What is one way that Hillary Clinton could have won the 2016 presidential election?

I read a comment from the BBC about his loss after the election. They blamed her illness that took her out of the campaign for about two weeks. If Hillary had put out an agenda at the time (instead of saying that Trumps' plans wouldn't work), it could have made a huge difference.

A second thing I noticed was that he was distracted from what he would do with some of Trump's gestures and locker room chats. The news clips I saw of her complaints about this made her look crazy and almost mad. It should have clung to real problems over its plans for the economy, employment and the protection of human rights.

But I think his real problems started (at least for me) when he used the phrase "America will have to trust me on this …" (or the words that carry that meaning) in his email accounts, cell phones, and various other answers to question on these topics. Willingly or ignorantly left the impression that he had not told the truth several times. Being in a self-help program that deals with codependency things that convey that meaning are "warning signs" that the person cannot be trusted.


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[ Politics ] Open question: Is it true that Mike Bloomberg did quite well yesterday that he won American Samoa and the city of Atlantis?

[Politics] Open question: Is it true that Mike Bloomberg did quite well yesterday that he won American Samoa and the city of Atlantis?

What would you do if Bernie Sanders won?

Well, I wouldn't be happy, that's for sure. However, he would not have a sibilant attack and would remain a lunatic for four years as the Democrats did after Trump was elected.

As with other presidents in the past, with whom I did not agree or vote, I would smile and endure it (and write to my representatives, urging them to continue protecting the Constitution) until it is rejected and prayed that it cannot. Too much damage while in office.

That said, I don't think Bernie has a chance to win. Yes, you will get many votes from people you don't know better, but IMO is not enough to win.

What if Germany had won the war?

Many millions would have been killed.

Religion and freedom of expression would have been banned, people with disabilities, gay people, casualties

children, black people along with Jews

people would have been sacrificed or used to

Hitler's experiments was evil and deranged.

Never try to justify the thought & # 39; what would happen if & # 39 ;.

Does anyone else find it funny that liberal Democrats think that the only reason Trump won is because the Facebook ads planted by Russians? 😅😅😅?

I doubt that many liberals read Facebook advertising. Extra payment to not see advertising on social networks. Political advertising is twice as boring.

I doubt Trump could have won an election to become a dog hunter if Putin had not manipulated the elections for him. Putin does not deny it either. Basically he admitted it when he said he would have done anything to prevent Hillary from winning the elections. If Hillary had one, they would probably have expelled him. Now, Putin is president for life because those who challenge him fall from skyscrapers or get poisoned. A dozen Russian hackers have been charged here in the United States and are still working in the Kremlin. In fact, Putin has promoted them all. That is the kind of evidence that liberals look for. Why would the Russians give Mitch and Trump billions of dollars? So much money, that Republican senators are known as the Moscow mules.

Google Search: How do I find all the fantastic novels that have won The Fate Award?

I used Wikipedia 3.4. Search for pages in categories to search in Category: James Tiptree Jr. Award-winning works – Wikipedia and I also added the keyword fantasy. However, this brings some incorrect results.

I note that the literary works information box on Wikipedia contains a gender term (see the image below from here).

I also tried books that otherwise had won awards: Google Search, but I don't know how to limit it to fantasy novels.

How can I look for fantasy novels that have won the prize otherwise?

enter the description of the image here

What would you do if Trump won again president in 2020?

New Zealand was nice when I visited 52 years ago. It could be far enough from the continental United States when all the ideas of tRump go wrong. Remember, he still carries the nuclear attack launch codes in his jacket pocket. I hope the generals have not given you the real ones.

[ Politics ] Open question: Now that Rush Limbaugh has won the freedom medal, will the libs be fought in the streets?

Liberals seem to try to find excuses for riots.

Do you remember in 2016 when the liberal media said Trump had no chance and then won?

The reason we think you are stupid is that you don't seem to realize that we all live in the same country. Cheer up for the things that ruin our country because it will make the liberals cry. But you also live here.

For just one example, when you encourage Obamacare to be repealed because he thinks it will harm people you don't like, you are so stupid that you don't realize that YOU will lose the benefits you now have regarding medical care. Realize.