How to write to cygwin pipe from c #

I want to create a c # application that can be used in a cygwin pipe.

that is to say

tail -f SomeFile | MyCSharpApp

I can see (from debugging) that I am able to correctly read the standard input, but nothing is written in the cygwin terminal windows.

class program
static main vacuum (chain[] args)

rope s
while ((s = Console.ReadLine ())! = null)
// Potentially process s here
Console.WriteLine (s);

freebsd – Does the replication task not write data?

I set up two replication tasks on a FreeNas 11.2 server, one points to data / db (80mb) and the other to data / images (1000s of files, ~ 1Tb approx).

Both tasks work correctly, I can see on the remote server how Storage-> Pools uses more and more space on the disk. The pool data / db state on the source server is up to dateand the one data / images is Sending data / images.

On the destination server, when I go to Storage-> Groups, I see ~ 80 MB for data / db and ~ 8 gb (and increasing) for data / images.

What makes me wonder if everything is fine, is when I go to the command line and make a ls -lah / mnt / data / db I can see the files stored there, but if I do ls -lah / mnt / data / images The directory exists, but it is empty.

Also, if I do du -sh / mnt / data the space used is 80 GB, so it seems that the information I get from the user interface in Storage-> Groups for data / images is something stored elsewhere (in RAM maybe?). How can I see exactly where the data is being written?


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networks: How to write a systemd service to ensure the start after the service dns?

After updating to Kubuntu 19.04, I do not know how to write a service so that it can be started after the DNS service has been initialized.

In this past, I only use Next =, but now it does not work. I tried it too Next =, but there is no luck.

So I think the problem is solved by the systemHow could I solve this problem?

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How to write smart updatable contracts in Solidity – Cryptocurrencies Corner

Smart contracts govern the way a block chain works. The immutability of the block chain also extends to smart contracts: a smart contract, once encrypted, can not be modified. This is one of the main reasons why the chain of blocks and the data of the chain of blocks are super safe. There is no way to edit the data in the blockchain, and there is no way to circumvent the conditions set in the smart contract.

This advantage has made blockchain highly reliable for financial transactions, maximizing security and minimizing efforts and expenses. However, sometimes, the greatest blessing also becomes the greatest loss. It is assumed that any software must have some space to "evolve" and smart contracts, by virtue of their immutability, lack that attribute. Anything that does not change according to changing times can not be respected with the "smart" prefix, and smart contracts should not be an exception.

Read more @

networks – How to write a media server?

I have an existing application that downloads media files from the Internet. I want to write about him so I can broadcast the video while I download it. I see other programs for the same purpose that provide an https link that when opened with vlc, I can see the whole video and I can also search. I want to understand how they do it? Can any body suggest me some reading material or something similar?

Somewhere where I read that they were using sockets, I read a beginner's guide on socket. A little understood. But streaming and other things still seem strange to me.

I am doing c ++ from last year, and I am currently reading introduction to the cormen algorithms. I'm halfway there but now I want something related to the real world. I tried to read boost.asio. but I did not understand it I found it very complex

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Image processing: How to write a Python code and what should I learn if I want my code to interact with another application?

I like to play some game & # 39; x & # 39; only if my brother is currently online, let's say fortnite, so fortnite has a launcher, Epic Games Launcher, which displays a list of friends online on the right side of the launcher's window. Now, I want to write a code such that the code takes an image or something similar to the window of lauchería and then it centers in the side of the window of the friends in line and it checks if there is some "xyz & # 39; online (basically, image processing and text recognition). ), I would love this in python.

python: write a function that takes a list of strings and prints them, one per line, in a rectangular frame. a slight change is needed

Write a function that takes a list of strings and prints them, one per line, in one
Rectangular frame For example the list [“Hello”, “World”, “in”, “a”,
“frame”] it is printed as

  • Hello *
  • World *
  • in *
  • a *
  • framework *


p = entry ("words?")

Enter the code heredefinition frame (words):
Enter the code here size = len (max (words, key = len))
print (& # 39; * & # 39; * (size + 4))
for word in words:
print (& # 39; * {: <{}} & # 39; .format (word, size))
printing (& # 39;
& # 39; * (size + 4))
frame (p.split (""))

Can someone explain this step & # 39; * {: <{}} * & # 39 ;. format (word, size), and is there any substitution code for it?