php – Returns WooCommerce state / province option as selected in autocomplete plugin

I have installed a form autofill plugin that uses the Google Maps API to automatically fill in the WooCommerce payment form. One drawback it has is that it doesn't automatically select the state / province from the selection drop-down menu. Highlights the correct state in the drop-down options, but does not automatically return that state as selected in the State / County selector. This causes an additional problem in the sense that if you manually click the drop-down menu and click the highlighted state option, that state will not complete as selected. It does this for both billing and shipping.

I've looked at the JS for this plugin and I don't see where the problem lies, although it is clearly related to billing_state. Is there a way to force this code to return the highlighted option as selected instead of just highlighting it?

var Cas_billing=Cas_billing||{},Cas_shipping=Cas_shipping||{};if(Cas_billing.event={},Cas_shipping.event={},Cas_billing.method={searchAddress:"",seprateIds:"",sugessions:"",streetNumber:"",formFields:{billing_address_1:"",billing_address_2:"",billing_city:"",billing_state:"",billing_postcode:"",billing_country:""},formFieldsValue:{billing_address_1:"",billing_address_2:"",billing_city:"",billing_state:"",billing_postcode:"",billing_country:""},component_form:"",initialize:function(){this.getseprateIds(),this.initFormFields(),this.sugessions=new google.maps.places.Autocomplete(document.getElementById("billing_address_1"),{types:("geocode")}),google.maps.event.addListener(this.sugessions,"place_changed",function(){Cas_billing.method.fillInAddress()});var e=document.getElementById("billing_address_1");null!=e&&e.addEventListener("focus",function(){Cas_billing.method.setCurrentCountry()},!0);var s=document.getElementById("billing_country");null!=s&&s.addEventListener("change",function(){Cas_billing.method.setCurrentCountry()},!0)},getseprateIds:function(){return document.getElementById("billing_address_1")?(this.seprateIds=":",":"):(this.seprateIds="_","_")},initFormFields:function(){for(var e in this.formFields)this.formFields(e)=e;this.component_form={street_number:("billing_address_1","short_name"),route:("billing_address_1","long_name"),locality:("billing_city","long_name"),administrative_area_level_1:("billing_state","short_name"),country:("billing_country","long_name"),postal_code:("billing_postcode","short_name")}},fillInAddress:function(){this.clearFormValues(),this.sugessions.setFields(("address_components"));var e=this.sugessions.getPlace();for(var s in this.resetForm(),e.address_components)for(var t in e.address_components(s).types)for(var n in this.component_form){if(n==e.address_components(s).types(t)){"street_number"==n?this.streetNumber=e.address_components(s).short_name:"KR"==document.getElementById("billing_country").value&&(this.streetNumber=e.address_components(0).short_name,this.streetNumber+=","+e.address_components(1).long_name);var i=this.component_form(n)(1);e.address_components(s).hasOwnProperty(i)&&(this.formFieldsValue(this.component_form(n)(0))=e.address_components(s)(i))}}this.appendStreetNumber(),this.fillForm(),$=jQuery.noConflict(),$("#billing_state").trigger("change"),"undefined"!=typeof FireCheckout&&checkout.update(checkout.urls.billing_address)},clearFormValues:function(){for(var e in this.formFieldsValue)this.formFieldsValue(e)=""},appendStreetNumber:function(){""!=this.streetNumber&&(this.formFieldsValue.billing_address_1=this.streetNumber+" "+this.formFieldsValue.billing_address_1)},fillForm:function(){for(var e in this.formFieldsValue)if("billing_country"==e)this.selectRegion(e,this.formFieldsValue(e));else{if(null===document.getElementById(e))continue;document.getElementById(e).value=this.formFieldsValue(e)}},selectRegion:function(e,s){if(null==document.getElementById(e))return!1;for(var t=document.getElementById(e),n=0;n

I need someone who knows WordPress and Woocommerce

I am looking for someone who is familiar with WordPress and Woocommerce. Having a account is an added bonus.

Anyone who is interested PLEASE JUST ME!

I will not check this thread, so don't post on this thread.

Send me a PM to apply.

plugin development: Woocommerce interface template custom product type

I created my own type of product for Woocommerce. But now I am looking for the solution for an interface template.

I see in folder templates / single product templates / add to cart for simple, grouped variables etc. How can I define a path for my own product type interface template?

php: custom values ​​in woocommerce billing_field fields from a database

I have a problem, I want to bring information from a database and fill in my payment fields automatically. I followed several tutorials and it really works, but only with written values, but if I enter the variable that I extract from the search in my database, it doesn't show.

Here is the code of what I do. PS: sorry if I put it wrong here, I don't know how to put the code to show

function checkout_field_defaults( $fields ) {

global $wpdb;

$rows= $wpdb->get_results( "SELECT * FROM wp_favoritos by desc");

$banco = $row(0)->banco;

$fields('billing')('billing_bank')('default') = $banco->banco;

return $fields;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_checkout_fields' , 'checkout_field_defaults'); 

Hooks: What is the fastest way to add / update / delete several thousand products in woocommerce?

I am currently working on a WooCommerce store that will sync with an external warehouse system every night.

We are talking about 500 ish primary products with each of about 10 children (variants). So total 5000 items ish.

What do you think will be the fastest way to do a nightly synchronization between this warehouse system and woocommerce? Programmatically, API or CSV Auto Import?

Synchronization will do the following jobs:

  1. Add new products to woocommerce
  2. Update the current products in woocommerce if it is updated in the warehouse system (attributes, price, stock, categories, etc.)
  3. Delete woocommerce products if it is no longer in stock.
  4. Synchronize images.

Please share your thoughts. I would like some additional input before I start coding.
Thank you all.

stay safe in this covid-19 crisis.

Woocommerce Variable Product – Show & # 39; Sale! & # 39; Flash

I am trying to get the WooCommerce sales flash to appear when a variable product is for sale.

WooCommerce seems to have done this on purpose, because if, for example, a variable product has small, medium, and large sizes and only one is for sale, a sales flash will appear on the archive page or on a single page product that could cause confusion for the user when selecting a variation only to see that it is not for sale.

I have a project I'm working on where the customer wants the sales flash to be displayed, even if a variation is for sale. I feel like I'm missing something here …

Any help is appreciated

Woocommerce Variable Layout Design – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I've been building a web store with woocommerce, but unfortunately I don't understand one thing, I'm not a master programmer, but I know how to find the code to make edits etc.

So here is the problem, I use element to build my woocommerce virtual store. Everything works perfectly, except that the menu of variations seems messy. See the image below how it shows:

The messy selection bar

But in elementor it shows fine but i can't figure out what this style is overwriting and i have been playing for 2/3 hours with this. See the image below how elementor displays it and I'd like it to display. (It does not matter the – and + in quantity or the color of the button.

Good display of variables.

I hope someone can help me, any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Accept bitcoin in the Woocommerce store

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