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Welcome to a more modern way of investing. Investment today is a source of income tomorrow.

TON is the ambition to launch a decentralized Web and the ambition to launch a new Ethereum. TON is a dark network with full-featured services, from payments to file and application storage, which is based on the paradigm of a distributed system without relying on a permanent connection to management servers. TON has achieved a transaction speed in the network equal to a few seconds. That is, it took them to a level comparable to the speed of the Visa and Mastercard payment systems, to compete with them in the global money transfer and payment market.

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	<strong>150% in 96 hours</strong><br /><strong></p>
<p>	1.6% per hour</strong><br />Min – Max: 2.00 $ – 80.00 $
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SSL encryption

DDos protection
Another script
Registrar Name
Created on 2019-09-21
It expires on September 21, 2020
Updated on 09-26-2019

Accept: PM, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH, BCH, DASH

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