availability groups – The Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) resource control API returned error code 19

Here are the details of that error code (19):


19 (0x13)

The media is write protected.

You need to consult the cluster log (use Get-ClusterLog to get that) for additional details about what writes failed within the cluster operation being performed. Check that out and update your question with any errors you see.

That being said, combined with this symptom:

…if you reboot second node, database wont up.

You might be experiencing disk problems. Check the Windows system event log and SQL Server error log for messages related to failed writes or corruption.

availability groups – DNN Listener resolving to a secondary server in WSFC & AO AG

I have an Azure AO AG which consists of three servers (all WS-2019 & SQL-2019CU3):

  • A – Subnet 1 – Principal Server (Sync)
  • B – Subnet 1 – Secondary Server (Sync)
  • C – Subnet 2 – Secondary Server (Async)

I have created a DNN Listener on the resource which looks to be up an running but when I connect to the Listener it resolves to server C. I have confirmed that in the cluster and AG, server A is the principal. I have tried failing over to server B which seems to work fine but the listener still only resolves to Server C.

I pulled out the Cluster Logs and I have a warning that jumped out to me that does not seem to appear on google:

2020/11/12-15:27:48.720 WARN (RES) Distributed Network Name <6789>: Configuration: Obtaining exclude networks failed with error 2.

sql server – Why availability group resource goes offline in WSFC?

Sometimes I find the AG Cluster role in offline state which results the AG in resolving state. It doesn’t allow the application to access the databases during this time. And then after sometime it comes to online state. Why is that happening?

If one of the cluster networks is down, then the cluster role goes to offline state?

sql server – Is it OK to restore master db backup, after changing WSFC clustered instance into non-clustered instance

I’m converting WSFC fail-over clustered SQL Server 2012 instance into non-clustered one.

My question in short: Is it OK to restore a master database backup taken from the clustered instance, into the newly installed un-clustered instance?

To achieve the conversion I’ve followed the instruction in this link:


Basically I’ve removed all the nodes from the cluster, remove the cluster, re-install standalone SQL Server, then re-mount the previously shared NTFS volume locally and attached all user databases.

Then, I’ve transferred logins using sp_help_revlogin, linked servers, jobs, server roles, some permissions as shown in the link below.


But still some things were missing from the re-installed instance, like permissions for system procedures, and these were stored in the master db.

Is it OK to restore the entire master db from the old clustered instance, or do I need to avoid such restore when some server configuration was changed, in my case un-clustered?

Availability Groups: Error in the WSFC function when applying SQL 2016 CU7 in a multi-instance SQL environment

Please advise about the following error:

Cluster resource & # 39; AG1_NAME & # 39; of type & # 39; SQL Server Availability Group & # 39; in the grouped function & # 39; AG1_NAME & # 39; failed & # 39;

According to the failure policies for the resource and the function, the cluster service can try to put the resource online in this node or move the group to another node in the cluster and then restart it. Check the resource and group status using Failover Cluster Manager or the Windows PowerShell Get-ClusterResource cmdlet.


AG1: (Primary = SRV01 DEV1, Secondary = SRV02 DEV1, SRV03 DEV1)
AG2: (Primary = SRV02 DEV2, Secondary = SRV03 DEV2, SRV01 DEV2)

The error occurred when updating the AG2 replicas with SQL SERVER 2016 SP2 CU7 which was SQL Server 2016 SP2 CU4.

Updating the order as follows, and there was no error during the update of the assistant

  1. Put the failover in manual in SRV01 DEV2
  2. Updated SRV01 DEV2A WSFC error (mentioned above) was noticed here
  3. Set the failover to Auto in SRV01 DEV2
  4. Put the failover in manual in SRV03 DEV2
  5. Updated SRV03 DEV2
  6. Set the failover to Auto in SRV03 DEV2
  7. Manual failure from SRV02 DEV2 (Primary) a SRV03 DEV2
  8. Updated SRV02 DEV2
  9. Manual of return to SRV02 DEV2 (Primary) of SRV03 DEV2

It is normal to update the second instance of SQL Server, the first instance is interrupted while the server participates in the Availability Groups, or we must follow a particular method in this case to avoid any errors as such.

Fortunately, in particular AG1 and all the WSFC resources worked normally when I look back immediately (after the error) in the WSFC Administrator Functions page. also PowerShell Get-ClusterResource. but I'm worried about the production update and future updates. Any suggestion would be appreciable. Thank you!