult for some users to coordinate more fingers. On the other hand, the position of the hand is more like the actual writing and a user can look for more keys.

Now, for your question, I would suggest that you think about the user group that would first use your solution. Are there more text interface users or game users? Second, should a user be able to reach other keys quickly and easily? And third, how should the hand be placed? Since I've never used the hjkl design, I'm not sure if it uses the right or left hand to operate these keys. But I guess you use the left hand and that means you do not have any interaction with the mouse.