malware – Step by step protocol for complete system wipe (suspecting persistent backdoor)

I have reason to believe that there is a persistent backdoor on my device, one which is not removed after a re installation of the OS.

I wanted to know the step by step protocol of system wipe to remove any potential back doors.

How do I completely return to factory conditions. Fresh bootloader, kernel, and OS.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04

virus removal – Wipe used Hard Drive

I recently got to buy loads of old computer parts on the cheap, including some HDDs and an SSD with varying capacity. Since I have no idea what the former user did and what dangers there might lay in those drives I hesitate to connect them immediately to my Windows 10 Pc. Any idea how I can wipe the drives without risking getting anything funny over to my system? Also I have Windows, Linux Mint and MacOS, so I am very free on where to go from here, if there is a specific solution you’d recommend for Linux for example.

Thanks in advance and stay healthy y’all :]

Wipe personal data from android mobile without rooting

I apologize If placing a already answered questions. But I am novice and have tried finding answers to no avail.

I got a Moto G3 (2015) from a friend and I want to erase all his personal data to the extent of unrecoverable to ensure protection of his privacy.

I can root it using TWRP, Supersu, Magisk as I found on many websites/ forums. But I have following question/ agitation in my mind.

  1. Rooting will left me not able to run some app like bank apps as they do not run on rooted mobile.
  2. Will I be able to factory reset my mobile after rooting mobile using custom recovery image i.e. TWRP, Supersu, Magisk .
  3. Will these files be safe.

So to get rid of all these problems I do not want to root my device at all.
4. can I wipe/ erase all personal data securely with multi pass using a an open source app/ adb from internal memory.
5. does Android store log files and temp files as in Linux in /var/log/. How can I erase them without rooting.
6. If I am wrong and I can root my device without any problem. Please advice me.

The answer to question suggested by Irfan is not specific to my question. Through it is a good post for common knowledge but did not tell How to to a novice.

Thank You.

backup – How do I find my OneNote notebooks so I can back them up before doing a complete system wipe?

Okay so there’s many issues with this. Ive worked mostly offline recently for OneNote. so nothings synced to the web. I use the desktop app for the program. under X account. when i try to log in to sync it all on the web it says there is no account for x account. which there should be. OneDrive has some of my notebooks. but they are not up to date. and it wont sync. ive tried going to C:Users<user>AppDataLocalMicrosoftOneNote<ver> . only thing in there is a backup folder thats empty. a cache folder with like 4 files 3 that are .bin (4kb) and a header file. and a tmp folder (empty).

I hope that’s enough information to help me.
need to find my up to date notebooks so I can back them up, wipe my system completely and reinstall. doing a system restore and keeping my files is not an option.

also wont be using that account anymore so getting it to work isnt a concern unless it gets me to where they can be backed up.

Will clicking some thing else wipe my hard drive

Im using virtual box and after testing ubuntu a bit i decided to download it and it comes up with erase disk and install ubuntu and the other option is some thing else. If i select something else it wont erase my hard disk will it???
Heres what it says

also im using windows 10

ssd – Secure data wipe before laptop sell

I have two SSDs in my laptop (dell xps 15 9550):

  1. Toshiba 256gb (PCIe) THNSN5256GPU7
  2. Samsung 1tb (sata 3) EVO860

Both are fully encrypted with VeraCrypt.

Is it safe, to simply make a quick-format on both disks and install windows on one of them ? or maybe I do have to do an extra operation like f.e. “removing vera crypt keys” first ?

Nexus 7 “wipe cache partition” option not available in Recovery Mode

My Nexus 7 is EXTREMELY slow. So I am attempting to clear its cache by following these instructions:

Wipe Your Cache

To speed things up, you may want to try wiping your cache partition
from Android’s recovery menu.

First, shut your Nexus 7 off. Press and hold the Volume Up + Volume
Down + Power buttons to power the device on — it will boot into the
below screen.

Use the Volume Up and Volume Down keys to select the Recovery mode
option, and then press the Power button to activate recovery mode.

Select the wipe cache partition option with the volume keys and tap
Power. This will clear all your cached app data, which may help speed
things up.

When I boot into Recovery mode, the “wipe cache partition” option does not appear. Is there anything else I can do, short of a factory reset?

(To complicate matters, the google account to which this Nexus 7 was linked was deleted over a year ago and Google will not allow me to use that account name again to recreate it. I created a new google account but the Nexus 7 keeps going to the old one and hanging because it cannot connect to it, and the Nexus 7 does not let me create a new user account because it is stuck on trying to connect to the old one.)

security – How to instantly wipe an Android phone in case of arrest?

A a Belarusian friend asked me this, but I can’t find anything on my own. Protesters in Belarus are beaten once arrested until they give up the pin code to the phone.

So, if he could give a pin code that would immediately trigger phone reset to factory settings, or erase data, or even show a dummy profile, that would at least protect their family and contacts and limit the extent of accusations.

It would be nice if the phone could be used afterwords. Protesters may be given their belongings back after detention, and having a working phone is an advantage if they land in a hospital or just outside the detention center with none to pick them up.

So far I suspect that to have this functionality one has to fork Android or LineageOS. Is there already such a fork?

Why Android? Because back in Belarus, iPhone is much less popular than in the US or EU.

macos – What can I do to install Big Sur without wipe?

I would like to upgrade to Big Sur on a test system (MacBook Pro (16 inch, 2019)) that already has macOS Catalina 10.15.6 installed.

Since this is to work in a company network, additional software has already been installed:

  • Zscaler Security
  • Intelligent hub
  • McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac

I quit these programs to avoid problems.

In order not to have to do this process again, I would like to perform an in-place upgrade.

sudo / Applications / Install macOS Big --agreetolicense --forcequitapps --nointeraction

With 31% the installation aborts with a meaningless error message. What can I do? Are there logs? Or is wiping and reinstalling faster?