JQuery is adding the wrong values.

Hello, when I select a treatment, you have to get the value in $ and add, to give a total, but if I select an incorrect option and I have to select another one, you are adding this, but you should not, because it gives error in the absence of the sum .

                        $ (document) .on (& # 39; changed.bs.select & # 39 ;, select.travel_order & # 39 ;, function (e, clickedIndex, newValue, oldValue)
e.preventDefault ();
var text = $ (& # 39; option: selected & # 39 ;, this) .text ();
value var = $ (& # 39; option: selected & # 39 ;, this) .val ();
var value = parseInt ($ (& # 39; option: selected & # 39 ;, this) .attr (& # 39; value & # 39;));

if (text! = & # 39; & # 39; && value! = & # 39; & # 39; && value! = & # 39; & # 39;)
if (newValue === true)
$ (& # 39 ;. budget_id_treatment: last & # 39;). val (value);
$ (& # 39 ;. budget_treatment_value: last & # 39;). val (value);
treatment = value (treatment + value);
somaValores (valueTreatment);


somaValues ​​function (value)
$ (& # 39; # subtotal & # 39;). html (& # 39; R $ & # 39; + formatReal (value));
$ (& # 39; # total & # 39;). html (& # 39; R $ & # 39; + formatReal (value));

treatment value var = 0;

8 – wrong translation in admin / structure / views

I have a multi-language site with Drupal 8.7.4
and the default language is English.

When I go to / admin / structure / views, I see a list of views in English. if I go to the interface in French via fr / admin / structure / views I hope to see a list of views in French words, for example, I hope to see & # 39; Surveillance & # 39; instead of & # 39; watchdog & # 39; but I see the name of all the views in English.

The configuration translation is enabled and the French translation of the name of the view is available.

Google Sheets' ImportXML pulling the wrong region

I'm using IMPORTXML To obtain the price of an electronic component of Mouser:
If the prices are updated as a result of the edition of the spreadsheet, it is requested from my computer and the price appears as USD and the data sheet as indicated in the United States. However, if the cells are automatically updated due to Google once per hour, the prices are displayed in euros.

Prices in euros are not equivalent to prices in dollars, so I will not do a currency conversion. For example, the test plates cost $ 8.80, but appear as € 8.85, which becomes almost $ 10 (more than a dollar more expensive).

How can I tell Google to anyone

  1. Make the IMPORTXML request with a cookie that stores regional configuration data?
  2. Make the IMPORTXML application from the United States?

My regional settings and the time zone in the spreadsheet are configured in the United States:

Here is a link to the spreadsheet itself.

Is it wrong that I am losing my faith in humanity?

It is not helping you to work in a service environment. As you said, your colleagues and yourself are trained to be tolerant, stay calm and control yourself with self-control. In itself, being trained that way is very valuable in life. However, it can be very frustrating when it comes to injustice and injustice. It seems to be more frequent nowadays and is right to say that bad education and frustration can get out of control. But do not lose faith in humanity because there are many good and decent people in this world who feel exactly like you. The best thing to do is find a quiet environment outside of your work. I do not know if you have your own family? That's where you can create a respectful and friendly environment. By setting the example and talking to his wife and children about it. Maybe you live with parents and siblings, you can try to do the same. Also find other people with that mentality in your free time. There are groups of people who come together to work as volunteers, help others in need, nature groups, birdwatching, caring for parks and parks, cyclists and other social groups. I do not know if you believe in a God, but meeting people who care for and show respect can be very rewarding. It is true that there are many people in this world who are rude. It can be your education, selfishness or just a bad day. Trying to create and find your own inner peace is very important. Think about how you can improve your peaceful environment outside of your work. Start the day with a refreshing shower and quiet music and a healthy breakfast. Get away from the emotions and rudeness of customers by not thinking about it. And when you return home, go for a walk and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Meditate on the beauty that surrounds you and the people you love and care about. Changing the way you let your mind stop at things will change your own emotions and feelings, and you will see and appreciate the good things that surround you.


Was Trump wrong in telling Congress legislators to "return to their place of origin" or not?

No, he did not say that.

That is just what you are doing, but it is shown by your own "most likely" comment, which means that you are assuming something that simply coincides with you politically.

That's why I hate bugs like you. Not an ounce of credibility or truth among you. It is really pathetic. You are really pathetic.


Edit: j – Do you want proof that you are a stupid f * ck? Here it is: you want to deny what I have said is wrong, but you yourself could not explain why it is wrong, much less demonstrate that it is wrong.

It's just that you're a useless parasite that deflects … Do you understand? Of course not


C #: Can someone tell me how I can rewrite the code following the proper design principles and also tell me why it is wrong the way it is now?

