boot – Ubuntu installation won’t work on crashed windows laptop

So I have a Windows 8 laptop that I’m trying to renovate, but the Windows 8 crashed, and won’t boot. I decided to install Ubuntu on it instead using a Live CD on a usb stick, and proceeded to boot the cd, and go through the installation process, I selected LVM installation and clicked install, and get the following error: The efi file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) failed. I couldn’t find anything on it, and was wondering if someone could help. Sorry about the bad wording, I suck at writing things, Thanks.

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networking – Windows 10 auto connect to 5GHz WiFi throws error after disconnection/restart/hibernate

In my Windows 10 laptop if I disconnect (by simply disconnecting or after restart or hibernate or shutdown) from the WiFi 5GHz network and try connecting to it again then I get an error as “Can’t connect to this network”. To solve this, every time I need to go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage known network > select SSID of 5GHz network and click on Forget, after this, I need to connect to 5GHz network by keying-in password again. This doesn’t happen with the 2.4Ghz network of the same router, also this issue is not seen with smartphones used in my home.

How to solve this problem permanently?

Technical specs:

make: TP Link
model: Archer C20 AC750
network type: DSL
DHCP: Enabled

make: Dell
model: Latitude E5470
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise Version Build 18363
wifi hardware: Intel(R) Dual Band
Wireless-AC 8260

Sharing screen snippets from Windows 10 to Ipad 7

Is there good ways to share screen snippets taken with Windows + Shift + S to an Ipad?

Window’s cloud clipboard requires Microsoft launcher.

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wds – I can’t install Windows 10 2004 64 bit in MDT

I am having troubles with WDS / MDT

I am working in WDS with a LiteTouch image to boot to MDT, so I can install an Operating System

I have installed the most recent ADK for Windows 10 2004 and WinPE, after that I added Windows 10 to MDT and created the Task Sequence. I also opened the tab OS info to generate the Unattended.xml file (I did’nt change anything in the file, only added the screen resolution, refresh rate and dpi)

But when I try to install Windows 10, I always get an error

enter image description here

I already searched for an solution and found that some users had problems with the storage, so I changed the partition table to at least 4gigs for each, but that resulted in the same error

I also tried the steps on Windows 10 1909 – but it results in the same error

Can someone help me with this?

For information:

I use an ISO from Microsoft Volume License Center (Legitimate ISO)

unix – Linux: Windows Key Field Is Missing

Using CentOS7:

Problem: When I press the windows key, the search field no longer comes up. So I can’t type “term” for the terminal icon; or “hexchat” and the icon comes up etc. Last night, I switched kernels and that is when the windows search field went away. Today I reverted back to my original kernel hoping this would solve the issue but still no windows key search field.
The windows key search field comes up on my Fedora. Hoping this is a unix feature.

I didn’t realize how much I use this feature. I don’t want to operate this machine without this out of the box feature. Someone said something about desktop manager.

enter image description here

i have sp1 but at the end it says that "the following updates were not installed Security Update for Windows (KB3033929)"

This is the picture of text

I have SP1 and i im installing kb3033929 its going smoothly until it finishes but actually not finishes.
you can see the photo above that appears after the installation and it also happens in kb4474419.

windows 10 keeps turning off file and printer sharing

I have a home office setup with a laptop, desktop, plus my wife’s desktop. All are using Windows 10 2004. All are on one LAN (Private network), plus of course access to the internet through an Asus router.

I can access files just fine from the laptop, and between the two desktop machines, but if I try to access files sitting on either desktop from the laptop, I get errors!

The laptop can see the two desktops from the view provided by the Network desktop icon. If you try to click one you get the \NAME is not accessible. You might not have permissions to use this network resource.

If I try net use, I get
System error 67 has occurred.
The network name cannot be found.
even though the desktops have directories that can be shared.

On the laptop, if I go to Network and Sharing Center, Change advanced sharing settings, I find Turn off file and printer sharing is enabled. If I click Turn on file and printer sharing, hit Save changes, then reenter the same dialog, they are again turned off!

I even have turned off Windows Defender Firewall for Private networks on the laptop!

The laptop is using Windows Defender Antivirus, which is the only other place I can conceive of the problem is arising. I mean, what else could be turning File and printer sharing off every time I enable it?

More importantly, how can I enable this capability? Thank you!

pulseaudio – New Pc Build have dual boot working ok 18.04 ubuntu and windows 10. No sound in Ubuntu via HDMI

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