FontAwesome Icons in Message User Info for Xenforo 2.2 | Nulled Scripts Download

This is something I have managed to implement. It may not be the best way to achieve it, and if there is a better way, please reply to the thread and I will update it.
It works in XF 2.2, but may work in 2.x, I don’t know.
It includes how to implement fontawesome icons for custom user fields. I have a custom user field represented by a car, which you can see in this screen capture.
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There are 4 steps. Steps 2 and 4 are for custom user fields and you can…


[BS] GitHub Dev Tools | Nulled Scripts Download

This add-on adds commands to create a convenient project structure on GitHub. However, you can continue development in standard directories, since the add-on automatically creates a symlink.

More detailed information in the FAQ.

Project structure example: 021-projects/XF2-ScheduledPosting


[AP] Member Bars

Admin submitted a new resource:

[AP] Member Bars – Adds bar charts to the Notable Members page.

This is a small template modification addon for Xenforo 2.2 that adds bar charts to the Notable Members page.

“lightbox_close”: “Close”,
“lightbox_next”: “Next”,
“lightbox_previous”: “Previous”,
“lightbox_error”: “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.”,
“lightbox_start_slideshow”: “Start slideshow”,
“lightbox_stop_slideshow”: “Stop slideshow”,
“lightbox_full_screen”: “Full screen”,
“lightbox_thumbnails”: “Thumbnails”,
“lightbox_download”: “Download”,
“lightbox_share”: “Share”,
“lightbox_zoom”: “Zoom”,
“lightbox_new_window”: “New window”,
“lightbox_toggle_sidebar”: “Toggle sidebar”


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whmcs 2 different queues for invoicing numbers

Is there any option to :

1. keep an invoicing number for home invoices (for same country)
2. keep an invoicing number for outside of hom… | Read the rest of

[Xen-Soluce] Credit System | Nulled Scripts Download

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[Xen-Soluce] Credit System – Setup an advanced system for counting user threads, posts, replies and reactions in selected forums

Description :

  • This add-on allow you to setup an advanced system for counting user threads, posts, replies and reactions in selected forums.

Feature summary :

  • Options :
    • Credit calculation method
    • Rounding value
    • Events :
      • Add event :
        • Threads
        • Posts
        • Reply
        • Reactions
        • XenCentral Feedback System :
          • Positive
          • Neutral
          • Negative
        • [Xen-Soluce] Invite System:

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VideoPro – Video WordPress Theme

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VideoPro – Video WordPress Theme – VideoPro – Video WordPress Theme

View attachment 24253

Check out VideoPro’s full features list beflow

  • Submit Video/Post: allow visitors to submit posts
  • Various Video Network supported: use direct link from…

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Know your audience inside out with Client Profile Viewer For WHMCS 1.8.0! |

1. Client Profile Viewer For WHMCS 1.8.0

We are more than overjoyed to bring you the news about the latest super-practical update to Client Profile Viewer For WHMCS. This is what the electrifying 1.8.0 version keeps in store for you:

  • Take a quick peek at all the users that are assigned to your client’s profile with the just-out List Of Users widget.
  • Hover over a client’s name and get the list of messages sent to them most recently showing up in front of your eyes thanks to Recent Emails addition.
  • Do not hesitate to enjoy all the comfort and convenience of arranging your widgets into one, two or three columns to use the available screen space to the utmost.

Last but not least, get yourself exposed to the fully-featured WHMCS V8.1 compatibility of Client Profile Viewer For WHMCS 1.8.0 and a bunch of other improvements that come along!

The full changelog impatiently waiting here to be inspected!

2. Since last week we have also rolled out the following updates:

Need Custom Software Development For Your Business?

Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!

Ecom – Fast Multi Store Front Builder (SaaS) | Nulled Scripts Download

Ecom brings a unique solution to the table providing you with saas as well. Ecom gives your users the ability to create products, set categories, connect payment gateways under one sharable link with a beautiful storefront design.

Ecom Demo
[email protected]
Password: ecomadmin
Some options are disabled in demo for better experience


[TH] Trending

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[TH] Trending – Allows you to showcase the most active and trending threads on your forum with just a few clicks

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Phox – Hosting WordPress & WHMCS Theme | Nulled Scripts Download


Phox is a perfect solution for Hosting Companies. Phox gives you the ability to create a unique-looking website with an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder. fully responsive, retina-ready, and SEO-optimised. On top of that, Phox comes with Advanced Domain Search, You can also choose from +20 website templates as a quick start.


  • Advanced Domain Search
  • WHMCS Bridge…