Why is Yahoo Answers allowed to violate the 1st Amendment?

Well, no, but the 1st Amendment doesn’t APPLY to them.  Read the thing.  It says CONGRESS shall make no law…etc.  The 14th amendment is typically interpreted as applying the Bill of Rights to the States.  But Yahoo is not bound by it from a legal point of view.

Now, from a moral and ethical point of view, it SHOULD adhere to free speech concepts.  It’s what we expect and demand of our companies.  But we also need to understand that they get to largely make up their own rules of how to do that.  If we don’t like those rules, we’re free to leave and use another vendor.

Delete THOUSANDS of unread messages in Yahoo without scrooling down

It seems the only way is doing it through coding.I confess this is not a perfect solution and am still looking for better answers. I selected C# and have to use IMAP. IMAP is a protocol for working with emails through coding. The other one is POP3 but it does not have an attribute to see if a message has been seen (read) or not (unread).


1-I had to install Visual Studio and create a C# application.

2- Download MailKit by going to Tools->NuGet packet manager->Manage NuGet packages for Solution->Select MailKit and install as shown below.
enter image description here

enter image description here

3- Create an app password in Yahoo for this tool (I called it IMAP just for the sake of naming) as it asks for a name.
enter image description here

4- Then writing the below code in c#

using System;
using MailKit;
using MailKit.Search;
using MailKit.Net.Imap;
using MailKit.Security;
namespace ConsoleApp1
    class Program
       static void Main(string() args)
            using (var client = new ImapClient())
                client.Connect("imap.mail.yahoo.com", 993, SecureSocketOptions.SslOnConnect);

                client.Authenticate("Your yahoo email address", "APP password you generated earlier in Step 3");

            // open the Inbox folder...

            // search the Unread messages)
                var uids = client.Inbox.Search(SearchQuery.NotSeen);
            //shows the total number of unread messages
                Console.WriteLine("You have {0} unread message(s).", uids.Count);
            //starts the deleting process from the most recent ones so you can check your Yahoo mail box to see how it works
                for (int i= uids.Count-1; i>0;i--)
                var uids1 = uids(i);
                client.Inbox.AddFlags(new UniqueId() { uids(i) }, MessageFlags.Deleted,true);
                Console.WriteLine("You have {0} unread message(s).", i);


and the output:

enter image description here

[ Politics ] Open Question : Does Yahoo answers need a new Category:  "Trump Supporters Whining About Black People"?

it would help the congestion in the Politics Category. “Black people want everything to be handed to them”
— why would people think you’re a racist idiot ?
I don’t get it.

How to Troubleshoot the Issue of Yahoo Error Code 204?

Yahoo mail is one of the well known email service providers known for many reliable services. Some users face the issue of Yahoo Error 204. If you are getting such issues again and again, you can get connected to our executives at anytime to get the assistance on time. The experts are always obtainable for the help of users.

Why are there so many uneducated white racists on Yahoo Answers?

This culture of (mostly male) white racists pervades online for a few reasons.

Economic disparities between whites and non whites in the west allowed whites to have regular internet access before most others. They set the tone for the culture online. Only recently has the online presence of other people become notable to the broader culture.

Yahoo Answers is an anonymous board with little moderation so you can get away with a lot.

How can get contact and send email via yahoo API

In my application, I need to send an email by the user’s Yahoo. already I called yahoo Auth (get_token) API and I could get token but when I call userInfo’s API
the response is:
URL: https://api.login.yahoo.com/openid/v1/userinfo
header:Authorization:Bearer<access token>
response status 403Forbidden


post Method:
URL: https://api.login.yahoo.com/openid/v1/userinfo
body:{“access_token”:”Bearer <access token>”}
response status 400BadRequest

{“error”:{“localizedMessage”:”client request is not acceptable or not supported”,”errorId”:”INVALID_INPUT”,”message”:”client request is not acceptable or not supported”}}

also, I need to send email API and fetch contact list API?
is there anybody help me?

thanks in advance


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Fellow compatriots of Yahoo Answers,now that the United States is burning, who do you think is to blame?

The people starting the fires are responsible for starting the fires.  Their grievance does not justify their crime, especially considering they are harming someone who has nothing to do with their grievance. Some of this gets lost in the atmosphere that is generated by the news media and political propagandists.   If it continues, those who would be harmed will decide to protect themselves.  

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