YouTube video will not get views

Now I know it seems that this post will be just a stupid question, but listen to me.
Some time ago I created a YouTube video that after a while became VERY popular. He won thousands and thousands of visits every day at a constant pace.

Then, suddenly, the video simply stopped generating so many views. I don't know why, the amount of views I was receiving suddenly stopped.

After my video began to generate so much traffic, I knew it was time to create my next video, the video was excellent, but after uploading it, it received a very small amount of views. Although my previous video had given me many subscribers.
I do not understand why. I thought I was going to get more views, but suddenly, my channel stopped for no apparent reason.

Can anyone explain what is happening to me?

Thank you!

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get more subscribers to my YouTube channel …?

Hello friends,

Tell me, how do I get more subscribers to my YouTube channel …?

get more subscribers to my YouTube channel …?

Hello friends,

Tell me, how do I get more subscribers to my YouTube channel …?


YouTube statistics and trends for 2020


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How to delete all my answers on YouTube

I understand how to delete my Youtube COMMENTSbut is there any way to massively eliminate all ANSWERS Have I done on all video sites without having to return to each individual site?

Are bit links allowed in YouTube descriptions?


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youtube music – Georgx Official Es Xandum Em

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