coincidence: the best and worst options in the Gale Shapley algorithm for an agent

Please consider the following figure. I have to find the best and worst options for W. From the list of preferences of W, the best option for W is D but there is no match of W with D in the 6 options. Therefore, option 1 is the best option in the context of W because A is the second preferred element of W.

Now C is the worst preferred choice of W. Therefore, options 5 and 6 are the worst choices of W.
X (worse: 4, better: 2)
And (Worse: 6, Better: 2)
Z (Worse: 6, Better: 1,2 and 3)

The best and worst options for an agent

Someone please guide me.


javascript: What is the worst security issue? What can happen when using eval () in Android WebView?

I have come across a hybrid Android application, which means that most of its user interface is implemented in a WebView using HTML and JavaScript technologies. The application itself is connecting to the server and one of the possible responses may include evaluate field, which then runs directly through JavaScript eval() I send.

Is this a security issue? What kind of attacks can the attacker make through this attack vector?

The worst movie you like

What absolutely terrible movie (s) do you love? I love watching Tremors movies, due to the fact that they are terrible comic horror movies, which are not labeled as dedicated horror movies.

Is Pete Carroll the worst head coach in a critical game to win?

Pete Carroll wouldn't even do my worst 25. Sometimes he thinks too much in certain situations and makes a horrible judgment. But it has been solid for the most part with Seattle. Do you want to know which is my worst coach in a game that he must win?

MARVIN FREAKING LEWIS !!!! 😡😡 (16 years as coach, and zero postseason victories !!!! ZERO !!!!

The 10 worst Botnet ASN

No.31 / Jin-rong Street Number of bots: 894443

Bharti Airtel Ltd. AS for the GPRS service Number of bots: 698736

VNPT Corp Number of Bots: 409368

4 4
National Internet Network Number of Bots: 363783

5 5
AS16509 Inc. Number of Bots: 274324

6 6
Telecom Algeria Number of Bots: 250070

7 7
CHINA UNICOM China169 Backbone Number of Bots: 248740

Pakistan Telecom Company Limited Number of Bots: 238670

9 9
Iran Cell Service and Communication Company Number of bots: 233094

Idea Cellular Limited Number of Bots: 220152


Wow, Amazon is at number 5?

[ Politics ] Open question: There is no loss of American lives, the 2 worst dead terrorists in the world. Iran backed down. America wins THANKS TO DONALD TRUMP! Are you not proud?

If it is not, there is a plane that leaves every few minutes to Iran, Cuba or Venezuela … GO! grundoon Het dummass … "intelligent people" believe what they see and know it's true, which means we don't believe you or CNN. Communist apostasy: Iran OBVIOUSLY deliberately erred to save the face. Are you really so stupid?

What was the worst movie you've seen?

The only film that surpassed Sophie & # 39; s Choice as the worst of all …

It was Battlefield Earth. And even though that title should have been of all time ……..

He was then incredibly beaten ………. AFTER THE EARTH.

Two hours in a row waiting for a plot.

Instead, what you get is Jayden Smith running through a forest. Then endless scenes of him whining and crying … then more running, then crying more … then a little more running, then running out of time for another shaking crying … …… just a little more running. ………. and later —

A dragon!

and then, take out the skills of Matrix, NEO, Rambo, T-1000, and kill the dragon with bare hands.

The end.

It is not a joke.

It was as if they couldn't find a way to finish the movie, which anyway had no argument or point ……….. so, hey, I know, let's just throw a DRAGON

and then the little cowardly child who cries … suddenly becomes a MAN, learns to defy gravity, and then kills the dragon!

If that sounds good! The end !

Even Will Smith went to talk shows and APPROVED for the movie … that's how bad it was.

Worst site speed – Woocommerce

Hi guys,

Currently running an e-commerce website and the speed of my sites is only 3.6 based on Gmetrix. There is an opportunity you need to solve.

1. Add headers expires
2. Make fewer HTTP requests

I already installed CDN (maxcdn), wprockets and imagino. My target speed is 1-2 seconds of loading time, since I am currently running the PPC campaign. I am pretty sure that this will affect.

I hope everyone can share their thoughts and experiences.

Thank you!

Is Trump the worst editors nightmare come true?

George Washington was the leader of an incipient third world country that was providing first world values. His nation could only escape the reach of one superpower, (England), asking for help and leverage from another (France).

His statements were warnings about the acceptance of the continued help of the superpowers as a & # 39; direct access & # 39; to the status of the first world. They have nothing to do with nations that help each other expose corruption. WE ARE the superpower now, so the whole context is also different.

If you want to see examples of what Washington was really talking about, start tracking down all the ways in which communist China is influencing the economy, politics, policies, the educational system of this nation (including religion), through The political left. China is a real superpower (unlike Ukraine), and its corrupt influence is profound. That is the approach of what President Trump is trying to expose and why he is being attacked. The "office" system of communist style that arrived in this country at the same time that communist revolutions were happening in other parts of the world is the main mechanism of corrupt influence, unnecessary "secret", waste and abuse of power as what they are dealing with. of doing. to his own president, his nation, freedom and our own lifestyle.

The worst runtime for binary search

The execution time of the binary search is O (log (n)).
log (8) = 3
3 comparisons are needed to decide if an array of 8 elements contains a given element.
4 comparisons are needed in the following example.


def binary_search(a_list, item, comparisons_inner=0):
    low = 0
    high = len(a_list) - 1

    while low <= high:
        mid = (low + high) / 2
        guess = a_list(mid)
        comparisons_inner += 1
        if guess == item:
            return mid, comparisons_inner
        if guess > item:
            high = mid - 1
            low = mid + 1
    return None, comparisons_inner

    my_list = (5, 8, 11, 15, 21, 23, 100, 223)
    index, comparisons = binary_search(my_list, 223)
    print(index, comparisons)

log (8) <4
Why the execution time of the binary search O (log (n)) despite the 4 comparisons it takes in the previous example?