I need a way to convert youtube videos into mp3 (php script/api)


I have a php script (https://codecanyon.net/item/bemusic-music-streaming-engine/13616699) and I’m searching something to convert&download the youtube videos that are playing into mp3 files.

I found this apis/script, could anyone help me?



search – Youtube videos from verified channels only

I would imagine for many youtube users like me, it is a common nuisance to sift through youtube’s vast content to find the videos uploaded by verified sources (channels). I wonder if there is a way to disable unverified sources. I hoped to see an option within youtube’s settings to restrict to the content from verified sources. But I couldn’t find anything like that.
Please let me know if there is any solution for this.

youtube – Why is this video’s duration incorrectly reported as 466 hours?

This video, while being in reality 13 minutes long, started being displayed with duration 466:16:28 in all other contexts, like in playlists, recommended etc. Why is that?

Thumbnail showing 466:16:28

Using the API, the duration is reported as P19DT10H16M28S, corresponding to the duration shown on thumbnails. What could be the source of this value?

Onenote on Ubuntu stuck in Youtube

Ubuntu version 20.04

I clicked on a video link in Onenote, it took me Youtube page and I have no idea how to get back to OneNote. Toolbars for OneNote are not available. It’s behaving as a Youtube app at this point. Please help.

Youtube: title & description translated – but ignored in search result display

I have translated the title & description of my Youtube video into several languages, incl. Spanish.

Now, when I set my browser locale to Spanish (using an extension), and visit the video directly, I can see the Spanish translation – all good.

But when I search for the video, it does appear in the search results (at position 7), but the original (English) title and description is used.

Why? Is there a way to make the Spanish title appear?

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How can I play a youtube video in Unity if given the youtube URL link?

How can I play a youtube video in Unity if given the youtube URL link? I am using 2019.4.13
Is there a way to open webpages?

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delete – Device or resource busy when deleting Youtube folder from /data/app

I am trying to delete my /data/app/com.google.android.youtube-DVUYe6iX9r5J1nYk8PlC2w== folder to fix the bug described here; however, I keep getting a “Device or resource busy” message. I tried using this command

adb pull /data/adb/service.d/vanced.sh > %UserProfile%Desktopvanced.sh

and also Total Commander file manager but received the same error. How can I delete the folder?

How can I search YouTube including description and sort by date?

When I search youtube normally, it finds matches including in video descriptions. But if I sort the results by upload date, then most of the videos are removed from the search, and it seems to only search for the phrase in the video title.

Is there any way to sort by date and still have youtube search the video description? I’m trying to search for all videos that mention a product including in their description, and I need to sort by date so I can easily tell which videos are new. Unfortunately google alerts no longer monitors youtube.