ms office – How to make Word for Mac documents open in a new window by default on my Mac Air?

Can anyone tell me how to set the default value so that when you select a Word document from the Finder it opens in a new window? Currently, it opens in the same window as the existing Word document / s, hiding the following. Yes, I know that I can press the green button to appear in full screen, in which case a new window will open, but I didn't have to do it in the past. It is driving me crazy!

PD: I am using Word for Mac 15.13.3 on a MacBook Air with Sierra 10.12.6

How to keep the paragraph justified in MS Word?

Although I already have Ctrl + A Y Justify (Ctrl + J), will remain the default Align Left when a new paragraph is copied into the document. Is there any way to set the default value as Justify?

The most searched word on Google …?

Hello friends,

Tell me, what is the most searched word on Google …?

javascript: the animated title changes the word to letters

I am using a jQuery animated title on my website. The text setting does not work correctly since the script changes words to characters. Is there any way to avoid this?

What I have tried is to put the words separated in divs, spaces and give them the display of attributes: block online, but nothing seems to work because it is dividing the word into separate letters.

The CGI file does not work after copying to Word Doc and vice versa

Word is a bit like HTML

There is what you see, and then there is the "source code"

When you copy Word, you get all the specific Microsoft source code that comes with it and your cgi program "can't try"

Paste in notepad, select all, copy and then save as cgi file

but no programming code should approach a Word page. There are much better editors out there like netbeans, sublimetext, notepad ++ and even Microsoft's own notepad program

unlabeled: disable the open Word application request in SharePoint

I have tried to find a definitive answer to this question but I cannot. When opening a Word document from a SharePoint Online document library, we have established that the files be opened with the desktop application. When we click on the Word files, there is a browser indicator every time:

disable this warning

Is it possible to disable this Chrome indicator?


Possibility of a word being repeated THREE times in a mnemonic passphrase BIP39? And what about 2 words that are repeated 2 times each?

Then, according to the other thread about the repeated words BIP39, the probability of a word being repeated TWICE is 11.7%.

Now I was wondering, since my passphrase may or may not contain THREE repetitions: O.
And then, to finish with the possibilities calculation assistants, what is the probability that two words are repeated twice?

We are talking about 24-word passphrases here.

Thank you for teaching us how to do this, or at least understand the math :].

How good is President Trump's word?

My political policy is ,,, "never trust what a politician says, just trust his actions and results."

Positions of emission of the project Vote Smart Donald Trump

https: // …

Now we cannot deny that Trump's economy is roaring.

But the national debt is also growing out of control.

I think national security is strong.

Foreign trade agreements are working,

Consumer confidence is strong.

Microsoft Word: is it possible to have a TOC type reference to a fixed number of items in the list?

I use Word to keep several Tasks lists by category. I would like to have a table of contents page that shows each list and the first three elements of each one, as a kind of board that shows the main elements of each category. Something like this:

  1. Take out the trash
  2. Bring cat
  3. Fix Sink
    • (many others on the list, but only the first 3 are shown here)
  1. Fix bug # 999
  2. Request increase
  3. Clean desk
    • (many others on the list, but only the first 3 are shown here)

So far, I can't find a way to do this. The items in the list are numbered and are not headers, but even if they were, the Word TOC system allows you to choose which header levels you want, but I don't know a way to say "show only the first 3 occurrences of Header 2.

I tried adding direct cross-reference links to the numbered elements, but when you delete one (so that # 2 becomes # 1), the link does not change to point to the new # 1, it just disappears.

automaton: is it a regular language if a word is in a normal language but not the other way around?

$ A_1 $ it is regular, since regular languages ​​are closed under intersection and complement, and $ A_1 = A setminus B R = A cap (B R) c. To show that the opposite $ B R = {x R}: x in B } of a regular language $ B $ It's regular, take some deterministic finite state machine $ M $ with language $ B $. Build a new non-deterministic finite state machine $ M & # 39; $ as follows:

  1. Add a new start node, connect it with $ varepsilon $-transitions to each acceptance node in $ M $
  2. Make only the original initial node of $ M $ accepting in $ M & # 39; $
  3. Reverse each transition: if there is a state transition $ s_1 $ to $ s_2 $ with personality $ c $ in $ M $, add a transition from $ s_2 $ to $ s_1 $ with personality $ c $ to $ M & # 39; $. If there are multiple transitions of a state, the machine can choose between them in a non-deterministic way.

Now $ M & # 39; $ accept a string $ x R iff $ M $ you accept $ x $. This is easy to show: any calculation of acceptance of $ M & # 39; $ from $ x R corresponds to an acceptance calculation of $ M $ from $ x $ and vice versa.