crash – Small chokes of 4k videos on YouTube

Good night. I noticed that when I try to run a 2160p (4k) video on Ubuntu 20.04, the YouTube video starts to experience slight crashes. The same process does not occur in Windows 10.

Furthermore, this problem only occurs at 2160p (4k) resolution, because at 1440p the problem does not happen.

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youtube privacy issue (regarding brand channel)

My client has a youtube brand account and a matching youtube channel (called: “virst van hirsten”) which he transfered from his default google account/youtube channel. On his “old” channel he gained some followers and transferred them successfully to the new brand account-channel. The reason he actually did this is the fact, that his students (he’s school teacher) found his youtube channel by typing his real name (first name and surname) in the youtube search-bar – although the channel´s name didn´t include any elements of his real name. He doesn´t want any connection between his real name and his youtube channel.
now I have admin rights for his brand account and the problem is, that it´s still findable by typing his real name in the youtube search-bar (interestingly at google search it doesn´t). I checked any video-tags for his real name or further connections and made sure that any string containing his real name doesn´t exist within his brand account named “virst van hirsten” – without any success.

Can you think of any other metadata that is linking his private account to his brand account?

thank you for any hints!

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How to fix the progress bar while playing youtube video?

Youtube progress bar and (red bar) and the current position (45:17/2:36:00) disappears after three seconds or if I move the mouse cursor out of the video window.

Can I fix the progress bar or current position on top of the screen while I scroll down to read the replies?

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