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USP Stablecoin USP is a stablecoin built on the ethereum platform that will be used in uSwap as a base token, as a stablecoin means the price will always be 1$.
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is there any Payment Gateway for ecommerce to accept Credit Card then withdraw bitcoins?

There is some payment gateway like 2checkout, Paypal, stripe, etc. That allow us to integrate via API to an eCommerce site, and then withdraw founds from there to bitcoin wallet ?

development – How to get a % of the total withdraw amount from customers that use my trading bot. With a wallet from binance

Lets take bitcoin for example. I have a trading bot and want to “sell” it under some conditions. One of them is that whenever they withdraw I get a specific percentage amount of the total withdraw amount. So when they withdraw 10 dollar I ask 15% which means they keep 8.5 dollar and I receive 1.5 dollar. They withdraw from binance 85% to there actual bank account or wherever they use and 15% to my company bank account. This could also be in bitcoin instead of dollar I think.

Customer with binance account/wallet
Is it possible that users register themself with a binance account, use there wallet on my website to connect with my bot and then make sure that I indeed get the 15% amount when they withdraw. If they do it trough binance itself I think I can’t control them withdrawing. I dont see a setting where I can say that only my website/bot can withdraw from there account. Even if this is possible I dont think its the best way.

Customer with subaccount of my company account
I also thought about having a business account on binance and use subaccounts for my customers. But im not sure if I could ask an amount of percentage per withdraw of a subaccount. Also if my bot really works out and people really start liking it, I may get so popular that im out of subaccounts in binance. So also this solution is kinda unclear for me. But if it’s possible I would definitely use it.

NOTE: max withdraw amount is also kinda important when using subaccounts or other special accounts.

I hope u understand where I want to go now and what I want. Is there anyone that knows how to do this? Any solution is welcome.

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