iphone – A security system on wifi from hotspot that runs on 2.4 ghz

I am making a security system to protect something very important in my room. Its the ink in printer. I have many enermies and they have done black magic on me so I am tring to fight the black magic by making holy water and taking ruqyah baths with it see the links below for information on:

  1. making holy water with prinitable Quran sheets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECWkTPaaTvw

2]Ruqyah baths. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqklNcAvCRQ

3]black magic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2nUG5eMBus&list=PLv5GL22SuWj-SW-ZdlH62Sl8BMyTv58GI

The black magic allows these people to probe in my mind. So there is no point using for example corded locks. These people will go to all lenghths to contaminate this ink so it does not work, My mother is on their side and has the key to my room. Althogth these people want to contaminate this ink badly they also do not want to get caught at it or for me to no they have done it.

So i decided i will set up a motion camera in my room, that will allow me to see when motion is detected in my room.
As my mother will simple turn her wifi off. so i decided to get a moblie phone to make a wifi hotspot in my room to connect to my phone.

Now the problem is that everything works on 2.4 ghz. I think from the internet, its better to buy and andoid moblie than iphone to get a 2.4 ghz wifi, my question is will any of these mobiles do the job:



I am not rich so can only get cheap phones.

My second probelm is that this phone that make my 2.4 ghz internet in my room need to connect to my iphone 5s. I think this shoud be okay as its sending it to my e-mail account.

This is the plan i have but if you can think of a better security system i would like to know. Bear in mind these people can read my mind and are many people and are very driven to stop me for example if i get a pad lock and lock my printer in my suit case which i will also do, they will simple pick the lock.

wi fi – Wifi, mobile data, bluetooth isn’t working after flashing stock rom

So I have an Asus ROG phone 2 device which was stuck into boot loop before. To get rid of that situation, I flashed the stock rom, and wiped user data by going to recovery mode.
But for some reason, my wifi isn’t turning on, my phone can’t detect any sim cards at all, and Bluetooth is also not working.
Side note, my phone’s sound is also gone. No single bit of sound is playing at all. Not even warning, notification nothing.

What should I do to get rid of that situation? I need immediate assistance.
thanks a lot

networking – USB Wifi adapter not working on Ubuntu 20.04 though working on Windows

I got a bluetooth + wifi adapter, when plugged into Ubuntu 20.04, the bluetooth works but wifi adapter is not found. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

The adapter I got is https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08GSBYX66/ref=ewc_pr_img_1?smid=A23LZ1Z0HGM689&psc=1

Also I’m using windows + ubuntu dual boot.

If you need extra information please ask me!

wireless networking – WiFi modem with outgoing traffic firewall

So here is the problem- I have a compromised macbook, seems that reinstalling the whole system doesn’t work, as what’s there inside is deeper then OS level. I need a device, that acts as a wifi modem (with a sim card), and where I can setup a white list of hosts where all wifi network can access. Or some similar portable setup.

wifi – Fixed Channel : -1 ( in Scanning and deauth)

I was using Alfa awus1900 (Realtek 8814u) wifi adapter to test my wifi but from this point, it always shows fixed channel -1 while scanning a particular bssid and on deuath also and after using –ig to ignore -ve one also it is not effective. Sometimes it shows interface down while deauth. I tried reinstalling the driver and changing the driver but none work for me.. Can someone tell me how to fix fixed channel: -1?

connection – Err_Connection_Closed on windows 10 when connecting via WIFI

I am taking some courses on udemy and everything was working fine until a few days ago. Now i get an Err_connection_closed when my browser tries to fetch the udemy cdn when loading videos from hls-c.udemycdn.com
This happens only when i am connecting on my windows 10 PC via my home WIFI network on any of my browsers; chrome, firefox and edge.
I am unable to reproduce the issue

  • on any other device on my WIFI network
  • when i connect my own PC to my mobile network instead.

I am able to successfully tracert and ping the url via cmd. i have a d-link router

wi fi – ADB Wifi loses connection when device’s screen turns off – Realme 7 – Android 10

I work on Android Studio while using actual device for ADB using ADB over tcp/ip through command prompt (no additional software). But, this new device gets offline the moment screen turns off. I’ve tried turning off everything related to Battery Optimization or Wifi. Although, there’s no such specific setting to let the Wifi awake after device sleeps like my old phone Huawei.

I’d also posted this over the official forum of Realme about a week ago but no one has replied so far. Link – Wifi gets turned off after screen lock – ADB issues.

So, Device’s status in ADB devices goes to offline the very moment screen locks and then I’ve to do the process of ADB Wifi all over again and I don’t want to use cable all the time because it affects battery through that 0.5/0.9 mA slow charging through motherboard. It is already slow enough that battery gets discharged even after continuous charging. I use ADB Wifi for more than 14 hours per day hence I need a stable solution.

So, my question is how to keep the device’s Wifi on even after screen lock? I know it’s device specific because of the custom changes to the ROM but I really need something.

wi fi – Why can’t I share Wifi to Linux mint if I can share it via USB?

wi fi – Why can’t I share Wifi to Linux mint if I can share it via USB? – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

dual sim – double SIM hotspot WiFi problem

I use a dualsim on my phone to have data from an italian and a german operator at the same time 😉
It works fine on the phone, but I noticed that when I use it as a WiFi hotspot ( to connect my laptop), most of the times I got messages like “connected, no internet”.

My workaround solution is to disable one of the 2 SIM (toggling the sim-selector in the android settings), disconnect the laptop and reconnect. It works, but it is very frustrating…….

I suppose there is a better way to set my network properties on phone and laptop, such that they can communicate better! Someone have an idea? Thanks in advance

networking – How can I install drivers for my USB wifi adapter if I have no internet?

On Ubuntu, no wifi adapters are found. The reason I’m making this post and not just following the 2 million other threads with the same problem is because everyone on them has a built in wifi adapter. On my device, I have some random USB adapter that isn’t showing up in Linux. I’m not sure if that changes anything, but I want to check. My main issue is that I can’t get the drivers for it without the internet. I’m writing this on a separate device. I don’t even know if drivers would change anything so please assist me. Thank you!

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