seo – My Create-React-app blog website’s post appeared in google search, why?

I was just searching my blog title in google and result blow my mind, How google can read title of my blog that render in client side.


As i know When googlebot go to any Create-React-app website, it show a blank index.html then how googlebot read content on my blog and appear in google search.

Please describe me how SEO works on Create-React-app.

Where to Sell Adult Websites? Flippa?

I think you can't sell adult sites on Flippa? I know you can do it on Digitalpoint, but is there other sites?

Also, would there be a market for adult website sellers? Any thoughts welcome!

javascript – What is it about modern websites that make them so unbearably sluggish?

First of all, I’m not using some kind of slow Internet connection. And my PC is a monster, which can display a webpage full of stuff that I coded myself in HTML faster than I can perceive it loading.

But every single time I have to load any webpage on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, and a million other ones that I for example find in search results, it can take many seconds for the content to finally appear, if it appears as all. Frequently, there’s just an empty page, or some lockout message about how I’m in the wrong country or don’t have access to load it.

I use Pale Moon, not because it’s a good browser but because 100 % of all the other ones are infested with spyware. (Chrome and Firefox are entire unusable, and all the “others” are just skins to these browsers.) There is no need to tell me that Pale Moon is somehow “at fault” and that I “should switch browsers”. I cannot do so, because there is nothing left to switch to. The last real Opera version is from 2012.

Even if these major websites are somehow coded by complete novices who have no concept of programming or logical thinking, I simply don’t understand how it’s possible for them to cause my machine to crawl on its knees and often freeze entirely from just one page load. I used to be able to open hundreds of tabs of any website by middle-clicking on early 2000s computer hardware, but now, on a much more powerful machine, even one single tab with YouTube or Twitch or Twitter takes a million years to slowly load.

Even if they use a ton of weird JavaScript libraries and abstractions, and have zero regard for their users, I don’t understand how it’s possible for these libraries/frameworks to cause such slow-downs. I really, honestly don’t.

Can somebody please explain this once and for all? Are they doing things like:

if (is running_something_other_than_Chromium()) { for (var i = 0; i < 99999999; i++) eat_CPU_resources(); }

? It almost seems like it. For real.

Every time I have to shop for groceries, I have to slooooowly load these pages that should take 0.01 second in the worst-case scenario, but actually take 5-10 seconds to slowly build up, even though they contain nothing that would justify such loading times.

When you are subjected to this all day, every day, it really starts to affect you mentally. I have coded all kinds of “streamlined workflows” just to save time and in order to not load more pages than necessary from these sites, which is insanity. I would really appreciate it if somebody would explain how this can be once and for all, and not just say that “they use heavy JS libraries”, because JavaScript code runs ultra-fast and has been given extreme amounts of developer time and effort to optimize due to its central role in any non-ancient web browser.

(And on top of it, I use adblocking (uBlock Origin), so this is without even seeing any ads. If I also had to load those, each page would probably take an hour to load…)

google search – How to correctly set up multi-language websites in NextJs for SEO? (avoid duplicate content)

I will have 5 websites, so 5 different domains

Each of them will be translated in all the other languages using subfolders system offered by Next.



and so on for other domains...

and same for all the other domains.

When opening “” what should be the canonical URL? Should it be “” which is in english? Or should it be “”?

So my question is how to correctly set canonical URLs and correctly use the “hreflang” property in order to avoid duplicate content in this case?

Will “” and “” be considered as duplicate content, since they will have the same exact content? If yes, how to avoid that?

html – Programadores de Websites

html – Programadores de Websites – Stack Overflow em Português

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openid – list websites requiring that my browser is signed into Gmail

You mean this?

“Manage your Google Account” > “Security” > “Third party apps with account access”

Apps using my Google account as SSO

Also, your example is surprising; you should at have to click through a prompt authorizing Google to release your personal info (your name, email address, etc) to If any random website you’re on can just ask Google who you are without you having to consent, then the whole concept of internet privacy is shot to hell, so I find that highly suspicious.

If your concern is just that does not have their own user account system and forces you to give them your Google account; well, then don’t use — this is the general advice “if you don’t like the terms of service, then don’t use the service”.

Invest crowdfunding websites

What invest crowdfunding websites can i use to invest money ?

Are Chinese websites unfriendly to Google optimization? Why does my website always fail to rank on Google?

Are Chinese websites unfriendly to Google optimization? Why does my website always fail to rank on Google?
enter image description here

And why many people on this platform want to hack our China, we are also a free and safe country!

I” Il write 461 Words SEO for you in the form of content or articles for websites / blogs. Pro write for $10

I” Il write 461 Words SEO for you in the form of content or articles for websites / blogs. Pro write

TAMPA, Fla. – After many years of public denial, the U.S. authorities is now acknowledging the existence of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), or UFOs. The U.S. Senate has ordered the U.S. brain neighborhood head and the secretary of nation to supply a file on the subject with the aid of subsequent month.Since 2007, the U.S. authorities has been reading unidentified aerial phenomena at the back of the scenes, amassing movies of viable UFO sightings. The Pentagon admits what’s depicted in the movies – captured by using the U.S. navy – is some thing they cannot explain.

“When you see a video of some thing that can not be explained, it does not imply it is aliens. It simply capability some thing is going on in the sky that we can not identify,” Mutual UFO Network Michigan Chapter State Director Bill Konkolesky said.

In 2015, the U.S. Navy captured video of UAP off the coast of Jacksonville. The video and others like it are now being studied by using the UAP Task Force.Just closing month, a video of three pyramid-shaped UFOs gathered by using the UAP Task Force used to be leaked to the public. According to the Pentagon, the video used to be captured by means of Navy officers aboard the USS Russell off the coast of California in 2019.

“The truth that this wasn’t some type of hoax and that this is genuinely a massive pyramid spinning round in the sky. That’s amazing,” Konkolesky said.

Konkolesky, with the Mutual UFO Network, a non-profit business enterprise committed to analyzing UFO sightings, has been learning the theme for decades. He says the upcoming record set to be became over to the Senate subsequent month is a fundamental step ahead for UFO research.

“It’s feasible that some matters will be launched now and some matters will be launched later to supply human beings time to digest the whole lot that is in this,” Konkolesky said.

Sen. Marco Rubio, who is section of the Intelligence Committee, ordered the report. In an interview with 60 Minutes Sunday night time on CBS he stated the U.S. ought to take UFOs seriously.

“I choose to have a system to analyze the data,” Rubio said. “Until we get some answers. Maybe it has a very easy answer. Maybe it doesn’t.”

For Konkolesky, it is nevertheless difficult to say simply how a great deal we should research come subsequent month.

“They have a lot to launch and I suppose it is going to be greater like a drip feed to the public than they are going to launch the whole lot at once,” Konkolesky said.

The document ought to be launched as early as June 1, however Konkolesky says there is a risk it should be delayed.


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