Google Analytics Reports are wrong because of traffic from a traffic-generating service

i checked the Google Analytics reports of my company and found out that at some days i get spammed from a traffic generating service.

I have no idea why? Maybe some agency we worked together “did that for us”. I could filter out some of the wrong organic traffic by keyword use (in the keyword report i can see the url of the service). But on the same days the traffic ist still wrong because the service also generated direct traffic. Its from all the countries, languages is always set and they generate pages per visit (mostly 2) and an average sessions-duration (mostly beteween 7 and 10 seconds). I now
will filter out bacause of these metrics. Do you have another idea how to solve this problem?

I sent theta to tether on celsius wrong wallet! how can I get it back?

I sent theta to tether on celsius wallet, Wrong wallet! how can I get it back?

This wallet is my own. I check the transaction ID and it shows that the transfer was successful. What should I do?

backup – Big Sur: Sparsebundle created for Time Machine shows wrong free space (APFS, HFS+,…)

I got myself a new Mac Mini M1 and wanted to store my Time Machine Backups on my Samba share.

I’ve created several sparsebundles like mentioned everywhere on the web… with disk utility, with hdiutil,… with AFPS, with HFS+,… and tried to create a backup before moving it to the SMB share.

Here’s the problem – and I’m always facing the same issue:

AFPS - 1,1TB image - 22GB free space

HFS+ - 1,1TB image - 20GB free space

No matter what I do, I don’t get the full size… I even installed Spundle and played around with the Band size… no chance.

This leads to the fact, that my time machine can’t backup anything as the recognized free space is too low:

Screenshot - Time Machine using created sparsebundle

The Backup fails after some time, telling me that I don’t have enough free space.

Error message after some data has been written

Do you have any idea what I’m missing here? I know that the sparsebundle is supposed to expand… but obviously it doesn’t…

Thanks so much in advance!



timezones – I have changed the time zone of my blog and all times of my posts are wrong. How can I fix it?

I have changed the time zone of my WordPress blog because I have relocated. After that, all times shown on the blog are wrong.

For example, my post was published at 2021-04-22 00:22 +0800 (Hong Kong Time). I have configured the time format on my blog to include the time zone. However I have relocated to the UK so that I changed the time zone of my blog to London. Now, the time is showing at 2021-04-22 00:22 +0100 which is obviously wrong.

How can I fix it such that it can show correctly as 2021-04-21 17:22 +0100?

Thread title got wrong spelling. What to/How to fix?

Hello @BMF
While creating a new thread on New PTC Sites:

In title I unknowingly mistaken for . What can I do to fix this?
The thread has not been published.

Nginx proxy 302 redirect location header is wrong

I have a problem with getting Nginx proxy to work with Mautic instance, the website works like that(I swapped all urls to https://mautic.example):

When you visit https://mautic.example, you get redirected to /s/login. After logging in, browsers sends POST to /s/login_check, gets 302 found and location header, then browser sends GET to location header URL.
In original server the location header is https://mautic.example/s/dashboard. On proxy it’s /s/login which does nothing else but refreshes the page because the user is already on /s/login.

I want simplest proxy possible.

Here is configuration I tried:

server {
    listen 8091;

    location / {
       proxy_pass https://mautic.example;
       proxy_http_version 1.1;
       proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
       proxy_set_header Connection "Upgrade";


What am I missing here?

data structures – Reverse An Array whats wrong with this type of code?

data structures – Reverse An Array whats wrong with this type of code? – Computer Science Stack Exchange

CDN module: wrong settings broke my site

I installed the cdn module from:

and in the UI i setted a wrong cdn path.

now my site is broken it can load css and js. end i cannot disable the module from the UI.

i have admin access at the server but i cant figure out how to disable cdn, there is a cdn,settings.yml but it seems that the option isnt there.

i cant find any documentation for the module… can you please help me?

javascript – v-data-footer__pagination display wrong number in Vue

I using data-list in vue something like below

<data-list :payload="modelObj" v-model="pagination" class="product_table" :headers="headers" :total="total" :pagination="pagination" >

I implemented searching on this list
Code something like

    filterObj: {
        search: ''

The function get data something like this

   this.modelObj.loading = true
   this.modelObj.module = this.MODULE_URL
   this.filterObj.isChanged = 1
   if( !== this.NewValueSearching){
     this.filterObj.isChanged = 0

Then i call get list data function when i searching like code below' () {
      this.getDataHandler ()

My problem is when page loaded data i go to page number 2 or number 3 and i search the list display data but the current page display wrong number it should be return to page 1 when user go to page 2 ,page 3 and so on and try to search

enter image description here

In image above it is display 76 it should display 1.

Thank you so much

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