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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself having a good decent job, which I would like to enjoy, and being married to someone who likes to spend quality time with me.

What's up? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Registered domain name registration for 5 or 10 years?

I am looking for the cheapest place to register domain names. I really don't care what TLD, but I need to own the domain name. That is to say. not the so-called domain name providers & # 39; free & # 39 ;, where they can randomly decide to confiscate or charge your domain later.

Now, when I search, many registrars have a "$ 1 first year!" promotion. However I am interested in the cheapest long-term solution, that is, the cheapest record I can get for 5 or 10 years.

Keep in mind that I don't care about hosting or email or forwarding packages or whatever. Only the domain name registration. I already have hosting elsewhere and I can use your name server for any externally registered domain.

Checking my bitcoin wallet after two years, I find that my bitcoin (0.5 bitcoin) is gone

After verifying my bitcoin account after two years, 0.00010757 of a bitcoin remains, although I explicitly remember that I have half of a bitcoin left. My first thought was that someone stole it somehow. But after reviewing my transaction history, it seems that there were additional transactions made along with the transactions that were made before. Below is a graph of my last three transactions made in CoinBase:

enter the description of the image here

The three transactions highlighted in green were the ones that were supposed to happen, but I noticed that these other mysterious transactions made alongside them also had the same ID as the intentional transactions. The three that are not highlighted add up to the amount I remembered I had two years ago, appx. 0.50055605 bitcoin. I am not sure what these random transactions are and I am not sure why after two years, my bitcoin .5 simply disappeared. I thought the matching IDs would give me some kind of clue and it seems that these random transactions are going to a different address. Were they supposed to be returned to my wallet or something?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Here are the three IDs respectively:

I am also currently using the Bitcoin-Qt client.

What real evidence do we have that carbon dating is infallible? About 170 thousand years ago to verify that something is 170 thousand years old?

Actually, carbon-14 dating is only good for only about 50K years. Unless the rate of decomposition of Carbon-14 has changed magically in the last 50 thousand years (half-life of 5,730 years), it is quite accurate and has been verified and verified with other methods of scientific dating.

To date things that are beyond 50K years (as well as confirm the accuracy of radiocarbon dating in shorter periods of time), other measurements are used, including other isotopes, the layers of mother rock in which the fossil was found (geographical dating), proximity to other fossils. He acknowledged that tens of thousands of peer-reviewed studies have been conducted in all scientific areas that can be cross-correlated to reach similar results. At a macro level, the formation and history of the solar system, the earth and its climate, life on earth and human evolution are well understood. There are many details that we do not know or that we have not solved, but usually the elements have a date "approximately" of 170,000 years, when in fact they can only be 163,000 years old and since human civilization is only "about" 7K years That may seem like a long time.

And honestly, if you require someone to have really lived and witnessed something you thought happened, your story would only go back about 120 years. And he might well stay in bed, because ignoring science, he has no verifiable evidence that the sun will rise tomorrow and gravity will continue to function, which is all that would have to fail to kill everything on earth.

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Oldest, largest and most reliable server administrator provider in the US UU. More than 21 years! only $ 29 / m

Today, server management companies are becoming as common as someone launching a website. But to provide server administration, you need more than a person who knows how to repair a server. You can find someone who is a great technician, but that does not make you a full-service server management company.

Just as you need more than a few chefs to manage a successful restaurant, you need more than someone who knows how to fix a server to manage a reliable server management company.

The biggest difference between having only one technician and a full-service server management company is reliability, reliability, reliability. In the last year, we have seen almost a dozen single-person companies that sell server administration disappear overnight, leaving their clients stranded.

We have been in business for Over 21 years It provides exclusive server administration, so when you go to sleep you can be sure that we will be here when you wake up.

We are located in New Jersey and we have 15 full-time employees. We support more than 3,000 servers monthly.
We are members of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and the New Jersey Better Business Bureau, and we are an authorized cPanel partner.

Simply put, we are the OLDEST and LARGEST and TRUST server administration provider.

