How can I write a formula for this houseruled roll in AnyDice?

So here it goes:

  1. The roll is a pool of dice of d6s, d8s, and d10s. The minimum dice pool is 1d6 and the maximum dice pool is 10 dice. It could be 2d6 + 2d8 + 1d10, for example.
  2. Rolling 5+ is a success.
  3. A number of successes is necessary equal or higher than the Difficulty (that ranges from 1 to 10) to have a successful check.
  4. The maximum value of a die explodes: 6 in a d6, 8 in a d8, 10 in a d10. But there’s a limit by the character’s Protagonism (ranges 1 to 10). It’s like the level of the character, so one with Protagonism 3 could not explode any dice more than 3 times. The eventual 4th time counts only as a normal success, even if it has the maximum value again.

I see it can be very difficult to do this, so I thank anyone who may come up with something. Thanks so much!

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javascript – Is there an effectiver way to write my JS?

So I have a row of buttons

        <form class="form">
      <div class="button-box">
        <div class="centered-buttons">
          <input type="radio" name="game" id="rock-button" class="radio" />
          <label for="rock-button">rock</label>
          <br />
          <input type="radio" name="game" id="paper-button" class="radio" />
          <label for="paper-button">Paper</label>
          <br />
          <label for="scissor-button">Scissor</label>

      <input type="submit" id="submit-btn" value="submit" />

and when pressed a specific button, for example rock, is pressed an image of a rock will be displayed

        <figure class="image-box">

However my code is very long, and maybe a bit repetitive. How could I make my JS effectiver?

let rock = document.getElementById("rock-button")

rock.addEventListener("click", changePicToRock)

function changePicToRock(e){

  document.getElementById("paper-user").style.display = "none"
  document.getElementById("scissor-user").style.display = "none"
  document.getElementById("rock-user").style.display = "block"


let paper = document.getElementById("paper-button")

paper.addEventListener("click", changePicToPaper)

function changePicToPaper(e){

  document.getElementById("paper-user").style.display = "block"
  document.getElementById("scissor-user").style.display = "none"
  document.getElementById("rock-user").style.display = "none"

let scissor = document.getElementById("scissor-button")

scissor.addEventListener("click", changePicToScissor)

function changePicToScissor(e){

  document.getElementById("paper-user").style.display = "none"
  document.getElementById("scissor-user").style.display = "block"
  document.getElementById("rock-user").style.display = "none"


In short, when a button is pressed the image related to the button will get the property display: block; and every other image that I don’t want to be shown will get the property display: none;

How to use C# to write a QR code for payment?

Who can guide me on how to write a QR code to let the users scan the QR code then directly purchase?

Which any website, youtube, or any sources can find it?

I want to thanks all of you if can help me to solve this problem!

vba – automatic refresh of slicer and pivot charts how to write a loop

this is my first post here 🙂
Maybe some details at the beginning.
I have three pivot charts based on pivot tables. I have some slicers to these charts as well.
I can choose no. of week at slicer so I can see data exactly for that week on chart.
For example, today is 7th week of 2021. Filter is built like 2020_54, 2021_01, 2021_02…

And my goal is to find a way to automatic refresh of slicer so when the user open the file he will see data on charts just for specific date range. Without clicking anything on slicers manually. “Date from” should be always 2021_01 (from first week of the year). “Date to” should be actual number of week.

And I wrote today some vba code. I don’t have much experience in that stuff. Let’s take a look.

Sub subrefreshpivots()

Dim endDate as date

Dim nrtyg as string

‘refresh “date to” (there is =TODAY() function in cell named “endDate” in “shtDane” sheet)

With shtDane



End With

‘ value assignment from “endDate” cell to variable called endDate

shtDane.Range(“endDate”).value = endDate

‘which no. of week we have right now

nrtyg = Application.WorksheetFunction.WeekNum(endDate) – 1

With shtDane

With Activesheet.PivotTables(“mypivottable”).PivotFields(“planned week”)

if nrtyg = 1 then .PivotItems(“1”).Visible = True

if nrtyg = 2 then .PivotItems(“1”).Visible = True and .PivotItems(“2”).Visible = True

end with

end with

end sub

My question is how to write some sort of loop just to not repeat this if – then statement and that the code will be clean. I cannot use macro recorder to record a loop.
And my second request. I would like to end macro as soon as possible when the condition is TRUE so the macro doesn’t need to check other if – then statements after TRUE condition.

Thanks for your help.

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openvpn: client-connect script cannot write to /tmp file

I have the following in my server.conf file…

client-connect /etc/openvpn/scripts/client-connect.bash

client-connect.bash so far looks like this…


touch /tmp/testfile.txt

sleep 10

exit 0

I know that the script executes, because the client pauses for 10 seconds, and then successfully connects.

However the file /tmp/testfile.txt is never created.

I can’t figure out what could be going wrong.

I was hoping to be able to write to /tmp, to allow me to echo environment variables etc. to help with finishing the actual script functionality. However without being able to write somewhere I have no way to see what’s actually happening in the script.

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