windows – Macro of string printing on NASM Win16 (No 21h)

Based on the knowledge I have gathered from previous publications on string manipulation in NASM Win16, the following is a macro implementation based on it. Do the worst (which is technically the best)!

; Prints a string
; %1 = constant string or 0-ended array
%macro prtstr 1-2
    %ifstr %1
        prtCStr %1
        prtStr %1
    %ifnidn %2,-line

; Don't call this directly.
; Called from prtstr macro
; %1 = 0-ended string variable
%macro prtStr 1
    mov si, %1
    test al, al
    jz %%end
    prtchar al
    jmp %%scan

; Don't call this directly.
; Called from prtstr macro
; %1 = string constant
%macro prtCStr 1+
    xor si, si
    cmp byte(cs:%%b+si), 0
    je %%done
    prtchar byte(cs:%%b+si)
    inc si
    jmp %%loop
    %%b db %1, 0

; Display character
; IN (AL)
; %1 = (db), quoted imm8 or r8
%macro prtchar 1
    push ax
    mov al, %1
    mov ah, 0eh
    ;mov bx, 7 if intent on using graphical mode
    int 10h
    pop ax

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  1. Chain help functions in NASM Win16 Assembly
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Windows application – NETGATE Registry Cleaner 2019 18.0.720 Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

Multilingual | File size: 9.11 MB

NETGATE Registry Cleaner is an application designed to help you correct any invalid entries in the Windows Registry, in order to improve the performance level of your computer.

The interface of the tool is clean and professional looking. Therefore, the application can examine many areas of the Windows Registry, such as unused file extensions, ActiveX and COM problems, missing or invalid type libraries and spyware entries.
In addition to that, the tool can be configured to clean the disk (for example, invalid start menu items, Internet Explorer cache, temporary Windows files, Recycle Bin) and to remove traces of your system (for example, list of recent documents, start menu Execution list, MS Office recent files, Internet Explorer cookies and written URLs). Once the scanning procedure is done, you can find out the total items of scanned registry entries, cookies and files, discovered errors and elapsed time. Therefore, you can select what problems you want to solve and let NETGATE Registry Cleaner handle the procedure.
In addition, you can back up and restore data, manage applications that run automatically at system startup, uninstall programs from your computer and schedule tasks (once or on a regular basis). But it can also make NETGATE Registry Cleaner run automatically on Windows startup, enable shields (for example, startup programs, IE search page), as well as configure the settings for the proxy and IE search page.
The program requires a low to moderate amount of CPU and system memory, has a good response time, quickly completes a scan and cleaning job and includes tips for users. There were no errors during our evaluation and NETGATE Registry Cleaner was not frozen or blocked. New users can take some time to familiarize themselves with the functions of the application.
Registry Defragmentation
Backup and restore log
Startup Manager: Manage all applications that start when Windows starts
Uninstall Manager: handy tool for quick uninstall of your system application
Backup: all deleted items are stored in the backup until they are permanently deleted; can be restored at any time
Programming support: cleaning can be scheduled at the specified time
Multilanguage translation support
Skin support
Premium technical support
Registry Shield Protection: protects the browser homepage against changes, etc.
Registry cleaning:
Shared Library Lost
File extension not used
Invalid ActiveX / COM
Invalid type library
Open with application
Edit with application
Print with request
Application paths
Help file is missing
Installer Reference
Uninstall Entry
Software installations
Start input
MUI cache
Open / Save invalid entry
Old StartMenu order entry
Invalid default icon
Invalid / empty class
Missing Type Library
Empty keys
Disk Cleanup:
Invalid desktop icon
Invalid start menu item
Internet Explorer cache
Firefox cache
Opera cache
Google Chrome Cache
Windows Temp
User Temp
Recycle Bin
Java cache
Trace removal:
List of recent documents
StartMenu Run List
List of recent Windows Media Player files
Last visit
OpenSave files
Recent MS Paint Files
Recent MS Wordpad Files
Internet Explorer written URLs
Internet Explorer saved passwords
Firefox URL / Saved passwords
Firefox history
Search assistant
Firefox cookies
Opera Cookies
Internet Explorer cookies
Recent MS Office Files
Recent MS Word Files
Recent MS Excel files
Recent MS PowerPoint files
Adobe Reader Recent Files
Nero Burning ROM Recent Files
Recent Direct X applications
Recent QuickTime Movies
RegEdit Last Key
Recent RealPlayer clips
What's new:
Updates: the official site does not provide information about changes in this version.


