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Closely related to the well-known Health Nut, a “Well-Being Nut” is also about Financial Freedom, Safety and Happiness. That’s why I started sites like GoodLifeMission.com which is all about well-being for one and all. And FreeKindPosters.org which currently just has a dog safety poster but will expand into other subjects soon, mostly about health and safety.

If you have an issue that is related to well-being, e.g. a thread that you’d like me to read and help people with consumer advocacy advice, please let me know.


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Suggest any GUI App similar to digital wellbeing or Qualitytime for ubuntu

I am new to ubuntu. I want to count the total time spend on each app and on-screen time. Is there a software for the same?

For example Digital Wellbeing and QualityTime.

digital wellbeing – How can I schedule Focus Mode on my Android phone?

Google have launched Digital Wellbeing features in newer Android versions, including Focus Mode. Focus Mode lets you select a list of allowed apps and block all others, during periods when you want to focus and avoid distractions.

According to this blog post by Google, it is possible to schedule Focus Mode:

Their feedback inspired us to include a few new features with today’s launch. For example, we’ve added an option to automatically turn Focus mode on and off for the days and times that you choose (e.g. from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays). This is especially handy for setting daily schedules; you can minimize distractions during the hours you’re at work, school or home.

My phone has Focus Mode, but it does not seem to have a way to schedule Focus Mode. How is Focus Mode scheduled on phones where this is supported?

How might we increment wellbeing in the utilization of farm trucks and rural hardware?

how my shop increase my product?

More flexible Digital Wellbeing settings for limiting time spent in specific apps?

Digital Wellbeing is a feature/app built in to recent Google phones and some phones with Google-licensed Android distributions, but it isn’t open source, so unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it would be possible to modify it and add new features. I am looking for something a little more powerful, that would allow me to, for example:

  • Group a bunch of social media apps together, and have one time limit per day that covers them all as a group, rather than timing the usage of each individual app separately. For example, instead of limiting myself to 30 minutes on Twitter, 30 minutes on Facebook, and 30 minutes on Reddit, I would like to be able to limit myself to 1.5 hours in total on any “social media” app (the group of apps being definable by me, and I would define it to include Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and perhaps others). So with that “group limit”, I would be able to spend, for example, 1 hour on Twitter and 30 minutes on Facebook, but then it wouldn’t allow me to use any of those 3 apps for the remainder of the day.
  • Disable the time limits automatically at weekends, and re-enable them at the beginning of the next week
  • Disable all the time limits manually in the evening, but have them re-enabled automatically the following day, in case I forget to do so.

Is there any way I can achieve these goals?

Also, is there any way to also achieve these goals on my Windows PC, in a unified way? Right now I’m just blocking those particular websites on my PC, as a workaround. That means I can only access them on my phone, so I don’t have an easy way to get around the time limits I’ve set up on my phone. But it would be nice to have a time limit that’s shared across all of my devices.

Digital Wellbeing in Secure folder Android 10

How can I use Digital Wellbeing in Secure folder Android 10? I am using Samsung A70.

Basically I would like to restrict usage of certain apps inside my secure folder and if possible I would like to have a launcher for secure folder like Desert Island – A Digital Wellbeing Experiment – Apps on Google Play. I am able to install it but I have to manually activate it everytime I go inside secure folder.

French – Vital well-being | Proxies123.com

Vital well-being To feel free, stay ready and achieve your weight loss goals, plan your means more. When you plan ahead, you can simply decide how much to eat and when. It will be much easier for you to maintain your Loss program, you must have a reliable plan and stick to it.

Natural and safe alternative to provide health and well-being to the furry members of your family

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[ Politics ] Open question: Is well-being a hero for the Democrats?

[ Politics ] Open question: Is well-being a hero for the Democrats? .