How to adjust table column width with CSS


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Flexible table columns width, rows independent?


i have HTML table with 3 rows.
the third row contains in the middle three columns that contains extraordinary long phrasesphrases which cause columns above these long columns to be long too and that looks bad, because above rows contains images so spacing is different.

How can i set the HTML table columns width to be flexible, i mean so the wide third row columns does not influence width of the columns in other rows of the same table?

This is my table code, i would possibly try to convert it into <div> but since the code seems difficult and me beginner, i am asking regarding hack to tweak current HTML table code, unless someone have time to turn it into div for me.


path finding – Example/Source Code for A* Pathfinding that accounts for width in LUA

I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to game dev and I honestly don’t have the time and knowledge to code an entire pathfinder from scratch on my own. I’m really just looking for maybe some example or source code that may be able to help me make a pathfinding function in lua that accounts for width as the engine I work in doesn’t have one. The game engine is in 3d and stores position vectors in the typical {x = 1, y = 2, z = 1} fashion.

Change page width in refined magazine/mag and news theme

I am using Mag and news theme, which is a child theme of Refined Magazine. On the admin page, there seems to be no option of changing the page width. I am capable of editing php files as well, but I can’t locate the place there where I should do it. Any help is appreciated!

discrete geometry – Cutting Convex Regions into Equal Diameter and Equal Least Width Pieces

Diameter of a Convex Region is the greatest distance between any pair of points in the region.
Least Width of a 2D convex region can be defined as the least distance between any pair of parallel lines that touch the region.

  1. Given a positive integer n, can every 2D convex region C be divided into n convex pieces, all of the same diameter? The pieces ought to be non-degenerate and have finite area.

  2. If the answer to 1 is yes, how does one minimize the common diameter of the n pieces?

  3. Consider dividing C into n convex pieces such that the maximum diameter among the pieces is a minimum. Will such a partition necessarily require all pieces to have the same diameter? This looks unlikely but I have no counter example.

  4. For any n, can any C be divided into n convex nondegenerate pieces, all of same least width?

  5. If 4 has a “yes” answer, how does one maximize the common least width of the n pieces?

  6. If the least width among convex n pieces into which C is being cut ought to be maximized, will such a partition necessarily be one where all pieces have same least width? Again, one has no counter example.

These questions have obvious analogs in higher dimensions and other geometries.

magento2 – Magento 2 API creat product width multiple images

I would like to create a product with several images via API.

It also works but he only reads one picture.
The others pictures only show the default thumbnail in the Magento backend.

enter image description here

He fetches the images via foreach:

foreach($_POST('image') as $key => $value) {

  $path_parts = pathinfo($value);

  $image() = array(
      'id' => $key,
      'media_type' => 'image',
      'label' => 'Product Image '.$key,
      'position' => $key,
      'disabled' => 'false',
      'types' => array('image','small_image','thumbnail'),
      'file' => $path_parts('filename').'.'.$path_parts('extension'),
      'content' => array(
        "base64_encoded_data" => base64_encode(file_get_contents($value)),
        "type" => "image/jpeg",
        "name" => $path_parts('filename').'.'.$path_parts('extension')

and then output in the post

$post ='{
  "product": {
    "sku": "DS12342134",
    "name": "Test",
    "attribute_set_id": 4,
    "price": 25,
    "status": 1,
    "visibility": 1,
    "type_id": "simple",
    "weight": "0.5",

can someone help?

Let P = (X,≤) be a poset. Suppose there are chains C1 and C2 in P so that X = C1 ∪ C2. Prove that the width of P cannot exceed 2

Who can help to prove the statement below?
Let P = (X,≤) be a poset. Suppose there are chains C1 and C2 in P so that X = C1 ∪ C2. Prove that the width of P cannot exceed 2.

python – How to force ansible to limit stdout width?

Is there a simple way to force ansible to think that the shell where it writes is shorter than the actual shell? How does it determine the shell width?

I’m using ansible-playbook command in a python script and I would like that the ansible would format the output shorter in width (but more lines) so it would not wrap around the window where it is displayed as debug information.

regex – Perl: How to check the max width of word present in columns of array after reading from file?

I am reading from a file and again writing to another file. So when writing due to some big words alignment gets distort of the latter columns. I got one related question here. But the problem is they using Perl module Perl6::Form and I want to do without any module.

#This the input file
Hey! How Are You
I   AM  FINEEE Thankyouuu

After alignment it should look like

Hey!  How   Are     You
I     AM    FINEEE  Thankyouuu

Code tried:

use warnings;
use strict;
use feature 'say';
$file1 = "file1.log";
$temp = "temp.log";
open(OUT, "<$file1") or die "Could not open file $file1: $!";
open(temp,"+>>$temp") or die "Could not open file $temp: $!";

while (my $line = <OUT>) {
    my @fs = split " ", $line;   
my @rows = @fs ;
my @col_lens =  @{$rows(0)};
my $col_len; 
for my $row (@rows) {
   next if !@$row;

   for my $col_idx (0..$#$row) {
       $col_len = length $row->($col_idx);
      if ( $col_lens->($col_idx) < $col_len) {
        $col_lens->($col_idx) = $col_len;
 print "@col_lensn";
    close temp1;
    close OUT;

The code is not working. The max word of each column get stored in array col_lens and then while writing back to file it should add black spaces according to max_length for every column. Can anyone suggest something?
Thanks A.

automate – Programmatically Set Minimum Width in Developer Options

How do I programmatically set the Minimum Width in Android’s Developer Options from Llamalab’s Automate app?

I use Your Phone on Windows 10 to view my phone’s screen. I maximize the window to get the full size of my monitor. With a minimum width of 1500, the phone is kind of like a tablet. I would like to set the Minimum Width to 1500 when viewing the screen on my monitor and 486 (the default?) when viewing the screen on my phone.