Weirdness with Cpanel; outage?

Tried accessing Multiphp manager (and Easyapache4, etc) on one of our servers, and it sat there for ages doing nothing at all. This box is b… | Read the rest of

Excel default text color weirdness

How does Excel choose which color a newly added text will be? I makes no sense to me, look…

To be sure there isn’t any invisible formatting on the cells, start with a fresh sheet and add some values:


Then make them gray, only the actual values:


Now try to add a new, black, value:


So, in the columns with three values, I have to keep a distance of at least three cells to get a black value. But in the columns with just two or a single value I don’t have to keep any distance at all? Or is the logic completely different and I just don’t see it?

I tried clearing formats, clearing everything, creating new columns and re-typing the data into them, I can’t get consistent behavior.