What’s the problem here?

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What is the problem here and I hope the solution because it concerns me a lot

What’s worse, -2 or disadvantage?

So, I’m building a system that adds an extra level of flavor, with some minor mechanics as an optional side system for a 5e campaign. The basic function is, you collect points, then collect a deficit. Once you get enough points again, that deficit is escalated.

So for example, one effect causes creatures making a perception check (based on smell), gain advantage. The escalated version is they no longer need a roll – they can pick up your trail easily, and are able to track you.

One mechanic I’m not sure about however is the comparison between a hard deficit, vs disadvantage. I.e. -2 to a roll, vs disadvantage on a roll.

So, are these comparable, and if so, which is worse?

postgresql – In Postgres, what’s the most optimal way to extract and use a numeric value from within a JSONB field?

Most sources (e.g. this answer) seem to indicate that the canonical way to extract a numeric data type from a JSONB column with values like, say, {"foo": 1.2345} is to do (col->>'foo')::numeric.

Theoretically, though, the semantics are that this first needs to be converted from JSONB (which is fully capable of representing numerics in a binary format) to a textual representation of the characters, then parsed as a numeric.

If this is done in a tight loop, or as the basis for complicated comparisons, perhaps visiting the same row multiple times due to a join, does Postgres automatically know that it doesn’t need to format-and-parse these numbers every time, and does it optimize (or even JIT) accordingly? Is there a better way to do this?

What’s the difference between landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Hi Friends,

Conversion Rate Optimization: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)in simpler terms refers to the process of boosting the number of site visitors. Also these visitors are the ones who actually respond to a certain pop-up or button on your site. Such actions may involve filling a form, placing an order or even commenting/sharing/liking a content. For Quality CRO, it’s important to recognize how a visitor responds to certain features, and what exactly he/she looks for in a site. That way, you can remove those elements which prevent them from taking further action and become your customers.

Landing page optimization: (LPO) is the process of improving elements on a website to increase conversions. You can define Landing page optimization as a subset of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), as in the fact that improving your landing page activity is a part of improving your overall Conversion rate statistics. For Landing Page Optimization A/B testing is one of the better strategies to improve the conversion rates.

seo – Malicious backlinks from malware sites – what’s their purpose?

I have two websites that have created dozens of backlinks to my website. votefrankharris dot com and a similar ddswhite dot com. The first website’s backlinking pages redirect to malicious pages/sites. The sites appear to no longer be in use (I guess Frank didn’t get elected). There’s a fairly exhaustive list of these spammy sites here.

My question is, what is the point of someone doing this? Are they hoping that curious web admins will click on their backlinks and get infected? Is this some kind of blackhat SEO trick?

❓ASK – What’s makes coins to gain popularity? | Proxies123.com

I think things like the coins technology, use-case, ecosystem, and price growth and marketing all factor into a coins popularity.

Revolutionary ideas with tech and development to back it are a lot easier to buy into that tokens issued with a dream. As we have seen, a coin can have all of this (tech, use-case, a functioning ecosystem, and more) but if it does not successfully implement marketing, it may still suffer the same fate of many coins before it (see Nanocurrency).

social sharing buttons – What’s the unicode for the Share icon (or do I need to use SVG instead)?

A commonly recognised share icon looks like this:

Share Icon

I’m guessing there must be (surely) a Unicode symbol out there for this, but so far – despite pretty thorough searching – I’ve come up empty-handed.

I note that the approved list of new emojis for 2020 include:

  • a dodo
  • a rollerboot
  • a rainbow piñata

I’m concluding it’s unlikely that Unicode would have got as far as approving these but not yet approving a share icon.

What’s the Unicode for the share icon above, please?

Or do I need to use SVG, instead?

What’s the number one food humans should eat?

There isnt any one thing for humans. Some species have evolved to live on a very singular kind of diet as you mention, but humans need a variety in their diet. We should have a lot more vegetable matter with some animal protein in modest amounts. Just look at our teeth and compare it to other species. A predatory cat has teeth made for killing and ripping chunks of flesh. Their stomach is much more highly acidic to digest raw meat. A horse has front teeth for cutting but large flat back teeth for grinding. Look at a humans…we have a little bit of both…..that says, from an evolutionary point of view, we need a variety on our diet

animation – What’s the easiest way to animate a (non-player) mesh?

I made a coffin with some animations in Maya, exported it to Unreal, and I want to start the animation from a blueprint, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how.

I tried:

  • Play Animation
  • Get Anim Instance > Cast To AnimBlueprint > call custom event in AnimBlueprint (LiftCoffinInAir)
  • Get Anim Instance > Cast To AnimBlueprint > set boolean (which is what the event would do)
  • A blueprint interface called from here, and with an event in the animation blueprint

enter image description here

The only way I got the animation to play at all was by setting the boolean to true every blueprint update.

enter image description here

This means that my animation graph works fine, but for some reason none of the events in the event graph work.

Any ideas?

What’s the greatest Country in the world. ?

Sort of like asking what the greatest flavor of ice cream is. Depends on who you ask. For myself, I’d say we’re exceptional at a few things…mediocre at many others…and down right terrible at a few others yet. All in all, I love my country…warts and all.