dnd 5e – Since the spellcaster of the Truth Zone knows if a creature failed salvation, can they use it to detect hidden / invisible creatures?

This will probably work

The spell text is quite unambiguous about the knowledge acquired by the caster (PHB p. 289, bold added):

Until the spell ends, a creature
who enters the spell area for the first time in a turn or begins his turn, must make a Charisma save throw … You know if each creature succeeds or fails in its throw of salvation.

Now, as DM, you could declare that this knowledge depends on the awareness of the existence of a creature, but that would add restrictions that are not present in the current spell. As it is written, it seems that every time a creature on the radio succeeds or fails against this salvation, the caster knows.

Why is this balanced?

Honestly, a second level spell should reveal the presence of invisible creatures. After all, they already do. The spell See invisibility (2nd level) not only reveals that an invisible creature is present but also lets you see it. And the first level spell Alarm it will allow you to detect when any (invisible) creature enters a restricted space for 8 hours, not just 10 minutes (and it is a ritual, so it could be launched without spending resources but time).

Keep in mind that invisible creatures are not always undetectable by default. An invisible creature usually makes enough noise for everyone to know where it is, unless it tries to hide. Therefore, the passive perception of your group may also be sufficient to reveal the presence of invisible creatures (although they will remain invisible).

All this is to say that your players realizing that Zone of Truth could reveal hidden creatures is not as unbalanced as it might initially seem. That said, I had more specific questions on how to answer this tactic:

What could you do about it?

There are many options, but some jump.

  1. Make the spell reveal invisible but benign creatures.

As I read it, this spell will allow the characters to know about invisible enemies, but also about other creatures. You could tell your players that something has failed in a saving throw, but no other information. If everyone proceeds to attack him, they can determine that they have passed a round in combat by killing a Sprite that goes through the dungeon over their own business.

  1. Make enemies go through the Zone of Truth

The description of Zone of Truth is not clear about whether the area itself is visible or not. If you declare that it is visible, creatures that try to avoid detection can simply move around it (if possible). Even if you decided that the spherical zone of truth was invisible, creatures could quickly determine where it is because …

  1. The spell reveals both the casters and the targets.

Note that according to the text of Truth Zone (ibid).

An affected creature is aware of the spell. and so you can avoid answering questions that you would normally answer with a lie.

As such, every time an enemy enters the Zone of Truth, he will realize that someone has cast that spell there (if the save throw fails). They might not know that the PCs were in the area before, but now they certainly are. Then the spell essentially gives as much as is needed in this regard.

  1. Make enemies run through the area

Note that Truth Zone will not reveal where The invisible enemies are exactly: only that they are somewhere in the area of ​​effect of the spell when they fail or succeed in the saving throw (credit to Medix2 for pointing this out). Enemies could enter the zone of truth, then simply leave it. The PCs would know how many invisible enemies are present, but they would not know where they are. In many situations, this would give invisible enemies most of the same advantages they had before (minus the possibility of surprising their enemies).

On a personal note, I want to add that none of those tactics are my favorites. I would suggest the latter as an alternative.

  1. Let this tactic work.

This is a creative and intelligent use of this spell that thinks outside the box. Such an idea must be rewarded. If your players want to dedicate resources to protect themselves from invisible enemies, this is a viable way to do it (and provides the benefit of only a lower level spell, Alarm, and for less time).

If you want this tactic to fail, I suggest that there is some compelling reason to do so (like the enemy they are fighting with is intimately familiar with the way they operate).

Office 365: SharePoint Break API: Get the exact dates shown in the SharePoint list, regardless of the current user's time zone

I used the time js time zones to convert the date to the time zone used on the SharePoint site. To do this, go to the regional settings (http://site/_layouts/15/regionalsetng.aspx) and observe the time zone.
Then, in your code, add that time zone to your time js


For example, if it is Brussels, add

moment.tz.add(("Europe/Brussels|WET CET CEST WEST|0 -10 -20 -10|0121212103030303030303030303030303030303030303030303212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121|-2ehc0 3zX0 11c0 1iO0 11A0 1o00 11A0 my0 Ic0 1qM0 Rc0 1EM0 UM0 1u00 10o0 1io0 1io0 17c0 1a00 1fA0 1cM0 1cM0 1io0 17c0 1fA0 1a00 1io0 1a30 1io0 17c0 1fA0 1a00 1io0 17c0 1cM0 1cM0 1a00 1io0 1cM0 1cM0 1a00 1fA0 1io0 17c0 1cM0 1cM0 1a00 1fA0 1io0 1qM0 Dc0 y00 5Wn0 WM0 1fA0 1cM0 16M0 1iM0 16M0 1C00 Uo0 1eeo0 1a00 1fA0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1fA0 1a00 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1fA0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1fA0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1cM0 1fA0 1o00 11A0 1o00 11A0 1o00 11A0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 11A0 1o00 11A0 1o00 11A0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 11A0 1o00 11A0 1o00 11A0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 11A0 1o00 11A0 1o00 11A0 1o00 11A0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 11A0 1o00 11A0 1o00 11A0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 11A0 1o00 11A0 1o00 11A0 1o00 11A0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 11A0 1o00 11A0 1o00 11A0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 WM0 1qM0 11A0 1o00 11A0 1o00|21e5"));

Then, convert the date to the Brussels time zone using the following code


Panic Report: The zone cache element was used after releasing it!

Can anyone explain what caused this? It happened twice, consecutively.
Panic Report:
enter the description of the image here

Hi, I need help, why do I always use GSA free zone?