Windows operating system upgrade from 2008R2 to 2012 on hosted SharePoint 2013 servers

About the possibility

In general scenarios, yes, it is possible to update the Windows server from 2008 to 2012 instead

But it is recommended not to do that in the production servers

On the effect

To be honest, I have not tried it before so that the SharepPoint farm can specify specifically what the effect is, but according to my knowledge, it will surely affect the farm at least there is a long downtime that can be forever!

In case you want to venture into the test environment, try the following:

Windows application – InnovMetric PolyWorks Metrology Suite 2019 IR6 | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 2.54 GB

PolyWorks (PW) is a multifunctional software manufactured by InnovMetricSoftwareInc., Used to process laser scanning data: reverse engineering, product geometry control, architectural tasks, earth surface deformation monitoring and many others. The PolyWorks software package allows you to work efficiently and quickly with large amounts of data. PolyWorks consists of several modules and has a wide range of tools that simplify and accelerate the work with data. It is important to keep in mind that the complex allows you to work with data obtained from three-dimensional scanners of all known brands.


• This module is designed for primary data processing.
• Initially, data is imported using a 3D terrestrial scanner or data that has already been processed in other programs. Already at this stage, there are some processing possibilities: the data is imported with the specified accuracy (the step of the sampling points is specified); Data can be filtered by distance.
• Primary processing of point clouds: scale of point clouds; filter on the subject of matching points, that is, sort (points that diverge at distances less than those specified are eliminated). In the module, it is linked to the external coordinate system and the scans are linked.
• The program allows you to select the sewing method, which can be divided into: visual sewing methods; in reference objects. And that is not important: the program produces statistics and association error histograms, primary polygonal models are created.
• Data can be exported in many formats (AC, BRE, PIF, PTX, SURF) and as polygonal models in DXF, IGES.
• Designed to create a triangulation model, the module allows you to manually determine the parameters responsible for the quality and accuracy of the model being created.

• The module is designed to work with TIN surfaces created in PW or imported from other programs.
• The module contains functions for smoothing, filling "holes", re-organizing (individual areas can be triangulated again with less precision), various mechanisms for creating curves and tools for editing.
• This module implements the functions of creating and editing NURBS surfaces, surfaces created by curves, and the module provides many ways to create these curves: manually: certain curves are drawn at the specified points, the curves are constructed by intersections with a flat model, by sections, a grid of model curves is automatically compiled with a given precision (the step and maximum distance at which they are separated from the model).

It includes tools that allow:
• to enter the points of geometric primitives in the cloud (circle, cone, cylinder, plane, point, polyline, sphere and vector);
• construction of polygonal surfaces;
• combine data and reference objects in a single and unique coordinate system;
• profile creation, creation of arbitrary and specified sections;
• make detailed comparisons, statistics and reports within or between data, reference objects and primitives;
• All types of measurements, position control and condition of complex structures (measurement of geometric dimensions, both linear and angular, areas, volumes);
• export data and reference objects to many formats.
• Reduction, mainly, of colored polygonal 3D models. An auxiliary module that allows you to reduce the weight of the model by reducing the number of its constituent elements (triangles or patches).
• The module allows you to combine the model and its texture map, that is, obtain a model with textures that shows not only the geometric but also physical properties of the model. The texture map must be obtained from the scanner, that is, in the data obtained from the scanner, in addition to the coordinates, there must be information on the intensity. Combining two types of data, as a result, the model has the closest form to reality.

