email: the wp_new_user_notification_email filter is never affected when a new user is created using severity forms

I'm trying to set up some custom email templates in a new Mail.lib.php class that I created.

But I'm using forms of gravity to register users. My code in essence, and the following code works, if I add the user through the administrator. However, it seems that the forms of gravity are removing the filter. wp_new_user_notification_email.

Is there any way I can re-invoke this filter that the severity forms are deactivating?

user login);
$ wp_new_user_notification_email['message'] = sprintf ("% s (% s) has been registered on your blog% s.", $ user-> user_login, $ user-> user_email, $ blogname);
returns $ wp_new_user_notification_email;
new mail();

Thanks in advance.