dnd 5e: are there applications / websites that allow you to share home content with players?

As in the title, is there an application / website that allows you to share home content with players during a live game session?

For example, I heard that DnDBeyond allows you to share WotC content with players. And I used Roll20 that allows you to share content in the game.

But I was looking for something other than Roll20 (that is, aimed at live playback) and not DnDBeyond (which is paid and seems to be just WotC).

Any suggestions?

Macos: reference book or websites on how Mac OS works

I am looking for a good book or other set of reference materials on how MacOS works. I'm not interested in GUI tools or advanced Finder tips or things like that. Rather, I am interested in the basics of UNIX.

I mainly used Linux for several years and I still have some Linux machines, and much of my use of Mac is in a Terminal. But I have basic control over how a Linux machine works that I simply don't have for a Mac. For example, I know that most Linux distributions use systemd, so I can dig through that documentation. I know the Mac uses launchd. What would be good is a book that explains these types of technologies. Other examples would be how application packages work or how kexts work.

The rough equivalent of "How Linux works" in No Starch Press for Mac would be good, but I can't find any book like that. Even some decent websites would be good, I can't find any on the Apple site. At this time, the best I can do is dig through the manual pages of my system.

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tls – How do websites really mitigate BREACH? (HTTPS + compression)

After reading some popular questions and answers on this website about BREACH, the only advice seems to be: don't compress anything that may contain secrets (including CSRF tokens). However, that does not seem like great advice. Most websites are actually compressing everything, so I wonder what exactly they are doing to avoid BREACH. I just checked the page with the form to change your password here on StackExchange, and it is compressed. It seems that everything is also compressed on Google, and on many other important websites that need to worry about security. So what are they doing to prevent BREACH?

Here is a list of possible solutions that I have been able to gather:

  • Disable compression completely. This means wasting bandwidth and nobody seems to be doing this,
  • Only compress static resources like CSS and JS. Good idea, that's the fastest solution to implement, and that's what I plan to do on some websites that I need to optimize.
  • Reference Check and avoid compression whenever requests from unauthorized websites. Interesting idea, but it almost sounds like a "dirty trick" and is far from perfect (some customers suppress references, all traffic coming from other websites and search engines will end up loading uncompressed pages, etc.)
  • Rate limiting requests. This was definitely implemented by Google, because if I click on too many links too quickly, I could see a CAPTCHA (sometimes it happened to me, while checking the position of a website in the SERP, I was literally behaving like a bot). But do websites really depend on this to mitigate BREACH? And is it even reliable? What is a sensitive and effective limit to establish, for example?
  • Use CRSF tokens in HTTP headers instead of the body of the page. I haven't noticed something like that in StackExchange, but Google seems to have interesting HTTP headers that look like tokens. I guess this will really mitigate the problem, as long as the tokens are always marked (even just to show information, not just to change it). I guess this is the perfect solution, but it is the most difficult to implement unless you do it from scratch (it would require rewriting several parts of your application).

So the questions are: are the previous points valid? Are there any other options? And what are websites doing that follow best practices?

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domain name system: a DNS record for www and non www websites

For every website I have, I noticed that I have alone This DNS record A:

*.example.com   3600    A   0

will make http://example.com unavailable and have alone This DNS record A:

example.com 3600    A   0

will make http://www.example.com unavailable.

Question: is it mandatory to have two DNS A records to support www and not www

*.example.com   3600    A   0
example.com     3600    A   0

Or is there a way to define both in a DNS A record?

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Chronology of the most popular websites (1996-2019)

Data Is Beautiful, a geek of the information portrayed that enjoys visualizing as a secondary interest, has taken a curious timeline video course that shows the most popular websites between the long periods of 1999 and 2019 in the sequential order of month to month.

Obviously, AOL had the most visitors in the initial long period of the web. Yahoo surpassed AOL in 2001. Google assumed control of the number one in 2006, where, after a touch of movement, it remains today.