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How to write DRY unit tests when importing the order of method calls

Suppose I am writing a calculator engine with a class as follows …

public class ArithmeticExpression
    ArithmeticExpression Add(double operand);
    ArithmeticExpression Subtract(double operand);
    // ... other useful operations like division, multiplication, etc.
    double ProduceResult();

… and the objective is to defer the evaluation of the expression until ProduceResullt() it is called, so that the correct order of all stacked operations is maintained.

My question is:

How should i deal with test unit of this class without being overwhelmed
By the number of combinations of calling methods?

For me it is clear that the order of the calls must be tested in some way, but writing tests like this:

public void Multiply_CalledAfterAdd_TakesPrecedenceOverAdd()
    // ...
public void Multiply_CalledAfterDivide_EvaluatesLeftToRight()
    // ...

It can go mad and out of control pretty quickly. And it's not even about those 16 tests for the four basic arithmetic functions. Suppose that in the future I decide to extend the calculator with a module operation, for starters, there are 9 almost identical tests.

On the other hand, the entire student of the class must maintain the order of the operations, so it must be verified in some way.

Concluding: I know that the example is trivial, but it is a general problem that I find it difficult to find an answer. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

c – How to write intine code for this online assembly code?

I'm not good at SIMD, so I need help to convert this code into intrinsic code.
In my opinion, it looks like C = A * B, but I'm not sure.
Can anybody help me?
I also want to ask if the intrinsic functions are available for the mobile processor.
In fact, the code below is for Intel CPU, but my work is finally aimed at mobile devices. Thanks in advance.

for (int i = 0; i <M; i ++, C + = N) {
float x = A[i];
_asm {
mov esi, N8;
sub esi, 8;
shl esi, 2;
xor edi, edi;
mov ebx, B;
mov edx, C;
vbroadcastss ymm7, x;
cmp edi, esi;
jg Lexit1;
vmovups ymm0, ymmword ptr[ebx + edi];
vmulps ymm0, ymm0, ymm7;
vmovups ymmword ptr[edx + edi], ymm0;
add edi, 32;
jmp Lrep1;

for (int j = N8; j <N; j ++) C[j] = x * B[j];

python – Obtaining a syntax error when I write pthon in Ubuntu 18.04

When I write echo $ PYTHONPATH I get


But when I write python as a root user I get

    File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site.py", line 183
file = sys.stderr)
Syntax error: invalid syntax

What is the reason for this error?

When I write python3.6 I do not get errors. If this question needs to be transferred to UNIX SE, let me know.

How to write the output of the docker to stdout / stderr as a daemon

So we can run a docker container like a daemon:

docker window run -d - name foo foo

and then read the records:

docker records -f foo

but I wonder how to write only in stdout / stderr, to send the records to splunk or cloudwatch, etc. Something like:

docker window run - name foo foo & | capture_logs
) and rejection

What is the official way to do this?

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dnd 5e – If a cleric takes the Ritual Caster feat and chooses the list of attendees, can he write rituals that are in the spell lists of both classes?

According to the description of the Ritual Caster feat (PHB, page 169, emphasis mine):

If you encounter a spell in written form., like a magic spell or a magician's spellbook, you can add it to your ritual book. The spell must be in the spell list of the class you chose, the spell level can not be more than half its level (rounded up) and must have the ritual label. The process of copying the spell in your ritual book takes 2 hours per level of the spell and costs 50 gp per level. The cost represents
the material components you spend experimenting with the spell to master it, as well as the fine inks you need to register it.

As I understand it, if you can add rituals to your ritual book, you should simply copy it from a written source, pay the costs and spend the necessary time.

So, to be very precise, as long as the spell you want to copy is from the list of spells you chose when taking this feat. Y It has the ritual label Y is not higher than half its own level (rounded up) Y You have a written source for that, then you can include it in your ritual book.

Eg: You have taken Ritual Caster (Magician) as a cleric. You find a parchment to detect magic. As a cleric, you have access to that spell, you can cast it as a ritual, but to do so you need to prepare it after a long rest, taking one of your preparation spaces for the day. Since it is also a spell in the magician's spell list, you can add it to your ritual book and from that moment you will not need to prepare Detect Magic to be able to cast it as a ritual (and only as a ritual), as long as you have your ritual book in the hand.

Write a script in python that shows UID and GID

Write a Python script that lists the system users and groups in / etc / passwd and / etc / group. For each user, print the UID of the user and the groups of which the user is a member. Mark UIDs with more than one username associated with them. Mark the GIDs with more than one group name associated with them.

Should UX researchers write?

What do you think about writing in UX, and is this skill important for someone who is a researcher?

Thank you