We do not have term contracts and we even offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Plain and simple, you have nothing to lose and we have nothing to gain if our service is not top notch!

Key features

* * 7/24/365 US based UU. Technical support
* * 7/24/365 Server monitoring (5 minute intervals)
* * Guaranteed 15 minute response About monitoring alerts
* Ticket response time guarantee within 6 hours
Statistically, Most entries are answered in less than 1 hour

* Ticket resolution time guarantee within 24 hours
Statistically, most tickets are resolved in less than 3 hours

* * UNLIMITED Administrative work time UNLIMITED Tickets, all for only $ 29 / month!

Proactive server management available!

With proactive support, we will check your server daily and solve any problems detected and apply updates and patches on a regular basis.
You can also send a ticket for anything you want to do too.

What is included?

* * Background server software updates

Kernel, Apache, PHP, Exim, cPanel, etc.

* * WHM / cPanel technical problems

Updates, patches, settings, settings, settings, etc.

* * Third party software installation

Fantastic, RVSkin, Ruby on Rails, Zend Optimizer, GD, ImageMagick, etc.

* * Initial Server Configuration

If you have a new server, we will configure and configure the server completely from scratch so that the server is ready for use.

* * Server Backup Restore

If your server requires a restore, we will restore all your backups so that your server returns to normal.

* * Disaster recovery and piracy recovery

If your server crashes or hacks, we will determine the cause and rebuild your system from backups.

* * Server migration

If you are moving accounts from one server to another, we will migrate them from the previous server to the new one.

* * System security, optimization and hardening

This procedure includes:
* CHKRootKit
* Rootkit Hunter
* SSH server protection and update
* Firewall fault detection and CSF login
* Anti-DoS configuration
* Installation of the log analysis software
* System integrity monitor (SIM)
* System priority (SPRI)
* Secure and optimize Apache (HTTP)
* MySQL optimization
* host.conf Hardening
* Modification nsswitch.conf
* sysctl.conf Hardening
* FTP hardening
* Removal of unused software
* Deletion of old records
* Shell Fork Bomb / Memory Hog Protection
* Login root email notification and registration
* My top
* MultiTail
* TMP directory hardening (/ tmp, / var / tmp, / dev / shm)
* Password scanner
* File Manager
* Firewall Administrator
. . . . and much more!

Where do I sign?

Ready to register?

To register safely today, visit: https://www.platinumservermanagement.com/signup.html

We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover!

Now also available! Private Label Reseller Program

Do you sell or resell cPanel dedicated servers and want them managed?

With the PSM Reseller Program, you can also resell our services under your own brand! Perfect for selling fully managed servers without doing any work! We will provide your clients with access to our state-of-the-art personalized assistance service with our service and our staff. The difference: we will mark it with your name, your domain and your company logo!

Only $ 19 per month per server – The same features, the same service, the same results as our normal packages!

Questions? Contact Us!

See our Frequently Asked Questions below for answers to frequently asked questions.

Toll Free: 1-877-898-1423
Sales email: sales@platinumservermanagement.com

Frequent questions
How can I be sure that you are reliable?

We have been in business for 21 years and we are one of the few server management providers that are actually a real incorporated company. Most of our competitors are not even real companies, and they don't even mention a phone number or address on their site. Some even hide their domain whois registration information. While this is not specifically a "quality" determining factor, when a supplier is considered "reliable", they are extremely important factors. In addition, we are members of the New Jersey Better Business Bureau and the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce with a clean registry, and our Privacy Policy has been approved and certified by TrustE. We are even an authorized partner of the Panel.

Do you offer support for complex technical problems as well as simple technical problems?

Our system administrators are able to address any type of technical problem regardless of its complexity. Naturally, complex technical problems may take longer to solve than simple technical problems, but we do support both simple and complex technical problems.

Do you offer unique services?

No, but since we do not have any term contract, do not hesitate to register only for 1 month. Our price for the whole month is probably cheaper than the unique service of any other competitor or the hourly rate anyway.

I like what you have to offer, but how do I know it's real?

