game recommendation – Is it worth buying the “Super Powers Companion 2nd Edition” if I have 1st Ed. and the free changes supplements?

Pinnacle has released a “transition guide” that has the bare bones rules that have changed between the first and second edition, along with a couple other rules that are common to both to make it a bit easier to follow. The idea is that with this document, you can continue to use the first edition with all the updates to the second edition. This means that you can get the rules updates and you don’t have to buy the second edition.

Note that these are just the raw rules and it doesn’t include “fluff”. For instance, power tiers are listed, but not what sort of heroes might exist in each tier. Similarly, it misses a few descriptions of character creation steps (e.g. skills, how much money you get for gear) and doesn’t provide descriptions on technology levels for gear.

Several reasons you might want to consider buying the second edition include:

  • You want all of the information in one place, rather than between the first edition and the transition document
  • You want something more visually attractive than the bare bones transition PDF
  • You want to include all of the “fluff” that has been cut from the transition document
  • You want example NPCs and Headquarters that are updated to the new rules

So there are reasons to buy the second edition and reasons to stick with the first plus the transition document. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether it’s worth it for you.

Do You Need COLO or Transit Leads? What are They Worth to You?

I am constantly contacted by different partner provider trying to recruit me to peddle COLO or transit for them. Much of it comes from the f… | Read the rest of

Are .US domains worth it?

As the title says. I own a few myself, and they’re pretty nice, but the thing is.. My friends saying they’re not worth it, and I keep paying for them, so I wonder if I should stop paying for them, or save them for later use or auction.

I own and, a friend of mine said that .us domains are good, but I started doubting it. Both domains are soon to expire. Actually only hotsale. Gamewire got a while before it does.

So what you think guys? .US domains worth it? Worth to use compared to .net .org etc?


$30 billion worth of Bitcoin disappear forever! |

Most of you will be wondering how come about 4 million bitcoin will disappear forever could it be as a result of scammers hacking, well no it not .
The British Crypto analyst firm named coincover made available that such huge amount of amount of bitcoin is lost forever because the owners are dead and their next of kin don’t access to the password and wallet details of where those coins are stored.

appsec – Are weak entropy sources worth it?

I maintain an operating system that can be deployed to embedded devices with highly diverse capabilities. One of the aspects of porting the OS to a device is declaring the available entropy sources (including, but not limited to, dedicated TRNG peripherals). The configuration mechanism allows sources that are considered “weak”. Weak sources are mixed into the entropy pool, but their contribution counts for nothing: they don’t increase the counter that measures available entropy. The documentation suggests declaring the current time at micro- or nano-second resolution as a weak entropy source.

I’m considering removing the concept of weak entropy sources, and only recommending strong entropy sources. I can see qualitative arguments in both directions, but I don’t know how to weigh those arguments.

  • Pro: even weak sources may be useful. If the adversary doesn’t have access to the initialization time of the device, a fine-grained clock value could add maybe 30 bits of entropy, which is insufficient on its own but could help compensate a source that is a proper TRNG, but is not as strong as it should be (e.g. due to suboptimal temperature or voltage).
  • Pro: since the system expects the same amount of entropy from strong sources whether weak sources are present or not, there is no direct loss of security from including weak sources, so we may as well include them.
  • Con: any feature is added complexity, so for security the default choice should be not to have a feature. But in terms of system design, the cost is practically zero: a weak source is just a source that systematically returns an estimated 0 bits of entropy, whereas a strong source is one that normally returns 1 or more bits each time.
  • Con: Weak sources reduce testability. It’s easy to detect if a system has no entropy by instantiating it twice and checking that get_random() returns different values. If a system has both a weak entropy source and a strong source, and the strong source is misbehaving, this is hard to detect by testing. For example, the infamous Debian OpenSSL PRNG seeding bug would have been discovered a lot faster if the PRNG had only been seeded from /dev/urandom, and not from the process ID as well.

Are there other important arguments that I’ve missed? On balance, are weak entropy sources worth it, or are they counterproductive?

6.0 marshmallow – Is Lineage OS 13.0 worth using for me?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Core gt-i8262.

I have trouble working with some apps like my keyboard and Telegram which are really annoying.

I found on this site that I can download an operating system called lineage version 13.0 and enjoy having Android 6.0 Marshmallow instead of mine 4.1 Jellybean.

Will it really be a good idea to download this OS and root my phone with it?

Will I necessarily have Android 6.0 with a fine performance?

dnd 5e – If I have a single diamond worth more than 300 gp, does Revivify consume the whole diamond?

In the description for Revivify, it states that the material component is:

(diamonds worth 300 gp, which the spell consumes)

So you have two problems; it’s stating diamonds as a plural meaning that it is expecting more than a single diamond, and it is giving an exact amount.

If you compare this with say, Raise Dead, it has a very different description:

(a diamond worth at least 500 gp, which the spell consumes)

In this case, it calls out that it must be a single diamond, but that one diamond can be worth 500 gp, or more. That “at least” wording is missing from Revivify.

That being said, I’m sure most DM’s would allow some leeway against RAW, but not consume.

As a DM, I’d say that for Revivify, if you happened to have a single diamond that was worth at least 300 gp, I would allow it. But it would always consume the whole diamond. Magic doesn’t give money back…

As an example, the Find Familiar spell asks for “10 gp worth of charcoal, incense, and herbs that must be consumed by fire in a brass brazier.” If you put in 15 gp worth of charcoal, incense, and herbs, would you expect the extra 5 gp to not burn?

Is it still worth it to make PS4 and Xbox One games?

Considering the PS5 and Xbox Series X release is around the corner, should I still bother trying to release my game on Xbox One and PS4 in 2021?

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Jeff Bezos becomes the first person to ever worth $200 billion in the world.

In less than 24 hours from posting this update, the Amazon owner Jeff Bezos crossed a milestone Forbes has been tracking closely for almost 40 years the net worth of different wealthy individuals globally.Wednesday afternoon pushed Bezos’ net worth is up by $4.9 billion, following Amazon stock edging up 2% making the 56-year-old the world’s first-ever person to amass a $200 billion fortune.

This has made Bezoz who is is worth $204.6 billion approximately $90 billion…

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