High-speed synchronization problem of Yonguno YN600EX-RT and Canon T6: horizontal band clearer in the image

I can make the HHS work on the Canon T6 with the Yonguno flash, but when I go to 1/4000, ISO 100 and f1.8, the image comes out with a horizontal band that is clearer than the rest of the image.
I can not find out if this is a defect in the flash, where you are pressing many times during the sequence of the curtain, or something with the camera. Using the Yonguno YN-E3-RT as trigger.

When playing with configurations, even in 1/1000, ISO 400 still has that horizontal band clearer. When using the regular flash on board, there are no problems.

Any ideas? Could it be a hardware defect, or am I missing something?

Yongnuo Flash updated YN600EX-RT II does not link to Canon 77D

I think I've done everything I've seen in the manual and the instructional videos I've seen, but it seems I can not get my new Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II flash to connect to my Canon 77D using the Easy Wireless configuration. I want to use it as a wireless slave. The optical slave works well, but the 10-18 mm lens casts a shadow from the built-in flash. It also works well on board the camera.

I asked on an Amazon product page (I needed it soon!) And someone said it's compatible, but Yonguo does not mention it in the product description. I love the 77D, but it seems an outlier in the Canon line.

Any ideas? I do not want to buy a wireless trigger.

Here is the back of the flash:

Behind the flash Yongnuo

And here is the back of my 77D:

Behind the 77D

camera flash: is an excess light on a Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II for real estate lighting?

No, a TTL flash is not an exaggeration for real estate lighting, and Scott Hargis developed his real estate business primarily with manual Nikon flashes and activated them with his "silly" ("S") optical slave mode, which It does not even use proprietary wireless system compatible with CLS TTL. He also often did not use brackets or modifiers, but simply placed the flash on top of a door to bounce the flash in the corner of a room to get diffuse light. His real estate photography course at lynda.com has videos that show how he does it.

The YN-600EX-RT II is designed to work in Canon's "RT" radio-frequency activation system, so it can do TTL, HSS, etc. Through the radio. But, even if you need the ability of TTL to quickly adjust the power of the flash based on the measurement in a real estate situation, it is a matter of how you prefer to work.

And what you may not be considering is a future expansion. While spotlights are sufficient to illuminate smaller rooms, lighting the exterior of a home in a very large / tall area may require something more powerful than a spotlight. And at this time, the Yongnuo RT gear does not include anything bigger than the flashes. Phottix and Jinbei make studio strobes that work in the RT system. And Godox's own radio system includes lights that extend from small spotlights to studio strobes, with flashes of bare bulb.

There is also the problem of what can happen if you choose to swap camera brands in the future. Many of Canon's handles are currently leaping into view for Sony's frameless full-frame cameras or the Fuji medium format. The RT system only works for Canon. If you change the camera systems, you will buy your lights again. Jinbei, Godox, Phottix and Profoto are creating cross-branding systems in which the only piece of equipment that needs to match the brand of the camera is the transmitter unit in the camera. At this time, Yongnuo only manufactures TTL equipment for Canon and Nikon, and that equipment does not work with cross marks (that is, the equipment for Canon is incompatible with the Nikon equipment).

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hdr – Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II Flash Speedlite

I have a typical rookie question. I've done HDR for a couple of years and I see its limitations, so I'm ready to start using flash.

I photograph real estate with the Canon EF-S lens 10-18 mm in a 77D. I do not feel comfortable using manual mode, so I put it on Av with f / 6.3. Almost all the houses I shoot have less than 4000 square feet.

I plan to use a flash or two on stands just outside the frame. I guess I'll have to use a diffuser because of the wide-angle lens.

I'm thinking about buying this flash. My question is, is this an exaggeration? If not, what would you recommend?

Also, will it work in E-TTL mode using the Canon Easy Wireless system?

Thank you,

flash: Can one YN600EX-RT II act as a transmitter only for another YN600EX-RT II?

Can a Yongnuo flash YN600EX-RT II mounted on a Canon 5D Mark IV (or any canonical camera), activate another YN600EX-RT II mounted on another tripod, without firing its own flash?
(You only need the flash mounted on the tripod to activate, this is for a particular situation, and I do not want to spend money alone on a separate transmitter)

Can someone who has 2 of these YN600EX-RT II, ​​verify and confirm, before making the purchase?