libgdx+android: White screen after re-create() but not resume()

I have this weird issue only on android where if I push the home button, when I get back into the game it passes through resume() and it display by background texture correctly. But if I push the back button it destroy and when I get back it the game it calls create(), but it draws the background as a white texture instead.

I searched a bit on the subject and what I know so far:

  • Android static variables are not reinitialized on activity recreation, so you must make sure that create() will initialize those variables.
  • OpenGL will free the textures when the application loses focus, so this is why they must be reloaded when the application resume.

Unfortunately, even having this information in mind while programming did not fix the issue. I’ll just show important portion of the code below:

// The asset manager is created statically, but not initialized
private static AssetManager _manager;

//Then during the create() and resume() method, the manager is initialized and all the 
//textures will be loaded afterwards.
_manager = new AssetManager();

//When the app is destroyed, dispose() is called and the manager is nullified
_manager = null;

So given the code above, if the application is destroyed or resumed, they will both pass into the same initialization method that creates the assets manager and load textures.

So why it only works on resume() and not on create() when the same code is actually called.

A quick fix that worked was something I found on this forum which consisted in killing the application on disposal with the following code in the android project:

protected void onDestroy() {
    android.os.Process.killProcess(android.os.Process.myPid()); // this line will kill process

But I am not sure it is the right way to do things.

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Algorithm to turn gray-scale text into legible binary black and white text

I have an image with gray-scale anti-aliased text produced by Chromium and need to convert this into pure binary black and white text. Applying a simple binary threshold pass over the image causes artifacts, either missing edges or weird protrusions and text being too bold depending on the chosen threshold.

Below an example of the input, the perfect outcome (as this is how the text would be rendered without AA) and the current outcome based on binary threshold (I think this is a 0.6 threshold). Sadly, it’s not possible to instruct Chromium to render the text without anti-aliasing, so a conversion is the only option.

I was wondering if there was an established algorithm for this kind of problem or in what direction I would have to look to find something that could be adapted to work here. Any algorithm would need to be able to run in semi-realtime, no offline solutions.

text rendering example

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world of darkness – Do “editions” of White Wolf products correspond?

White Wolf has published a variety of product lines. Each product line has multiple editions. Do the editions of various games line up intuitively?

For example, I have a smattering of books from both Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Wraith: The Oblivion. Both games have a first edition, second edition, and 20th anniversary edition (Werewolf additionally has a Revised edition that does not seem to correspond to anything in Wraith).

In other games with which I’m familiar the editions would line up nicely. For example, in Dungeons and Dragons there are Ravenloft books for 2nd edition D&D and 5th edition D&D. There are also Planescape books for 2nd edition. The Planescape 2e and Ravonloft 2e books are in some sense “related” because they refer to the same rule set.

Is this true for White Wolf products? I’m confused because the periods in which they are published don’t overlap. Werewolf 1e was published between 1992 – 1993, while Wraith 1e was published in 1994 – 1995. Second edition Werewolf started in 1994, but second edition Wraith started in 1996.

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white balance – For a given lens/camera, will a ND filter always need same WB correction in all conditions?

I’ve taken a few photos with a new B+W ND 6-stop filter and found that it leaves them quite warm. I’m able to correct this in ACR using temperature/tint sliders. For the few photos I’ve taken so far, the same temp/tint settings seem to work for each one.

I’ve heard that color cast from a given ND filter can vary between cameras and lenses. But presuming I continue to use this filter with the same camera and lens, is it safe to assume my WB correction will be the same every time, for any photo? Or will it be dependent on other conditions like lighting and exposure/aperture?

Note that I ask, because if the color cast varies based on some conditions, then I will probably take no-filter companion shots for any filter shots that are important, so I’ll have a reference point for matching WB later. Though, it would be nice to not have to always do this.

olympus – White spot on camera LCD

I recently got the Olympus OMD EM10 MII and while I was trying to take some pics last night, I saw two very tiny white spots on the LCD screen of the camera when I faced the night sky. When I took few pics, the spots didn’t show up on my photos (I did not look the photos in my computer but on my LCD screen). But, when I try to view on the LCD, the two tiny spots are still there. I was wondering if this is common and can be fixed or is the camera faulty and I need to return it? If it can be fixed, can someone please guide me. Appreciate the help!