Which is better Yahoo or Gmail?

Hello friends,

Which is better Yahoo or Gmail?

Which is better Yahoo or Gmail?

Hello friends,

Which is better Yahoo or Gmail?


If nobody cares if I'm gay, why 90 percent of my interactions on Yahoo Answers Politics INSULTS for being gay?

I am a conservative man of 68 years. I just returned from taking my niece on a cruise to Honduras. She is a lesbian. I judge people by their character as individuals. She is amazing, and she is also conservative. She feels that love is no different from others. You won't find me hitting someone for being part of a group. There are gay, black, brown and Muslim people that I have met, who are more dignified than me. Not only do I not care if you're gay, as far as I know, you could be a really cool human being.

Who is Pearl Lederman? The | Yahoo Answers

A points player who puts 0 time and effort in her answers, refuses to give substantive answers, half of the time thinks that "I don't know" is a satisfactory answer and that she cannot understand the nuances, the details or the context. And with multiple accounts (at least two). And who is too lazy to use a program to use a program to change a useless keyboard character in a & # 39; m & # 39 ;, or simply copy and paste a & # 39; m & # 39; so that she (painfully) writes rn instead of m

What Yahoo products are you still using?

What Yahoo products are you still using?

Are you using any?

Leave at 16? The | Yahoo Answers

It is not a good idea to fall at 16 because as you grow you begin to realize how important education is. That's why some people wished they were better when they were in high school, but they can't, because they missed that opportunity, which is when they were in high school and chose to simply invent everything and not think about the future, I know that school can Be annoying but it will benefit you in the future! All you have and need to do is endure it and tell yourself that you can do it, if it helps you, join clubs and sports that help you motivate yourself to go to school!

I'm not sure if what bothers you and stresses you is the high school itself, but if it's your environment and the people in your school and you can't deal with it, try moving out of school and if that doesn't work, go to University since knowing People there is different, they have a different and much more mature mentality compared to high school students. Now, how do you enter college without a diploma? do open studies! Some programs accept open study courses that you take open study courses / subjects that would be a way to your university program (for example, business), you will only have to maintain a certain GPA. And if it still doesn't work for you, then I don't know if I can recommend you some high-level work, but I guess you just have to work hard on an average job (which is not bad) and do everything possible to be promoted and I hope that increases Your salary schedule and hopefully it will be enough for you.

good luck! 🙂

Why doesn't Trump quit? The | Yahoo Answers

I don't think Trump quits. It just isn't that kind of person. Then, also, the true accusation only occurs if the Senate condemns it. The current consensus is yes, the House will accuse him, but the Senate will not condemn him and he will remain in office.

If by any chance the Senate condemns him, I still don't see him resign very quickly.

download: download the entire archive of past messages from a Yahoo group

There is an option in Yahoo Groups to download group data. I sent a request but I still haven't received an answer, so I can't verify if it's the solution to our problem: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/getmydata

Meanwhile, I like this script: https://github.com/IgnoredAmbience/yahoo-group-archiver (Thanks @tripleee in the comments).

This script downloads all files, photos and more.

You will need two cookie values. I describe how to find them in Chrome below.

To use this new script I had to:

  1. Clone the repository locally
  2. cd in the repository
  3. Install your two dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt (the best practice is to use a virtualenv)
  4. Find the cookie values ​​(described below)
  5. Using the cookie values ​​and the group name, build the CLI entry: ./yahoo.py -ct "" -cy "" "".

the It's in the URL: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/GROUPID.

My final entry looked like this:

./yahoo.py -ct "z=R.mrdBRSOwdBEZbt..VFnXFMzUxMwY2Tzc2MzM3MzZPM040Mz&a=QAE&sk=DAA1.RYcKZA1nr&ks=EAAdKqReOqwn_mFtpt577DhvA--~G&kt=EAADFxdOWYNIRQFzbAFOREkyTkFFeE9EQXhORFF3TkRFNE5Ea3pORGMwTnctLQFE3MTI5MTMmcHM9akYxdEN4b1U2WG9NazR0dUlHQnNBUS0t" -cy "v=1&n=0upf9jdnj00000000&r=intl=us" "My_Awesome_Group"

Finding cookie values ​​was not apparent at first. Using Chrome, this is how I got the values:

  1. Open Chrome settings
  2. Scroll down and expand "Advanced"
  3. Open "Site Settings"
  4. "Cookies and site data"
  5. "See all cookies and site data"
  6. Search for "Yahoo" in the upper right corner
  7. Expand the "yahoo.com" option:

    yahoo.com cookies

  8. Go to T and Y one at a time and copy its "Content" values ​​to use in the previous CLI entry.

In case you are interested, one of the Yahoo groups that I am still considering paying Groups.io to transfer your Yahoo group to your site. They were quoted at $ 220.

Domain Name System – Why is DNSSEC not used by large companies such as Google or Yahoo?

There is a DNS security method called DNSSEC but I see that many top-level domains are not implementing it, even the leading sites (gmail, google, yahoo, stackoverflow, …) that may require more security due to their popularity and the possibility of being a piracy target.

Is there any consequence (imbalance between pros and cons) of using DNSSEC?

[ Gender Studies ] Open question: Is the gender wage gap real?

[Gender studies] Open question: Is the gender wage gap real? .