World of Darkness – Pentex African Killer Bees!

Welcome to Pentex Labs! We have everything to destroy nature: Banes, Vampires, Reality Warpers!

Now, my boss wants to arm the bees. He wants them to be super deadly, he wants them to destroy the cocoa, because those annoying organic farmers destroy our profit margin of the Wyrm-Cacao soil from the fomori-worm eggs. Customers claim that it would be "tastier and more ecologically viable." What the hell ?! Bossman decided that we will show you how horrible this ecologically viable will be, so YOU ​​get to work! Our last project to make killer bees hunting humans, led by Kerr in the 1950s, was a slight success until the annoying guy defected and crossed in less aggressive ways and told people how to safely handle them and harvest extra honey. .

There are no mistakes like this this time! This time we want the most evil bees there are! As proposed base material we have these two: Apis cerana japonica because they already make balls against hornets, showing good basic features for baneification and Apis dorsata laborious, Because the damn 3-centimeter bees are humongus!

The main objective is mortality against humans without heavy armor. Your honey will be addictive and corrupt with the essence of Wyrm. Make sure they can reproduce, we don't want to create every single bee, it's enough if we make some queens!

Bond payments are due if they eat whole cocoa plants and feed on humans. Additional bonus if your swarm can kill one of those annoying crazy lunar moggies one on one! For our own production, Bossman wants his little robot slave to reap that addictive honey, but that won't be a problem for you. That's for the technology department to take care of later …

At your disposal you must:

  • Dr. Frank N. Stein, Ex-Euthanatos (Entropy 4, Life 3, Prime 3).
  • Prof. Dr. Bloodrder Mushed, Tzimisce (Gen 10, Vicissitude 4).
  • Jack "Munches Manchineel" Smith, Black Spiral Dancer Theurge (Rituals 4, Summoning / Binding Rites).
  • Darvey Hent, our lobbyist in Ivory Coast to allow us to release killer bees.

Get me your most evil bees you can handle!

Word games of bees intended

world of darkness: is there an easy way to know which edition is a reference book?

Recently I started entering World of Darkness and I realize that there are 5 different editions of reference books:

  1. First edition
  2. Second edition
  3. Revised Edition (3rd)
  4. V20 (4th edition)
  5. Fifth edition

Is there an easy way to know which edition is a reference book without having to search for it?

Can you tell me what edition is looking at the cover?

How did Nazi Germany have such a weak army during World War II?

they had a large army, it was the lost nut that caused the problem that the Bavarian spear Cpl Hitler caused to fail when he was told in 1940 that Germany was running out of fuel

and the Man in charge sacrifices 1,000,000 men and all his Team in Stalingrad, then heads to Moscow and then changes his mind when the first attack should have been the oil fields

Hitler had no idea what he was doing.

and on December 27, 1944 Germany ran out of fuel

Problem with importing large land from the real world to Unity. The sea is higher!

Sample Image

I am trying to import some real-world land to Unity with the help of Global Mapper. The data I am using is downloaded from CGIAR SRTM (, The land part works well but I am having problems with the sea part.

Weird thing

This is a bigger view of that strange thing in the first image. This stranger is really the sea. This is happening because I am using the gradient shader. Lokks like:


The sea is represented with white, but when Unity reads the .raw file, white means the highest part. Does anyone know how to deal with problems like this? Thank you very much.

weapons – I am working on making a role-playing game with a story of the end of the world

I am working on making a role-playing game with a story of the end of the world, I want it to be as if a great asteroid arrived on Earth. I was inspired by an asteroid simulation website, you can visit it and enter the maximum option if you want to see what I mean. I want my role-playing game to be about having to survive the consequences, but I'm not sure how to make a system that is fun (by the way, it's an independent game). I have the basics, but I'm not sure how to make the game more RPG. Should it be round based or what? I was looking at this website but I couldn't find anything to resonate with me. I also want to include weapons and combat.

Simple question: ideas for a game that includes the end of humanity and combat

Thank you

(English is not my first sry language)

World of Darkness: Is there a difference between the original prints and the PoD (Print on Demand) source books?

Regarding the source books of Onyx Path / White Wolf (for the World of Darkness), is there a difference between the original copies and the source books of PoD (Print on Demand)?

Basically, is there any way to know if a source book is an original print? Is there a difference in the quality of paper or print? Are there other ways to distinguish them?

world of darkness: how to create a Vampire Dark Ages 20th edition character?

I am a rookie from the World of Darkness, tradition attracted me. I have bought the 20th edition of Vampire Dark Ages (last available afaik) and I am ready to go to DM & # 39; ing!

At least that was the point.

I have many problems to process even the basic interactions between the characters and how create characters correctly I have seen a lot of prefabricated characters in the "Cathar heresy" supplement, none of them seems the same in any way. In particular, the Gangrel seems to be totally invincible by any of the other prefabricated ones.

I guess it should be fine anyway, since they aren't supposed to attack each other, but the power differences really made me wonder what exactly I missed in the character's creation, but I couldn't emulate the guy.

Reread the rules of character creation really made me mental fart or whatever, I couldn't be sure of anything. About the attributes, I am quite good, it is for everything else that I am lost. The skills and disciplines are very dark for me.

In particular, why wouldn't I make all my points available in a single discipline? The differences between Fortitude 1 and 3 are huge and that is just an example. Is there anything that prevents this? Will your character have problems in the future for not having put any point in his other disciplines?

Is there any character generator known for this game?

house rules: mechanical implication of removing raw statistics from Dungeon World

Unprocessed statistics are primarily a form of aesthetic continuity with Dungeons & Dragons. Since the game uses the math of Power by the Apocalypse for almost all movements, it is the "modifier" the most important in the game.

However, keep in mind the Level up move:

  • Choose one of your statistics and increase by 1 (this can change your modifier). Changing your Constitution increases your maximum and current HP. Skill scores cannot exceed 18.

In PBTA "normal" terms, its initial statistics matrix is ​​basically only +2, +1, +1, +0, +0, -1. But progress is uneven in ways that are difficult to replicate perfectly with only the structure from -3 to +3. (Several editions of D&D have a similar relationship between raising statistics when leveling up and its derived modifier, although they don't give you a boost at all levels.)

The main explanation that I would give to the confused newbies is "these are the D&D statistics of your characters, to give you a little impression of how they would be in D&D."

If you are actively hacking the game in a meaningful way, "rough statistics" are quite easy to eliminate (World of Dungeons did, for example). For example, you can replace the mechanics of leveling up with "+1 statistics modifier each level & # 39; par & # 39; (max +3)", if pressed, at the expense of some peculiarities, how to make it more difficult for players to "round" their low statistics at a low price.

However, if you are only making small adjustments, consider this: they are already in the text and part of the character sheet, and replace & # 39; faithfully & # 39; Raw statistics math in all those places would actually be quite complicated.

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healthiest tea in the world …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, what is the healthiest tea in the world …?