world of darkness – Do “editions” of White Wolf products correspond?

White Wolf has published a variety of product lines. Each product line has multiple editions. Do the editions of various games line up intuitively?

For example, I have a smattering of books from both Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Wraith: The Oblivion. Both games have a first edition, second edition, and 20th anniversary edition (Werewolf additionally has a Revised edition that does not seem to correspond to anything in Wraith).

In other games with which I’m familiar the editions would line up nicely. For example, in Dungeons and Dragons there are Ravenloft books for 2nd edition D&D and 5th edition D&D. There are also Planescape books for 2nd edition. The Planescape 2e and Ravonloft 2e books are in some sense “related” because they refer to the same rule set.

Is this true for White Wolf products? I’m confused because the periods in which they are published don’t overlap. Werewolf 1e was published between 1992 – 1993, while Wraith 1e was published in 1994 – 1995. Second edition Werewolf started in 1994, but second edition Wraith started in 1996.

monsters – Understanding HP for a dire wolf

In the Player’s Handbook the Dire Wolf states its Hit Points are 37 but in brackets beside that it states (5d10+10). I don’t understand what this is; what am I actually rolling five d10s plus 10 for? Is it for damage done to a player? Am I assuming this right?

Can a druid in a terrible dire wolf form turn minor wolves against their goblin masters?

I have a third level forn gnome circle of the lunar druid. What do you think about using the large size of a terrifying wild wolf form and a more enforced gnome knowledge of animal speech to attract or dominate elf wolves to side with their masters?

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pathfinder 1e – Is there an analogue of "Adventure Path" for White Wolf games?

I love the Pathfinder Adventure Path system. Download tons of master game work and provide a fully consistent campaign during months of play.

The White Wolf Storytelling Adventure System (SAS) is excellent, but it seems to mainly involve unique modules rather than continuous plots and advances.

Does White Wolf, or any third party, provide (or have you planned) something like the AP system for any of its games, classic or modern?

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The sequel to "Wolf Online", a popular mobile game for animals that reached more than 10 million downloads, "Wolf Online 2" is a real-time online game.
Players can become wolves and hunt animals that live in various regions, such as deserts, jungles, grasslands and glaciers, compete with other wolves and survive fights with stronger predators in the desert governed by the "Law of the Jungle."
(Game features)

1. Hunting and strategic battles
· Players can not only run, bite and attack other animals, but they can also jump to bite and hold on to them, make a surprise attack by hiding behind rocks or bushes and bump into prey to make them fall. They can also hunt animals using terrain features.

· Above all, players can summon their colleagues or locate them through the "Summon" or "Find a friend" function. Players can also find the type, location and direction of the dams by sniffing them and secretly approaching them by crawling.

· Depending on the nature and types of prey, you must change the way you hunt and collaborate with other wolves. Know how to deal with various types of animals that run fast, can attack with force or move in packs and packs.

2. Improved graphics and artificial intelligence
· You can enjoy hunting in wild areas that have become more realistic with background effects and realistic 3D graphics that fit the characteristics of each region, such as deserts, swamps, grasslands, forests and icy areas.

· Animals respond intellectually according to various environmental conditions, such as their strength, the behavior of the players and the existence of herds and herds.

3. Create your own unique character!
· You can choose not only the genus but also the characteristics of a wolf that meet your inclinations between 3 species of wolves (mountain, snow and wild).

· Customize the color of the face, body, legs, tail and skin to create your own unique wolf character!

4. Realistic animal simulator
· You can play various actions of daily life, such as drinking water if you are thirsty, sitting and resting if you are stressed, digging the ground and dumping waste if it is full

· Herbivores move in packs and young never leave their mothers. Predators are fierce and fierce when they are hungry, but generally they are not even if you pass right next to them.

5. Guild / Classification and cloud storage system
· Enjoy the battles by creating and joining a guild that fits your goal. A guild can have its own guild brand.

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pathfinder 1e – How to play a wolf head ninja optimally

Pathfinder SRD

Primal Cunning (Ex) While a wolf's head lacks focus and training to
access a group of ki, has a keen sense of primitive animalism
cunning that allows him to resort to reserves of power and tenacity
that border with the supernatural. This acts as a group of ki (and qualifies
as a group of ki for the prerequisites), but it contains only one ki
point. However, even if the wolf's head spends this point ki, he is
able to use tricks that require you to have at least one ki point.
Together with ruffian, this ability replaces the ability of the ki group.

My interpretation of this ability is that a wolfhead ninja does not use ki for his ninja tricks, but there is also the cornerstone for ninja and other skills that require ki

Pathfinder SRD

Hidden Master (Su) At level 20, a ninja becomes a true teacher of her.
art. She can, as a standard action, launch greater invisibility in
herself. Although invisible in this way, it cannot be detected by anyone
means, and not even the purge of invisibility, see invisibility, and true
See can reveal it. She uses her ninja level as her pitcher level
for this ability Using this ability consumes 3 ki points from your ki
swimming pool. Also, every time the ninja deals stealth attack damage, she
may sacrifice additional damage dice to apply a penalty to a skill
goal score equal to the number of dice slaughtered by 1
minute. This penalty does not accrue by itself and cannot reduce a
skill score below 1.

From the Pathfinder SRD

By spending 1 point of your ki group, a ninja can make an additional one
he attacks with his greatest attack bonus, but he can only do so when he does
A complete attack In addition, you can spend 1 point to increase your
20 foot speed for 1 round. Finally, a ninja can spend 1 point of
your ki group to get a +4 bonus on Stealth tests for 1
round. Each of these powers is activated as a quick action. A ninja
you can get additional powers that consume points from your ki group by
selecting certain ninja tricks

What I got from all this is that the ki system is practically useless for a wolfhead ninja because most of the ninja features require that you have at least 1 point left or use 1 point for activation. In addition, the ninja class seems to be very focused on the use of ki, even outside the tricks. So the question arises of how you play a wolf-headed ninja, since regular ninja guidelines will not apply.

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dnd 5e – Can a giant wolf spider climb head while mounted?

A giant wolf spider can climb upside down while mounted.

The giant wolf spider (MM 330):

Spider climbing. The spider can scale difficult surfaces, even upside down on ceilings, without the need for a skill test.

You do not have to do skill checks. If you are curious about whether the rider performs skill checks, you can find guidance here. There is no difference in vertical climbing or vice versa.

Load capacity (PHB 176):

Your load capacity is your Strength score multiplied by 15. This
is the weight (in pounds) that can be charged, which is high enough
that most of the characters do not have to worry about that.

The giant wolf spider (MM 330) has a strength of 12 and is a medium-sized creature, so it can effortlessly carry 180 pounds.

If you are using the rules of Variant Compumberance (PHB 176):

If you weigh more than 5 times your Strength score, you are
taxed, which means that your speed is reduced by 10 feet.

If you weigh more than 10 times your Strength score, up
its maximum load capacity, instead it is heavily taxed,
which means that his speed is reduced by 20 feet and has disadvantage in
skill controls, attack rolls and save shots that use Force,
Dexterity, or constitution.

First, the spider will become slower, then it will be seriously affected by the disadvantages, but it will not remain immobile, and will not fall simply because it is taxed.