How to search symbol in WhatsApp

I have trouble searching something as simple as "G&T"
I couldn’t search it because it’s a symbol?

javascript – Función para utilizar distintos números de WhatsApp en un mismo botón

Solicito su ayuda para realizar una función que me permita a través de variables de entorno utilizar distintos números de WhatsApp dependiendo de la localidad en la que es utilizada la app la cual es redirigida o determinada por distintos environment. Tengo un total de 10 localidades a las que quiero poder asignarles a cada una su número de localidad personalizado utilizando un único enlace a WhatsApp.
Mi app esta realizada en React.
Desde ya gracias por el crecimiento que día a día me brindan y los conocimientos que comparten. Saludos!

How to kill Whatsapp process without it resurrecting after a time?

On my Xiaomi Mi A1 if I go to Apps & notifications > WhatsApp and tap “force stop”, the app seems to stop. But hours later, WhatsApp is strangely on again and I start receiving messages.

If there is a way to safely kill the process associated with WhatsApp so the app does not start again, what is it?

WhatsApp actual size is in MBs but in iCloud backup it is several GBs

WhatsApp actual size is in MBs but in iCloud backup it is several GBs – Ask Different

WhatsApp icon missing on Anbox Session-Manager

I have Anbox installed on Ubuntu 20.04. Starting Anbox Session-Manager I couldn’t find WhatsApp icon.

Please advise how to add it there.

Can I connect WhatsApp without a mobile phone? If YES, please advise HOW?

Thanks in advance

url – How can I add an image to a WhatsApp message created from a click on my website through the API?

I want to send an image, text with product URL to WhatsApp from my website when the user clicks on the WhatsApp icon.

Currently I can send text with product URL but I don’t know how to add a image parameter.

<a target="_blank" href="<?php echo h($photo->caption) ?><?php echo u(h($meta_url)) ?>">
   <i class="fab fa-whatsapp"></i></a>


Restoring WhatsApp chat history either fom local backup or from Google Drive

  1. I have my WhatsApp chat history backed up on Google drive till June 2017. After that I stopped the Google Drive backup.
  2. I have local Database backup file having data from August 2018 till today.

Question 1 – Now when I uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp, will it restore data from Google Drive + local Backup both?

Question 2 – How do I restore data only from Google Drive?

Question 3 – How to do restore data only from local backup?

Question 4 – What will happen if I backup current local backup to Google drive? Will it corrupt my old back up on Google drive? Will it overwrite my existing backup on Google drive

I want to clear data on whatsapp to recover my messages but i lost the number would whatsapp send a message to the umber?

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android studio – WhatsApp clone dialog popup view

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WhatsApp update erased the chat history. What has gone wrong and is there any way to restore it?

Seems like WhatsApp update has erased all my WhatsApp history. Is there any way to get it back? (Without paying for third party tools, if possible)

I bought a new Android phone (Realme 7 Pro) and wanted to transfer my WhatsApp data from the old iPhone to the new Android phone. Seems like there is no way to do it easily so I had to buy a third party app that helped me to transfer the data.
I connected both phones using USB, the app read WhatsApp messages from my old iPhone, then installed WhatsApp on my new Android phone and imported all the messages. After the successful migration I deleted WhatsApp on my old iPhone and all seemed to be fine.

Then I was experiencing certain problems with WhatsApp and got a suggestion that I might need to update it. I then found WhatsApp in Play Store and there was a button reading “Install” on it. I got a bit surprised about why it says “Install” rather than “Update” but I thought that’s just the way it is on Android. I then downloaded WhatsApp and got 2 WhatsApps on my desktop. I tried running the new one and it asked me to confirm the number. I then closed it and wanted to open the old one and realised that it was gone…

I don’t have backup of my WhatsApp history on iCloud either so I can’t get it from there.

I have previously backed up my iPhone using iTunes though so I might be able to get something from there, but still wondering what has gone wrong on my Android phone. How could WhatsApp installation just completely bin everything from the previous version?..

Thank you very much for any information/suggestions 🙂

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