World of Darkness: Can a vampire use Bloodheal to cure a human disease?

No, standard healing does not do this.

A vampire can't exactly capture a disease in the same way that a mortal can. Even if a vampire drinks infected blood, they themselves do not get sick. Instead, they potentially become carriers for the disease, and could transmit it when it feeds due to things like bacteria or viruses that are in its fangs that are then stabbed in others. The most direct analogy that occurs to me is that it is like passing dirty needles: once contaminated, they can transmit the disease to anyone who uses them.

The standard healing mechanics for non-aggravated damage (spending a blood point, restoring a punch box) does not work for this. Diseases do not really harm the vampire at all, so there is nothing to cure. Vampires generally do not have the ability to disinfect or purify things, so they cannot simply clean the blood. It is not clear how long a disease can persist in this way (an undead body is not the ideal environment for infectious bacteria and viruses).

In V20 this is difficult to do, but possible.

I had to dig deep to find an explicit way to cure a disease! It is inconvenient and requires access to some unusual Disciplines.

First, you will need someone with Obeah and Valeren at two points each. That person can take the combination Discipline Increasing disease (Lore of the Bloodlines, page 81). Using this is a Perception + Medicine roll on difficulty 7 to learn detailed information about your injuries or illnesses.

Second, that person can use the three-point Obeah power Corpore Sano. Normally this would not cure a disease, even if it is identified using Sense of vitality, why Corpore Sano It can only restore health levels (as does the use of blood to heal). But Increasing disease state

Also once
augured, the vampire can use Corpore Sano (V20, p. 469)
cure the disease directly, on a difficulty determined by
The community and the virulence of the disease (difficulty 5
for the common cold, difficulty 7 for most forms of herpes
or chicken pox, or difficulty 9 for Ebola or HIV).

There you go! To my knowledge, there is no reason for anyone to use these powers in themselves. So, if you are a vampire with the correct Disciplines, or know someone who knows, it is possible. The right disciplines are difficult. Obeah is in the clan only for Salubri, while Valeren is in the clan only for Salubri antitribe.

Before I could review my books, I mistakenly suggested the Tremere thaumaturgy ritual Purity of meat. This ritual explicitly does no Cure blood diseases.

The ritual I was thinking about is of Blood magic: secrets of thaumaturgy, page 94, and it is the level 3 thaumaturgy ritual Meat cleaning. However, this is a revised edition source, so it does not apply to V20.

That ritual cures the vampire of any drug addiction or non-supernatural diseases. It also requires the subject to lose all but one point of blood at a rate of 2 points per hour, so it remains largely an option only for vampires.

World Clock Web Part SharePoint PnP PowerShell Provision on the modern page

I am working on the modern provisioning of the team site page with pnp powershell. We are trying to add the world clock web element to the page, but we are not getting the internal name of the world clock web element to add it to the page. Where can we get the internal name of the world clock or all the internal name of the OOTB web part?
Thanks for the help!

dungeons and dragons: What is the world record for the longest D&D marathon?

The record seems to be 209 hours.

According to this Reddit post, the Reddit user JustOneAmongMany asked Guinness about a supposed 1985/6 record. Guinness responded on September 4, 2018 with this message:

Thank you for contacting Guinness World Records.

A search in our database shows the resistance of two dungeons and dragons
records of that general time period:

From June 30 to June 3, 1986, a team of eight players (six
finished) played for 66 hours in Ilford, Essex.

A team in Ogden, Utah, won the record of a 1983 game that lasted
209 hours

If you would like more information, you should contact Guinness here.

The oldest animal in the world …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, which is the oldest animal in the world …?

unit: how do I get an object to rotate in world space through RigidBody.AddTorque?

I'm really getting discouraged because I can't seem to understand how to rotate my object through Rigidbody. Add Torque as if it were on a figurative global turn table instead of a local turn table. Another way to describe it is that I want to calculate a torque vector that will rotate the yaw of the object and keep it upright regardless of its inclination without rolling it. This is a problem for me because I want my player to remain straight without finishing upside down because they were thrown and decided to turn.

Someone else had posted about the same problem in a different forum, but did not receive much help, however, it provided this really useful picture describing the problem:

Local vs. Global

Notice how the left object tilts and then rotates with respect to its own local coordinates, but the one on the right rotates with respect to the global coordinates instead of rolling like the one on the left.

How I can get this? Is there something obvious that I am forgetting or forgetting? Am I explaining it well?

Mining hardware: is Bitcoin the most powerful computer network in the world?

Bitcoin had more power than the top 500 supercomputers

This is a meaningless comparison.

Of course, nothing compares to the aggregate of all Bitcoin miners by quickly calculating the last 32 bits of the SHA256 double hash of particularly structured 80-byte entries.

But at the same time, Bitcoin mining hardware also literally can't do anything else. You can't even multiply two numbers.

You simply cannot compare specialized Bitcoin hashing hardware with general purpose supercomputers. Each one is designed for a certain purpose, and very good for that objective.

Is Bitcoin the most powerful computer network in the world?

If you are going to define the network in such an abstract way, I am sure that the Internet has much more computing power connected.

Why are white people the most racist people full of hate in the world?

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China causes the most pollution. The United Arab Emirates causes more pollution per capita. Slavery was invented by the ancient brown Africans. The first weapon (not just gunpowder and fireworks) was invented by the Chinese. The nuclear bomb was invented by an ethnic Jew. The Portuguese began the slave trade in the Atlantic. The Spanish colonized and killed most of the Native Americans. The Mongols killed 1/3 of humanity. Mao Zedong killed 70 million people. Stalin (an ethnic Georgian, not white) killed 40 million. Central Asians brought the black plague to Europe. Sexism and homophobia are ancient African inventions. The Jews invented Christianity. The Arabs invented Islam, sharia and jihad / terrorism. The original thugs were actually Indians (India).

How exactly are whites the problem again?

@guardian, they are genetically mixed (due to the colored males, that is, the African Moors who rape the white women).

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