seo – Are backlinks on my own websites considered toxic?

I have a lot of websites with recipes from around the world. In the footer of each of them there are links to the others.

I was wondering if this technique is good or not for SEO. I own all websites and Google knows it (all are in Google Webmasters).

Also, having the backlink in the footer means that it is literally on each page. Does that affect too? Is it better to have a backlink only on one or two pages?

Twitter for websites: full profile header

In an old website that I built, I embedded the entire Twitter profile header (cover / name / avatar / statistics) in the footer of the page.

I would like to do the same, but I have no idea how I did it before.

I have been in and I clicked on the Timelines link, but there seems to be no option to display the header image as it used to. What happened and is it possible to show the image of your profile header as you used to?

web development: under what software framework do established technology companies create websites?

I am looking to implement my squarespace website in code. What software framework is most popular among technology companies established to do so? I guess they wouldn't use square space or wordpress for their sites …

I have experience with flutter and native reaction. If I could take advantage of that experience, it would be great.

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Certain websites keep disconnecting me (Chrome)

I use Chrome on a personal PC where I am the only user. I have logged in to several websites, all of them with the "stay connected" box checked. Even so, very often when I return to some of these websites, I am disconnected and need to log in again each time. This happens even if the previous visit was recent; I suspect that the critical action is the browser restart instead of the elapsed time.

Interestingly, this problem occurs only with certain websites (including,, but not with others (such as StackExchange sites or Google sites such as gmail / youtube)

I used to think that this is a problem with those previous websites, but I realize that it probably has to do with Chrome itself. What can I do to diagnose it? The only way I would know how to do this is to disable each extension (add-on) at the same time to see if any of them are to blame, but that would take a long time.

I'm on Windows 10 and let Chrome update (currently in v77.0.3865.90).

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