Is there any way to set a global proxy in Linux which works across all apps?

I work at home and in the office. While in the office I need to have a proxy set. The problem is every app (linux, git, docker, apt, kubernetes, GNOME, all the rest) has their own way of setting proxies. Changing all of these to proxy while in the office and to no proxy when out of the office is a real pain. Projects like proxyman ( help, but proxyman doesn’t cover all apps I use. Is there some way of setting a proxy in a single place and having all of these apps use it? If not, why not?

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Can anyone tell me why this search parition for quicksort works?

private static < T extends Comparable < ?super T >> int partition(T() a, int first, int last) {
  int mid = (first + last) / 2;
  sortFirstMiddleLast(a, first, mid, last);

  swap(a, mid, last - 1);
  int pivotIndex = last - 1;
  T pivot = a(pivotIndex);
  int indexFromLeft = first + 1;
  int indexFromRight = last - 2;
  boolean done = false;
  while (!done) {
    while (a(indexFromLeft).compareTo(pivot) < 0)

    while (a(indexFromRight).compareTo(pivot) > 0)
    if (indexFromLeft < indexFromRight) {
      swap(a, indexFromLeft, indexFromRight);
    else done = true;
  swap(a, pivotIndex, indexFromLeft);
  pivotIndex = indexFromLeft;
  return pivotIndex;

It doesn’t seem to touch the first or last elements

GSA works so slow

Hi guys,
I have some own site list. I gathered it with gsa, then delete bad domains and now i have about 1200 domains. I want to use them with gsa. I clicked import target url from file and chose my list. But gsa dont use this list and dont work. What can i do? Please help me. I try to built good backlings to my tier 2

Looking for Article Sites that works in 2020

I know that Article submission is no longer a good strategy for SEO but still they have a good value in generating traffic and link juices.

Anyone can provide your working list I will appreciate it much.


How does e-transfer in Canada works

In Canada, many people use this something called e-transfer.
What’s the website for that?
And does it only require an email to transfer?
How does one transfer money from an e-transfer in Canada to an account in India?

Manipulate works in Mathematica but not in Wolfram Player

This is most likely a very naive question, but I’m puzzled as to why the following code runs smoothly in Mathematica but does not generate a working plot in Wolfram Player

f[a_, x_] := Sin[a x];
 Plot[f[a, x], {x, 0, 20}],
 {{a, 1}, 0, 3}

In Mathematica, I get the expected interactive Sin graph. In Wolfram Player, I get the axes and the slider, but no graph.

If I replace the separate function definition with

Manipulate[Plot[Sin[a x]....

everything works fine in Wolfram Player.

I must not understand what Wolfram Player is supposed to do, but I’ve struggled to find adequate documentation.

Thank you in advance.

magento2 – What event should i trigger that works when a customer places an order?

I’m new to Magento and the next step I want to learn is to listen to an event. So, I’m trying to find which event should I trigger that works after a customer has placed an order that also carries that order’s information, including product SKUs, Order number, etc.?

dns – CNAME works for nslookup but not curl

The greatest benefit I derive from StackExchange is that asking the question forces me to state the problem in detail.

In this case, I through in the parenthetical “(Cloudfront)” solely for completeness, but then I thought, “Hey…”

Yes, turns out, when I set up the distribution for www (weeks ago) I specified the “alternative CNAME”, as “*” of course.

The two CNAMEs resolved to two different Cloudfront distributions, but then AWS read the HOST header in the HTTPS request, to choose which distribution to use. Correcting the two “alternative CNAME” settings on the distributions fixed the problem.

(I have added the amazon-cloudfront tag to the question to help anyone with the exact same problem to find it, but presumably other CDNs work the same way.