• Module to view data.
• Models created in the program are saved in the internal format and can be viewed in the free module provided. The PolyWorks software product is intended for a certain range of tasks, whose solution in other software products is not possible.
• This range of tasks covers many aspects. For example: Monitoring of deformations of the earth's surface, landslide processes and soil subsidence under the influence of technogenic factors. By superimposing models created at different times, you can obtain the magnitude and direction of the displacements. And to characterize the data for these displacements there will be no individual control points.
• Since continuous scanning is done during scanning, the necessary information can be obtained virtually anywhere on the surface. The data obtained are presented in the form of a colored three-dimensional model with color distribution depending on the magnitude of the deformations.
• With a simple click

Read: "PolyWorksMS2019ReleaseNotes.pdf"


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hard drive: Windows storage spaces that use more space than the content it contains

I am trying to understand how storage spaces work when it comes to available space in parity spaces. I set up a group, created a space and moved about 20 GiB of data. Then I deleted the data, emptied the trash and optimized the use in the Storage Spaces user interface. Currently it still shows that about ~ 50 GiBs are being used. Why is that?

Here is the storage space configuration: Storage space configuration

Here is the dialog that shows the use: Dialogue on the use of space

Windows 7: all readable / writable spaces in Win7 have gone from white to aquamarine

A week ago it had "normal" or "common" background colors. It really didn't bother me. I went to a website for my home mortgage and that site changed the color of my browser window AND ALL OTHER WINDOWS OPEN. Whatever color scheme these other programs use, everything is aquamarine (it really makes the blue link titles almost impossible to distinguish). This water thing really hurts my eyes after a while. I have received all the help from Microsoft and HP support and cannot make any of their search engines understand what I am asking for. Everyone tells me how to change the background of my desktop or the frame and the colors of the scroll bar, which were largely unaffected.

I have two monitors connected to my HP ProBook 4525s with Win7. The second monitor is not affected. That tells me that the driver card is working fine. Something like the color palette for the first screen has been modified or maybe its change damaged the screen built into the laptop. How can I know which one?

Windows application – Sendblaster Pro Edition 4.3.5 Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 45.8 MB

SendBlaster is the best mass email software to manage your mailing lists and set up email marketing campaigns in a few steps. SendBlaster combines in a single product the practicality of a massive email software with the flexibility of a massive email web service. On the one hand, create newsletters and manage lists directly on your desktop: on the other, you get an email tracking service in the cloud to manage reports and improve your email campaigns.

Email marketing is easy

A good mass email campaign does not need expensive web-based solutions: it can be managed effectively on your desktop or laptop computer, keeping your own private email lists and managing all aspects of the strategy in our software. mass email It is easier, safer and more profitable. Email marketing is based on a relationship of trust with your customers: SendBlaster will help you build, maintain and improve it.

Create effective emails
With our mass delivery software you can compose beautiful emails that convert, which generate real profits. How? Using our free email templates, sorted by categories to help you choose the right one. Create a layout with the built-in email editor of SendBlaster or an external HTML editor.

Create your permission based list
The only effective (and legal) way to execute a massive email campaign is to send emails only to the people who allowed it: that is, create an address list based on voluntary subscription permits. Our mass mail software makes it incredibly easy. You can create customizable web forms for your site to allow your users to subscribe with a few clicks; Then record all the data collected in one or more lists, to which you can send separate messages.

Analyze the results of your emails
Effective email marketing requires a thorough analysis of the data. Our mass email software and Google Analytics will inform you if, after reading your emails, customers have purchased your products, have subscribed to your website or have taken any other action. In addition, we offer a free email statistics service that tracks your campaigns and allows you to verify the email open rate, click rate and many other relevant metrics.

What's new:
Updates: The official site does not provide any information about the changes in this version.


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Windows application – Power-user Premium 1.6.785.0 | NulledTeam UnderGround

Languages: English | Add-in for PowerPoint, Excel and Word | File Size: 90.87 MB

Add-on for advanced users: smart tools for PowerPoint, Excel and Word: templates, icons, graphics, maps, diagrams and more. Power-user provides you with a deep library of templates, icons, charts, maps and diagrams for your spreadsheets and presentations. With Power-user for PowerPoint and Excel, you will attract the attention of your audience with stunning graphics that will surely impress.