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7 – Date of representation in the correct time zone

I am trying to show the day of the "event" in my custom tpl.

Savings on that node 01/31/2020 – 20:30 enter the description of the image here

If I check the table (this is a field collection), the stored value is 2020-01-31 19:30:00

enter the description of the image here

And finally, when I dpm ($ node-> field_date (& # 39; und & # 39;)) that field, the value is still 19:30:00. How could you represent the correct value (20:00:00)?

enter the description of the image here

I tried using format_date, date and DateTime but I have to provide the time zone or, otherwise, the value is 19:30:00. Thanks for everything.

networks: block loading of browser files on the local group policy network (Chrome, Edge, IE) + active zone

Is it possible to block file upload using local group policy or from AD or other service?

I don't want users to be able to upload files to Facebook, Google Drive or other sites on any network, as it is in the office network and using the mobile access point.
I know this can be done from the perspective of network administrators, but the mobile access point is a different network, so I think here comes the local group policy. NEED ADVICE!

I think this is a difficult task, but I need help, if you know the solution.
Other solutions are also open.

Thank you

mac – macOS – Is it possible to block the time zone?

I am looking for a way to avoid changing what time zone my computer is in.

I would like to remain an administrator with knowledge of the password, so it would simply not work to create a non-administrator account.

I think a block in the GUI in the system preferences would be enough. But if I could also avoid changing:

sudo systemsetup -settimezone timezone

That would be great too.

Thanks for the help. I will be happy to clarify the problem if necessary.

One solution could be a code that verifies:

sudo systemsetup -gettimezone

every minute or so and change it again if I edited it.

Amazon Web Services: Can I delete the snapshots and the AMI in the zone after successfully copying the AMI in another zone?

I have created an AMI in an Asian area, ap-southeast-1.
The related snapshot is saved and, of course, cannot be deleted.

Then I copied this AMI in eu-west-1.

Can I somehow get rid of the ap and AMI snapshots?
I noticed that the snapshot is also copied in the destination area, so it should be fine, but I can't find any document about it.

dns: NS configuration for the subdomain in another zone hosted with the same Apex domain

While it is unusual, it can certainly delegate www.example.com to a different set of name servers that example.com.

There is no reason for name servers to cache authorized name servers www.example.com as authoritative for example.com, then this problem will never happen.

But when delegating www close the option, for example, to have it as CNAME, and I only mention it to complete it, since it seems exactly what you want to fly.

To say otherwise: if you example.com area has NS records for www.example.com to delegate it more to a second set of name servers, you CANNOT have at the same time a CNAME record in www in the example.com zone. This configuration will not be accepted by any decent name server, those authorized in example.com should / should refuse to load that area.

Authorized name servers for www.example.com must have authority to www.example.com this is its apex, no example.com. They cannot be configured to have authority to example.com, nor can they have a CNAME record for www how www.example.com since this is its apex and therefore it already has SOA Y NS records he makes CNAME Impossible presence That part is not very clear in your question, so you are not sure to continue (things are much clearer with real names and digging exits …)

Note that, of course, name servers for www.example.com they must be "real" name servers that respond correctly at the DNS level for many things, and not just A query types, such as SOA Y NS record types
I write that because, from experience, when I saw people delegating www it was often closing boxes that acted as load balancers and handled both HTTP (S) and DNS traffic, unfortunately they were often very broken at the DNS level (not responding NS queries for example or answering NS consultations with A records that point to themselves or other nightmares …) that created all kinds of difficult extreme cases. So just saying it in passing, be sure to delegate your www to something that really acts as a name server and not only pretends to be one on the surface.

In addition, you may not want to hear that, but still, since its premise is "CNAME is always changing and the person who controls CNAME only has control over zone 2". and then you try to solve this, the real right solution is:

www.example.com CNAME www.example.com.your-provider.example

and then your provider is free to play with the registration www.example.com.your-provider.example as much as you want and even turn it into a CNAME changing every 5 minutes. You have total control over him, and you gave him authority over him thanks to yours. CNAME that will remain once and for all, without actually delegating, at the DNS level, part of your zone to other name servers.

I am not claiming that this is the same case, but note the similarity:

$ dig www.microsoft.com +noall +ans
www.microsoft.com.  8m51s IN CNAME www.microsoft.com-c-3.edgekey.net.
www.microsoft.com-c-3.edgekey.net. 7m25s IN CNAME www.microsoft.com-c-3.edgekey.net.globalredir.akadns.net.
www.microsoft.com-c-3.edgekey.net.globalredir.akadns.net. 8m24s IN CNAME e13678.dspb.akamaiedge.net.
e13678.dspb.akamaiedge.net. 14s IN A

amazon web services – Alias ​​cname registration for apex zone

I will redirect example.com to www.example.com.
I have several records now.

example.com A
example.com NS "there are ns values"
example.com SOA "SOA value"
www.example.com CNAME mydom.example.com
mydom.example.com A

I try to change "example.com A"Cname alias record, that point to www.example.com.
I receive a message "(RRSet of type CNAME with DNS name example.com. is not permitted as it conflicts with other records with the same DNS name in zone example.com.)"

I try to delete "example.com A"and create the new one"example.com CNAME (aka) www.example.com"but again I receive a message "(RRSet of type CNAME with DNS name example.com. is not permitted as it conflicts with other records with the same DNS name in zone example.com.)"

How can I create an alias of cname with the same name as the zone apex?