Think of it this way, we offer a 100% unconditional money back guarantee of 30 days, no installation fee, no contract, no hidden fees; We have nothing to gain, and you have nothing to lose if our service is not top notch!

How am I supposed to know when a newer version of security or back-end software is released?

Within our Client, we have a news section. In this section, we publish any update that is published and we give you the option to request it or not. We also send emails to our customers when a new publication is made in this section. We suggest that all customers open a ticket regularly at least once a month and request that we review system logs, directories and check for updates. Then we will let you know our recommendations on what should be updated or not, and you can make your informed decision. You do not need any knowledge of the server or experience on the server to do this, it is as simple as opening a ticket regularly asking us to update your software, we do the rest.

How long does it take to respond to a ticket?

Statistically, most tickets are answered in 1 hour and resolved in 3 hours. However, the truth of the matter is that this question does not have a simple answer. The resolution of a ticket depends mainly on the complexity and urgency of it. You will see some tickets resolved in minutes and others in a matter of hours.

Do you offer any trial period?

We currently do not offer trial periods as we offer a 100% unconditional money back guarantee during the first 30 full days of service. If you are not completely satisfied, simply request a refund within the first 30 days of service, and we will gladly do so.

Is my information kept safe?

Absolutely. All server information and passwords are encrypted and transmitted through our secure server SSL. Passwords and related sensitive details are never sent by email. In addition, all the information you provide to us is visible by our technicians only as necessary, you will only see the login to the server for which you open the ticket, you cannot see it at any other time or browse through our database of login information. Most importantly, we use all of the patented custom support service software that is built internally, we do not use any free / prefabricated support service that is available to the public like most other server management companies. By using a patented personalized helpdesk software that nobody else has in the world, this greatly increases security because hackers cannot obtain a copy of the helpdesk software to analyze the source code for holes or test vulnerabilities. .

Are there catches, hidden fees, contracts or installation fees?

No no no and no.

If you have any questions, contact us directly by phone or email.
Do not respond here as sales representatives do not have access here.

5 years of being scammed by trentahost

Quote Originally Posted by Aiohost
See publication

Instead of reimbursing it to my PayPal, I got the money as a balance in trentahost (main reason why I kept my shared hosting right there some domains).

I am not sure what is covered in your TOS. Always read at least a provider's reimbursement section, regardless of whether they turn out to be bad or good, they will comply with your TOS.

That said, 5 years is a long time to endure a headache for a few dollars. How much did the VPS cost?

United Kingdom – ICT-dependent long-term visa – more than 2 years of stay in India

I have a long-term ICT Tier 2 visa. My wife with a level 2 ICT dependent visa. Your visa is valid until January 2022.

Can she travel back to the UK?
There is a rule in ILR if you are outside the United Kingdom for more than 2 years and then need entry authorization to re-enter the United Kingdom. Does the same rule also apply to ICT?

Please reply as soon as possible.
Thank you,

What is the reasoning behind allowing so many Muslims to enter Europe? What will Europe become in 100 years?

Some rightists and demagogues will make you believe that it is due to evil left-wing politicians, but the reality is that most Muslims in Europe are here because the INDUSTRY feared the shortage of uneducated workers and invited their (great) parents in the 1960s and 70's.

Fun fact: here, in the Netherlands, the (small) Socialist Party was the first to warn about the possible problems arising from not teaching guest workers our language and customs, and having too many people of the same ethnicity living in neighborhoods specific.

. (tagsToTranslate) yahoo (t) answers (t) questions (t) Politics and Government (t) Politics

URL shortener 20links.com, 5 years

It allows your visitors to shorten their URLs. The website offers a single URL shortening and multiple URL shortening. The unique URL shortening comes with 3 options to configure (name, size and owner). It offers 2 pages of ads until it shows the original URL, This feature will help you earn more money and all that can be managed from the powerful Administration Panel

Why are you selling this site?

I just need some money

How do you monetize?

You can use Adsense or any PPC alternative …

URL shortener 20links.com, 5 years