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google search – What kind of SEO work should be followed in order to be in the 1st place for multiple words on a page?

The answer to this question is basically a combination of a few concepts:

  1. Google often doesn’t rank sites based on exact keywords but based on concepts derived from latent semantic analysis. So for the purposes of determining page topic, the latent semantic analysis algorithm will treat the phrases “HTML Exercises”, “HTML Quiz”, etc. as highly related concepts with a small conceptual distance between them. They have a lot of conceptual overlap.

  2. Google ranks and categorizes pages based on off-site information just as much as on-site information. The topics of all the sites that link to your site, and the link anchor text, are just as important as the topic your site is actually about.

  3. The higher a page’s “seo juice” (formerly Page Rank), the more likely it is to be recommended for search intents that are more loosely related. That’s how you get SEO behemoths like W3Schools outranking other pages that have exact matches for the search terms. The way to improve this is through good old fashioned SEO, covered by the answers here.

In short, Google ranks pages based on LSA of the page itself and the anchor text of incoming links. It doesn’t only use the page itself, and it doesn’t always care about exact keywords because a lot of the algorithm runs on LSA. To improve SEO from this standpoint, don’t overly worry about exact match keywords (though they certainly do have a place), and above all make sure you’re being linked to as much as possible from related, high-authority sites.

Find 2 last words in the seed Trust Wallet

I have multi-account Trust wallet and 10 first words of seed from 12.
Also i have binance smart chain adress from this wallet.
Is there any tool to find last 2 words?

google sheets – How to extract specific words and separate them by commas?

I want to separate text from cells:

A1 = Bats, Cats, Mats, Rats E

A2 = Bats, Pattern, Rats W

A3 = Cats, Mats

A4 = Pattern

A5 = Mats

I want to remove Pattern and Mats from the rows and extract rest of the text separated by comma in one row in google sheet.

Like D1 = Bats, Cats, Rats E

D2= Bats, Rats W

D3 = Cats

D4 = ""

D5 = ""

An article contains 500 words about ways to make Your Pet Cat Happier and 100 for $5

An article contains 500 words about ways to make Your Pet Cat Happier and 100

1.Motivate your pet cat to stay activeMost people have overweight problems with their waistlines continuing to expand and sadly, their pets also experience the same issues.According to a current study, about 55% of pet cats nowadays are overweight.This is caused by 3 main issues such as having a sedentary lifestyle, high calorie diet and too many treats.When cat owners let their felines play and exercise a lot as well plus provide them the required daily caloric meals, their cat will stay healthy and live longer instead of having a shorter lifespan as well as pricey, medication problems.Even the simplest cat toys can transform a fat, lethargic cat to a lean, active feline.2.Bring the cat outdoors to get fresh air and sunshineCat lovers may not completely agree on whether the indoors or the outdoors are better for their pet cats.No matter what they decide on, they should make sure to provide their kitty with a safe means to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.They can consider setting up an enclosed cattery or catio to protect their cat while it is outside.3.Build something high, where your cat can climb, hide and observeThe felines of today come from a long lineage of domestic cats that date back to 12,000 years.Based on the discovery of researchers, all of the present domestic pet cats come from one ancestor: Felis sylvestris lybica, an ancient wildcat from Africa.This African wildcat still exists until now that is why they are familiar with it.Its prominent feature, which makes it stand out, is its small size.Since it originated from a wild setting, the African wildcat is known to be a predator and prey.The African wildcat as predator, climbed up high in the trees/hills to hide and prepare for approaching prey. As a prey, it climbed up to find shelter in high places where large predators could not follow.So, what does this mean to cat owners and their pet felines? These modern housecats long to have a high, hiding place. It is natural for some agile cats to climb up to the top of a bookcase or refrigerator.4.Provide something for the pet cat to scratch their claws onA cat’s claw will continually grow.Since their claws are not clipped too often, they file their claws by scratching them on any surface.This behavior, which was inherited from its ancestors, offers more benefits than just trimming their nails.So, to protect a home’s furniture and cushions, among others, they can give their cat its own scratching surfaces.Have you heard about the new cat facts app? If you’d like to know more and try put this text message prank, come and visit our website today!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/10390742


English proofreading and improving content quality and readability for 2000 words for $10

English proofreading and improving content quality and readability for 2000 words

Proofreading is the last step in your writing process, ensuring that the document is entirely free of errors and polished to a high standard. Proofreading is essential as it can add power to our writing; without it, our work has a higher chance of containing errors.

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An article contains 500 words about Signs of Stress & Anxiety in Children for $8

An article contains 500 words about Signs of Stress & Anxiety in Children

Stress is a phenomenon that is different or somewhat the same for each child/or adult. We are to some degree conditioned to believe that stress is bad and that there is a solution in a product–Calgon bath salts or a pill. Of course, we need to attend to issues that cause us to feel apprehensive or frightened before or after an experience. However, it is better to talk about the experience before or after to understand the needs of the child or adult.More importantly, I highly recommend avoiding assuming that all stress is bad or that the stress will continue. Yes, something might be a challenge, but stress isn’t inherent.Parents who are cautious might unwittingly instill their own fear into a child’s psyche. It is also important to avoid projecting one’s fear into the child’s experience. Avoid using the words stress or anxious (anxiety). Ask the child how they feel without putting a label on it. And assist the child to problem-solve before and after a new experience.Children may not exhibit stress in the same way as adults. For example, they may display anger or irritability in addition to fear and worry.It’s understandable that parents would worry about their child’s experiences, but it’s important to know that some childhood stress is common, and with patience, compassion, and communication it can be resolved quickly. Some children take longer to process their feelings. If a child seems to be struggling for longer than a few months you might need to engage with a practitioner who specializes in holistic mental health protocols.Let’s talk about Common Childhood Worries
There are a number of things that commonly cause worry and discomfort for children of different ages. New situations, challenging tasks, and even unfamiliar people can lead to apprehension and discomfort in children occasionally.Other age-appropriate fears include:

  • ~Fear of Strangers beginning at 7 to 9 months of age and resolving around age three.
  • ~Fear of the dark, monsters, insects, and animals in preschoolers
  • ~Fear of heights or storms in younger school-age children
  • ~Worry about school and friends in older school-age children and teens

These childhood common fears typically disappear on their own as a child grows older.Signs and Symptoms of Discomfort in ChildrenAs much as it is common to have occasional discomfort, Children displaying discomfort symptoms may behave with:

  • ~Anger or aggression, such as yelling, screaming, hitting, tantrum
  • ~Avoiding certain situations
  • ~Bedwetting
  • ~Changes in appetite
  • ~Fatigue
  • ~Getting in trouble at school
  • ~Headaches
  • ~Irritability
  • ~Muscle tension
  • ~Nervous habits such as nail-biting, hair pulling
  • ~Nightmares
  • ~Refusing to go to school
  • ~Restlessness
  • ~Uncooperative
  • ~Social withdrawal
  • ~Stomach aches
  • ~Trouble concentrating
  • ~Trouble sleeping

The frequency and appearance of stress can vary depending on the nature of the situation. Some fears may be triggered by specific situations, objects, or settings.Other indicators of concern include symptoms that interfere with a child’s ability to learn, interact with peers, sleep at night, or function normally in daily life. Such as:

  • Sickness or death of a family member or friend
  • Birth of a sibling
  • Divorce
  • Community factors
  • Being in a car crash, home fire, or other physical mishaps

Common childhood fears that persist beyond the age where they are expected to be afraid (such as being afraid of the dark or being away from parents past the preschool age) are also a point of concern.And I will close with a little story. When my son was 16 and in his junior year in high school, he asked,”Mom why do kids freak out when there is a test?Me: I don’t know. Everybody is different. What do you think about tests?Son: I like tests.Me: What do you like about them?Son: Because then I know what I know and what I don’t know. Then I can learn what I don’t know.Me: How did you decide that?Son: Mom!! (incredulous tone of voice) You said there is nothing to worry about and everything has a solution.There is proof in the pudding. Preparing children in a non- worrisome tone of voice or mindset is powerful and empowering.Every moment is a teaching moment use it well.Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D., Metaphysician, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner and International Best Selling Author is a recognized authority on bridging Science and Human Potential. Dr. Dorothy provides comprehensive protocols to discover and transform the root cause of issues and diagnoses. Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Transformation combines creating health while transforming past mental, emotional, and physical distress. 

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/10465249


An article contains 500 words about Fish Ideas for Your New Aquarium 100 for $5

An article contains 500 words about Fish Ideas for Your New Aquarium 100

Okay, so you have set up a brand-new aquarium. The next step is to fill it with fish. But finding the best fish for your aquarium may be tricky because you don’t want one fish eating another fish! So here are the best fish for you to start with.GoldfishGoldfish are easy to take care of and are sold in pet stores everywhere. For that matter, food for them is equally easy to find. The main thing in taking care of them is to make sure the water is clean and to not overfeed them.AngelfishThese are beautiful fish and easy to take care of, but they can grow huge. So, if you get angelfish, make sure your tank is at least 55 gallons in size. Also, be sure to start with just one because they tend to fight amongst themselves.GuppyThe guppy is a favorite for many people with aquariums because they are pretty cheap to take care of and relatively easy to care for. They don’t require much feeding because their tummies are tiny. Of course, they have a reputation for breeding quite quickly, so you need to be sure to keep them under surveillance.CatfishThese fish get along well with other species, which makes them a favorite among fish lovers. They are also exceptionally clean fish, so they are easy to take care of in that respect. Many pet stores don’t carry catfish however, but they are fantastic to seek out.PlatyPlaties are very easy-going fish. Relatively peaceful towards other fish. And they come in all sorts of colors and sizes. Plus, they are effortless to feed, which makes them a good beginner fish.MollyMollies are another excellent fish for beginners because they come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors. They also get along well with other fish and prefer pretty much a plant-based diet.Neon TetraThe neon tetra is an easy fish to take care of. For that reason, they are pretty popular among aquarium owners. They are tiny but quite distinctive with their blue neon and red stripes. They are pretty calm and love to be in groups.RainbowfishThe rainbowfish is another very easy-going fish. When they are fully grown, they have the prettiest colors. They are peaceful, get along with other fish, and easy to maintain.CichlidThe Cichlid is a very striking fish, which makes them suitable for aquariums. They are very popular with fish lovers because they are easy to breed if you wish and get along with all fish. They do need to be kept in warm water.BarbThe Barb can be a little more aggressive than the other fish mentioned, especially towards angelfish and tetras. Plus, they can be more than a few inches large. But they are vibrant fish and will undoubtedly entertain any fish lover out there.So the fish mentioned above, among others, are easy to find at your pet or fish store. Plus, they are easy to maintain, hardy, and will undoubtedly entertain you in your new aquarium.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/10448065


Quality Voice overs is all that matters, We will take Care of your voice overs 1000 words tops for $15

Quality Voice overs is all that matters, We will take Care of your voice overs 1000 words tops

Basically i see alto of fake voiceovers with apps and all, but here in Voxwagen we got our own professional and skilled voice actors, and we are always ready to meet your needs


Quality Voiceovers is all that matters, We will take Care of your voiceovers 1000 words tops for $15

Quality Voiceovers is all that matters, We will take Care of your voiceovers 1000 words tops

Basically i see alto of fake voiceovers with apps and all, but here in Voxwagen we got our own professional and skilled voice actors, and we are always ready to meet your needs