Create awesome documents

to impress clients and managers with their PowerPoint, Excel and Word skills

Increase your productivity
up to 50% to meet deadlines, save time and reduce labor costs

Focus on making an impact
instead of spending your time on low value-added tasks such as formatting

Do not reinvent the wheel for each slide or document. Access hundreds of professionally designed templates from the add-ons library for advanced users and insert them with 1 click. Templates will automatically adjust to your own color scheme. You can also save your own slides or documents in the template library to keep them accessible at any time. Or you can create shared libraries for all users in your organization.

The advanced user comes with a collection of 3,000 icons and all country flags to illustrate their slides. The icons are vector shapes so you can resize them without deformation and re-color them as you wish. With Power-user you can search for icons by categories and with different keywords associated with the same icon so you can find the correct icon in just 2 seconds.

Our more than 200 data maps are powerful tools to illustrate ideas with a geographical dimension. Those maps are fully editable and can be automatically colored according to your Excel data. In minutes, you can create beautiful maps that will immediately convince your audience.

Cascade graphics are very popular in finance and consulting. They are great for breaking down your data into multiple components, illustrating, for example, what positively or negatively impacts a KPI.

Create Mekko graphics in PowerPoint, Excel or Word with Power-user. Mekko is one of the most powerful types of graphics. It can represent 3 dimensions of data and is popular in consulting to show market positions of different companies, for example.

Instantly insert stunning Sankey graphics in PowerPoint, Excel or Word with the Power-user plugin. Sankey is very effective in illustrating flows such as transactions, exports, migrations, etc. Sankey graphics can be dynamically edited through a simple and intuitive interface.

Sometimes a good picture says more than a thousand words. The advanced user allows you to browse more than 100,000 photos and insert them with 1 click. It is ideal to illustrate concepts or initiate a discussion, without worrying about intellectual property rights. The images are inserted into PowerPoint with a size already optimized for your slides.

Embed custom diagrams in no time with Power-user. Diagrams are a powerful tool to illustrate complex ideas and build eloquent slides or dashboards in no time. Diagrams include value chains, indicators, traffic lights, relationships, pyramids, arrows and more.

Use Gantt diagrams to illustrate the different phases of a project and its progress. Creating this manually can take hours. With the add-in, you can create them only in a few seconds. It is a great tool to improve the design of a slide in no time.

– Sticky notes, a useful solution to add comments to your slides and share them with your team workers.
– Stamps, a solution to instantly mark or unmark all your slides as "Draft" or "Confidential"
– Mini-slides, to refer to a slide from before in the presentation,
– Slide summaries, which list the titles of all selected slides,
– Progress tools, to show the audience how far from the presentation it is.

– 100 new icons added
– You can now sign up for the Beta program to access new features beforehand
– The position of the chart legend is now maintained after the update
– Minor bug fixed with waterfall graphics

System Requirements:
Power-user is fully compatible with PowerPoint, Excel and Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 365 (32 or 64 bits)


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passwords: can the cost factor of the Windows credential cache be changed?

I find it difficult to find relevant documentation from Microsoft (or a third party, for that matter) on any registry key that can change the cost factor of the cached credentials.

One can control how many logins are stored through the registry key CachedLogonsCount, but what I would like to change is the cost parameter of PBKDF2. The default is a cost of 10240, which is quite low (we managed to crack an 11-character password (from a domain administrator) by using a large list of words and hashcat in a VPS of ~ $ 8 / hour with a GPU for about an hour).

Of course, turning off the cache (and especially not logging in with a domain administrator account on workstations accessible to attackers) is the right solution for this type of attack. However, our client does not want to disable caching for availability reasons: if the network goes down, individual systems should work. Since they refuse to deactivate it completely, and since the implementation of disk encryption and physical access controls will take some time, it would be good to recommend changing a simple configuration in the meantime.

Windows application – Lesspain Kyno Premium Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

Windows x64 | Languages: multilingual | File Size: 126.54 MB

The Smart All-In-One – Media management application. Media management, intake and transcoding without intake that fit your workflow. Preview, verify and organize your shots from all your cameras quickly on the set or in the publication, even on a computer. Quickly find and organize multimedia files in your download or archive units. Use it instantly without training or study documentation.

