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Hi @Sven, long time no see,

I’ve got a little issue with SER. I’ve modified the wordpress Article engine. Not much just reduced the verification times a bit.

Since then SER somtimes recognizes a URL as Wodrpess Artilce – mod.

I’ve tried adding this to the WordPress Article mod engine:
url must have5=!**

also added a couple of more page must have lines to the WordPress XMLRPC lines. Now there are 7 in total and there are only 4 in the modded engine.

If I disable the modded engine and only leave the wordpress xmlrpc engine on then ser successfully posts to the url once it tries a couple of times.

seo – Display custom domain in search results rather than subdomain

Google always shows the actual URL for your site and never uses alternate domains.

If you want to show your custom domain in the Google Search results, you have to use that domain for your site. has instructions for doing so here. The basic steps are:

  • Register the domain
  • Add the domain to your account
  • Point or transfer the domain to for hosting
  • Set the domain as the primary domain for your account

That last step requires that you pay for hosting. There doesn’t appear to be a way to use a free account with a custom domain set as the primary. hosting – Webpage got hacked – help in access.log files

So, my webpage got hacked yesterday(server is a Microsoft IIS Server, containing a wordpress webpage). I got some log files containing:

2020-06-02 20:05:05 (IP) POST (filename).aspx act=feditor&file=CinetpubwwwrootDefault.aspx 80 - (CS-UserAgent) - (IP of the attacker) 200 0 0 278

Could this information be an indication of the problem? This may seem like the hacker got into the rootfolder of the web server and did a POST of some kind, so that may mean he did implant a malicious .aspx file to change the front cover of the website?

Also, got some log files containing

2020-06-02 19:45:50 (Server-IP) GET /like.txt -80 -( CS-UserAgent 404 0 0 100

2020-05-02 19:50:50 (Server-IP) GET /like.php -80 -( CS-UserAgent 404 0 0 100

2020-05-02 19:50:50 (Server-IP) GET /favicon.ico -80 -( CS-UserAgent 200 0 0 100

Really, trying to get my head around understanding if those are the signs of an attack. Thanks for your help! hosting – Error messages whenever a page is loaded (“inadequate security”)

For over a week I’ve been experiencing a problem with my blog: I migrated recently from and now my blog is hosted by an Italian provider.

Every time I or the other people who warned me of these issues try to load contents from my blog, the browser shows an error page warning that “This site can’t be reached” as it “might be temporarily down or may have moved permanently”, none of which is true.

These error messages come with a string of code:



I’m not versed in IT so I don’t know whether this is

  1. a problem caused by something I did wrong with my blog (but I didn’t do anything that might have altered the existing settings);
  2. a problem caused by something my hosting site did or did not (I contacted them yesterday because of these errors and they say everything looks fine for them: anyhow, they noticed that “Force https redirect” – whatever it is – wasn’t set and activated it);
  3. a problem caused by wrong settings in the browser(s).

Searching for help about these issues was of little help, as all the explanations I was able to understand as a non-expert seem to say this error surfaces because older browsers are used: but then I can’t understand why this error never showed up before and doesn’t affect other sites as well.

Maybe related to this issue, about a week ago (around the time when the aforementioned issues started) Google warned me that my blog had a “Coverage issue” with a “submitted URL marked ‘noindex'”, which I seem to have solved somehow although I’m not certain how.

Could you help me understand – and if possible solve – this problem?

How do I add a blog to Bing?

I am running a WordPress blog. It shows up for Google search with my name, but it’s not indexed at all by Bing. Can I add it somehow to Bing? I added it to Bing Webmaster tools, but it doesn’t see a sitemap.

EDIT: I tried to submit the sitemap, but it silently fails.

EDIT 2: I succeeded with submitting the sitemap. It now shows as β€žPending”. hosting – Woocommerce attributes

I have two attributes Size and colour.
the variation in Size are Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and when we select the variation of Size attribute certain colours appear. The issue I am facing is if I select small size rest of variation of size attribute disappear which I don’t want to ? any ways to show all the variation of “Size” attribute even after selection? hosting – How to know if I have activated Cloudfare successfully?

I am using Siteground hosting and Cloudfare free CDN.

On cloudfare website I get this –

enter image description here

and on Siteground I get this –

enter image description here

I have updated the CNAME records as asked, several times.

enter image description here

Please guide me:
Is CDN active?
Is it correctly done?
How to remove the error and do it correctly?

contextual help – How can users avoid logging into when they log in to my website

So I recently got the business plan for my account, and I downloaded a plug in (Theme My Login) that makes a login page for users (my website involves front end publishing). However, when users tried to make an account on my website, they also get redirected to and forced to make an account there as well. Is there any way around this (without messing with the CSS code, since I’m still a beginner)? If it helps, my website’s name is

Get identities of authors of websites?

How can I found out the real identities of authors of websites?

For example, there is a website which seems to be involved in terrorist activities:

I have tried with several domain tools but got only the data of itself.