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Is Trump really "pro-life"? The | Yahoo Answers

It is true that Trump boasted of the Howard Sterns program. Trump is a compulsive liar and a thief. He attends the crowd and lies.

Republicans adore the fetus and despise the child and now plan to take away medical attention from 2.5 million people, mostly women and children. Then they wonder why women stopped having babies in the United States.

Like the Nazis in World War II, Republicans will find a way to force women to become breeders to supply the Blood for Oil military wars.

Were Native Americans smart? The | Yahoo Answers

Intelligent in survival in the areas where they lived and

They loyally protected each other. Sadly 35% of

Americans (Democrats) want our people

Dead and our economy destroyed. Those

The Indians would have thrown them out or killed them

They. Democrats are lucky conservatives

They are not partly Indian with that mentality.

Dose this infected aspect? The | Yahoo Answers

I do not think so. But keep it clean. It doesn't look so bad now. I have had similar things clear on your own. Then I wouldn't worry.

If it starts to hurt, seek medical attention. I know that doctors are expensive. So you don't want to go without any important reason.

Sources]: Personal experience with similar boyfriends.

Many of my Yahoo emails go directly to my Trash folder instead of my Inbox

I tried to find an answer on Google, but all I got was that a filter should send emails directly to the Trash and that it should go to Filters and remove the filters I didn't want. When I went to Filters, I said I was using two filters (although I am sure I did not configure them) but the filters were not visible, so I could not remove them. This is very frustrating. I wonder if my account was hacked or if Yahoo was hacked.

Yahoo search engine error gsa be? someone else experienced this …

Hello, every time I use scrapebox with the selected Yahoo engine, it also finds massive amounts of URLs, really good (after loading them in GSA PI it is very accurate with the fingerprints provided by the GSA SER fingerprint study)
But, every time I deselect all search engines in the gsa project, except Yahoo.
I only get "can it be blocked by the search engine and show proxy" or something like that?

But the thing is that I use these same proxies for Scrapebox, so I know it's a GSA SER error … but what is the error? User agent? I never saw options in gsa ser for user agents, but this is the first thing that occurred to me … does anyone know if they can edit user agents in GSA SER?

Why Yahoo Mail does not respond?

If your Yahoo Mail is slow, or Yahoo mail does not respond correctly. You should contact the experts at any time. Experts are available 24/7 to help individuals. In addition, you can opt for the live chat option.

Do you support Trump? The | Yahoo Answers

No I do not. Americans will not support an unnecessary war started by a mentally unstable fool like Donald Trump. American will not support another twenty-year war over Big Oil, Saudi Arabia's oil asset to Netanyahu's lies about ADM.

Trump is a warmongering warmonger and a criminal. He is a madman who created nothing good and everything bad. Old Cadet Bone Spurs wants to send his children to fight another Blood War for oil in the Middle East, which we cannot win. Trump is the dark side of American exceptionalism. We can use drone attacks, but not the rest of the world. We can assassinate generals in the Middle East and start the war hoping that our allies fight our republican wars based on lies. We saw how Trump treats our allies. Crazy Donald boasts of planning to bomb 52 locations in Iran, on national television. What kind of world leader is so bad? Trump is aggrandizing his greatness, endangering the lives of Americans only to be able to presume the murder of an unknown general and start another blood-for-oil war. He actually boasted of his golf friends on the golf course in Mara Lago, before this happened. Surprising golfers enough to make it public.

search engines – How can I force Yahoo to crawl a site again?

I have a site that was hacked (someone hid a lot of links and text of Viagra in my pages). I cleaned it a few weeks ago, but Yahoo's results still show the Viagra text in their descriptions, which is obviously bad for the reputation of my site / etc …

I have already dealt with Google through its tool in webmaster tools, but I cannot find a similar feature in Yahoo to re-index the site.

How can I tell Yahoo that the sites have been updated?