Save time in production

– Preview, verify and organize your shots from all your cameras quickly on the set or in the publication even on a computer.
– Convert videos to editing or playback formats.

Get control over your media
– Quickly find and organize multimedia files in your download or archive units.
– Select and export only the usable parts of long shots made with drones or action cameras.

Quick to learn, easy to use
– Use it instantly without training or study documentation.
– Discover the powerful tools as you use the intuitive file browser and the Kyno player interface.

Kyno is used by professionals in the media, entertainment and non-media industry such as:
– Media storage browser
– Universal player
– Metadata registration / editing tool
– Multipurpose production assistant
– File organizer
– Converter (transcoding and rewrapping)

Efficient Media Browser
Explore your videos directly from your hard drive or SD card, without the need for intake. Use Kyno's powerful deepening function to flatten and filter the contents of a complete hard drive and define media compatible filters, such as frame rate and resolution, to find the files you are looking for.

Pro-Grade universal video player
Play virtually any format (RAW support coming soon) with an accurate and next-generation video player. If there is something that does not work, contact us and we will probably have it in the next release. Preview your registration footage with applied LUT. Since nobody works only with video, we also support images (including many RAW formats) and audio files.

Media management and metadata editing
Tag, rate, describe your media and use that information to find your content. Use Kyno's powerful name change engine to organize your files. Send clips including metadata to Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

Backup of verified camera media
Download camera media to secondary storage securely through a simple process and industry standard cryptographic checksum verification with Media Hash List support for later verification. The incremental backup only copies what has changed since the last backup. Kyno Premium supports up to 4 backup destinations at the same time.

Workflow and production assistant
Kyno's light subclip feature allows you to define interesting parts of long shots and export them to dramatically reduce the size of your project file. Create Excel draft lists for team communication. The delivery feature in Kyno Premium allows you to transfer concise media packages that include metadata to ingest in MAM or import directly into Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

Powerful transcoding engine
Kyno has a powerful and easy-to-use transcoding engine to convert your footage for editing or delivery. Target formats include h.264, ProRes, Cineform and many more. It also allows lossless repacking for some formats. You can even apply filters, recording time code and LUT during conversion.

All features at a glance:

Explore camera drives or media with a media-compatible file browser.

Look for
Search for files as if they were in a media compatible database without having to ingest them first.

Play and check the quality of the images on a player designed for video professionals.

Verified backups
Download media from your camera or any folder to multiple destinations.

Batch transcode easily or rewrap to and from many formats.

To combine
Combine several clips into one without NLE (also known as assembly cut).

Apply LUT on the player or during the conversion.

Wide Format Support
Play and convert from an incomparable range of formats

Use markers to record, describe or export still images in batches.

Export subclips to quickly process or distribute only the content that really matters.

Audio and image support
Easy access to the audio and image files you use in your video projects.

Standing out
Use bookmarks to annotate and export to Excel®³⁾ for collaboration.

Not intrusive
The archives remain where they are: you decide how to organize your units.

Send files with metadata to Final Cut Pro® X, Final Cut Pro 7 or Premiere Pro.

Labels and qualifications
Use labels and classifications to organize your material.

Rename your multimedia files in batches quickly and flexibly.
Kyno version 1.7 adds ProRes export support for the Windows platform
We are proud to announce that as of the latest version 1.7 of our media and workflow management tool, Kyno, we now support the export of Apple ProRes on the Windows platform. This functionality will bring the power of ProRes to workflows using Kyno as a registration, preselection and conversion tool in Windows.

As of version 1.7, Kyno has support for exporting all types of ProRes on macOS and Windows 7 or higher. This allows Kyno users to better prepare, convert and sub-record the material for delivery at later stages of ProRes-based workflows on all these platforms. "At Lesspain Software we have been big fans of ProRes from day one and we have seen it become the dominant codec in a wide range of video production workflows over the years.

Requirements: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64-bit or later.


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