Why does gnome lose track of my chromium window?

This has been driving me crazy for months. When I have a Chromium window open for a while, gnome and/or just the sidebar loses track of it, note in the screenshot how I have a window open but there is no orange dot next to chromium on the sidebar. I can still interact with the window with the mouse, I can still alt-tab to it, but I cannot navigate to it with a click on the chromium icon on the sidebar or using Super+1 (as it is on the top of the list), both of these actions open a new window as if it isn’t currently running.

enter image description here

Are card readers legal in the Amsterdam red light window brothels for payment?

The article you link does not state at all what you claim.

It says that no payment processor is willing to provide them service. Not that they are not allowed to use that payment method. So yes, it would be legal. And although the result of nobody processing cards for them is that they would no longer be able to accept cards, it would have no relation with card fraud.

Although this 2018 article states that no processor would take them as customers

  • it may be that some payment processor has been taking them again by now
  • they could be charging through a different establishment. Suppose that the brothel signed up with the bank as a pub, or that they shared the credit card reader with a near bar. They could be charging you through a credit card (albeit possibly violating the terms of use of their provider).

As with any card charge, you may dispute it if you feel it wasn’t proper (such as being offered something at a give price but being charged a doubled amount). Although, if you didn’t agree on the service costs beforehand, I suspect that would be “proper amount” (they could choose to be expensive). Also, you might prefer not to bring much light to thisi charge (and thus the type of service you were paying for).

Linux Mint Godot window when ran very small

I am running my game on Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon. When I run my game I get a very small window that is about 1 pixel tall. This happens across all projects. I have tried uninstalling Godot and reinstalling it from the package manager. I have also tried the official launcher from their website. Updating through update manager does not help as well.
example image

Window always stay on top on Catalina?

With Catalina, is there an easy solution to have a window (not just a browser window) always on top of other windows?

pyautogui – How to take a screenshot of a specific window? (Python)

So, I want to take screenshot of specific window with special title

I have tried this code:

import pyautogui
import win32gui

def screenshot(window_title=None):
    if window_title:
        hwnd = win32gui.FindWindow(None, window_title)
        if hwnd:
            x, y, x1, y1 = win32gui.GetClientRect(hwnd)
            x, y = win32gui.ClientToScreen(hwnd, (x, y))
            x1, y1 = win32gui.ClientToScreen(hwnd, (x1 - x, y1 - y))
            im = pyautogui.screenshot(region=(x, y, x1, y1))
            return im
            print('Window not found!')
        im = pyautogui.screenshot()
        return im

if (im := screenshot('Calculator')):

Yes, this is works, but, how I can get a screenshot of a window without bringing it to the foreground?

Excel Alt + E + S + V special paste options window is greyed out/deselected

When I copy and paste special using Ctrl + E + S + V 50% of the time the Paste Special options window is deselected or greyed out so I have to manually select my paste type or Alt+Tab to bring up the paste special options window. I am using Windows 10.

Greyed Out Paste Special Window

Windows of an applicaiton have minimum size and I cant find the window anymore

I had an application (in case it matters: libre office calc) in full-size mode. I then clicked the middle of the three buttoms of the top right to adjust the size. When I did that, the Window became minimum size, literally a vertical line.

I panicked and alt-tabbed, and now I can’t even find the vertical line anymore. Opening new windows in that application opens all of them hidden to me, and closing/reopening or even restarting the OS doesn’t help. I don’t know how to resize my invisible windows anymore. Here’s the preview of the windows in the application launcher: a vertical line (that I dont find on my screen anywhere if I click this).

enter image description here

Maintenance countdown warning message – modal pop-up window? is it a good practice for such a important message

I’m currently designing a Maintainance countdown message. I think to create it as a pop-out modal window when the user logs-in and afterward place the countdown with a short header on a "sticky" position on the bottom of the screen / or under navigation. Does someone have any experience designing it? Do you believe that the pop-out modal window is appropriate in this case?
enter image description here

Is it possible to force a Mac *.webloc file to open in a new Chrome window instead of a new tab in an existing window?

There is an answer already to a similar question that does work when the link is on a Chrome webpage, Shift + Left Click.

Unfortunately, Left Click does not work for me opening a .webloc file on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 with Chrome 84. It opens as a new tab in the most recently used Chrome window.

I’m interested in the answers offered at How to make Chrome open a new window for external Links. Unfortunately Comment 1 on the question says “this solution works” but other users report there that one or another of the multiple solutions on that page do not work for them.

In addition, the most recent version of Chrome mentioned in those answers is Chrome 45 and we’re nearly 40 versions past that to date. So I’m asking if anyone knows of something that works, rather than experimenting with complicated, programming solutions that are already identified as not working.

Any suggestions?

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