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UX writing: “Enable passcode entry”

So I don’t how to write literals for a feature that creates a password layer before allowing people into, say, a virtual meeting room. For now all I got is “Enable entry via passcode” or “Set passcode” but both don’t seem to give enough context to the person setting it up that the passcode should be mandatory. Help me please?

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UX writing – different word instead of "default"

I’m seeking help 🙂.
I look for a different wording for the "default" view…The user is able to customize its view and choose which one he would like to preview by "default" (or maybe the default one will be set as default 🙂. The problem is that during usability testing we’ve discovered that our target audience might have a problem with the wording "default". Does someone have some suggestions on what would be a good ux writing for this 😅 ?

ux writing – Invite participants page for an Audio video feature–how to properly word “enable passcode entry”

I’m working on an A/V feature, which has an invite participants screen where you can invite participants, get the “share link”, add presenters for your meeting and all. I wanted to add a preferences option that has checkboxes that allows the host to setup a passcode layer before the participant actually enters the meeting. How do I word it? enter image description here

parsing – Advice on writing S-Expression to JSON compiler that allow to extend the parser

I’m search for solution for the problem I have dumb simple Scheme to JSON compiler (in my Scheme in JavaScript interpreter). It just written my list structures (S-Expression) into JSON, the file is little bit bigger but using JavaScript built-in parser, it’s way much faster to load standard library that is written in Scheme.

My simple JSON compiler works fine, the problem is that in my interpreter I’m allowing to extend the parser, example is this simple code:

(set-special! "<>" 'x)

(define (x arg)
  `(vector ,arg))

(print <>10)

The evaluation work together with the parser each S-Expression is parsed then evaluated then next expression is parsed.

when evaluating it, it prints #(10) which is Scheme vector and in JavaScript it’s just Array.

The problem is that this happen while evaluating the code, set-special! change the parser and add new token <> that add hook to the parser that return vector.

When I’m compiling the code to JSON, I’m just parsing the code and not evaluating it, so function x is not known and new syntax is also not known, I would need to execute the code to know them since they are runtime.

And when I’m evaluating compiled JSON I’ve got exactly same code not (print #(10)), so it’s just normal symbol in the middle of the print. Also because this syntax is invoked by the parser, that is not invoked when evaluating the code, so I got error that symbol <> is not defined, in Scheme <> is normal identifier that can be variable, function or macro.

My question is how would you handle this case? What advice can you give me?

One note is that I don’t have proper expansion time for macros yet and all macros are executed at runtime, they are like functions that return code that is evaluated. When the code was only interpreted this didn’t matter much.

Will making this work require to write proper expansion time. I’m not sure how Common Lisp do this, since it have similar concept of compiler and reader macros that work like my syntax extensions.

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