Below are some of the files in my project, which is a console application:
File structure of the project

I have an interface & # 39; IExport.cs & # 39; The class & # 39; ClientExport.cs & # 39; is an abstract class that implements the mentioned interface. Each of the classes & # 39; Client # .cs & # 39; inherit this abstract class and override methods that are not provided in the abstract class.
Class diagram
Depending on the argument that is passed to the console application, an instance of the class is created

    switch (args[0])
case "client3":
case "clientno3":
businessLayer = new BusinessLayer (args[0], new Client3 (args[1]));

Below is the code in the business layer

public class BusinessLayer
IExport _client;
BusinessLayer public (string configSiteName, client IExport)
_client = client;
_client.DoSomething ();

So tomorrow if Client5 comes in. I need to admit it in this tool. I have to update the Program.cs with a new switch case with a lot of options, add the class & # 39; Client5.cs & # 39; in the folder & # 39; Service Layer & # 39 ;. Make & # 39; CLient5 & # 39; inherit & # 39; ClientExport & # 39 ;. Update the configuration file with a lot of configuration files related to the client.

Here are my doubts regarding this tool:

  1. Is this a good design practice?
  2. I read about the factory abstract pattern, but I am trying to understand if that is a good way to design my application or if there is any difference. Of all the videos and samples that I saw online, I still could not find a difference. I still have to update the main files if a new client arrives
  3. In TFS, each of these clients has its own folder and the tools are usually in a different folder. Can I separate the client code (Client # .cs) from the main tool?
    • So have a project in the client's folder that builds a dll, let's say
    • The main tool should refer this dll at runtime and create an instance of the class it refers to.
    • During the Azure Pipeline release, we make sure that the client.dll file is placed in the same folder as the console application.
    • Then we have to pass the argument, let's say & # 39; Client1 & # 39; to the application and it will refer to the dll and will do the necessary operation.

yoast – Google shows the wrong page (product instead of category)

I have a Woocommerce website. For one of the main keywords, I have a category page. When I search for the keyword, Google displays a single product page instead of the category in the results. That I have to do?

SEO onpage is being done with Yoast for both.

wrongly I sent my bitcoins to a wrong wallet

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What's wrong with this website?


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terminal – Updates to MacOS Mojave. It goes completely wrong. Stay awake swimming on the web for help.

So, this is me, after two days testing almost all possible solutions from the Internet, from the Apple Support team and from the world itself. Just another attempt to see if I'm completely screwed or not so much.

I have a Macbook Air 2016. It has worked a lot during all this time. And until Wednesday (four days ago), I have not updated from El Capitán. I thought that updating Mojave would be a good idea (narrator: I had no idea what the future had planned for him). Yesterday morning I turned on the mac. Prohibited signal. (Circle + Slash). Restart. Over and over again. Cmd + R. Recovery mode. Trying to reinstall Mojave: the Macintosh HD is encrypted and asks for the password. The dialog box opens for you to type and …

You just can not write You can not click on the text box. Nothing. Restart to the same point to see if there was a problem with the keyboard. Try Terminal Intent Disk Utility is typified. To make any changes, I asked for the password, but the same beautiful dialog box in which I can not write anything. I create an APFS volume partitioned from the same disk. Works. I install Mojave in it. I start it correctly. When I go to the search engine, it indicates that the Macintosh HD (the other disk) is encrypted and locked. To unlock it, the same dialog box in which, guess what …

I can not type

I google and google. I converse with the Apple Care team. They call me. Then they connect me with their manager, the superior service. They ask me to restart, to create a parallel boot disk on an external drive. I do. I install Mojave in it. The same loop again. I reset the password on the terminal in recovery mode, for Macintosh HD. It's possible. I do it by connecting to icloud. (It was encrypted and accessible to obtain the pass through icloud). Now & # 39; assembled & # 39; I try diskutil apfs unlockVolume … (this solution) I can not.

I try to reinstall Mojave on the disk when it is "mounted" by resetting the password again. Fails. Forbidden sign again. Now I am testing the kernel solution from this question, but there is something I could be doing wrong, because I can not access the list of kext extensions.

I'm lost. And I need to recover the data for the last three weeks before my last backup. I can not lose that information. If I could recover that and lose all the extra things, it will not be a problem. But good That's me. Back in the depths of the web, I hope to find the signal that illuminates my life. Ok, that can be a lot. Is.

Do you have any input? Trying will not hurt me 🙂 Thanks!

When starting to press Cmd + S, these are the errors:

BuildUser (): Error generating a user of type 0x20010008
ERROR: there is no panel or special users!
End OpenKernelRootVolume
ERROR !!! Load the prelinked kernel with status 0x800000000000000e
Failed to load the kernel cache (0xe)