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applications – Uninstall Android app from Google Play website

I have installed one of the android apps, which is for double tap to screen on/off, but this app is misleading. Unfortunately I gave admin permission for this app, after installing this android app, My mobile screen is never showing up. But, I can hear phone rings, message tones, and everything working fine. How do I make my screen visible now??

Is there anyway to uninstall that particular app, from any website?? I’m pretty sure that, screen is not popping up because of this app. Please help me here.

website design – How do I make child element 100% body width while parent container is set to 80%?

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Need a partner to make an adult movie website

Hello everyone !
I have a lot of data on adult movies and porn, but I don’t have the money to build an adult movie website I can help you guys build an adult website from all my adult data.Please comment or contact me via inbox

website design – When reading a long passage, when do users tend to scroll the page?

I’m creating a web page with a lot of text, and elements that animate in once the user scrolls past a certain threshold. I need to determine exactly how far the user should scroll before triggering an animation, and I realized I don’t have a clear picture of how users scroll as they read.

When reading a long passage such as a lengthy blog post or news article, do users tend to:

  1. Read until they reach the button of their window, then scroll down a full viewport height and continue reading from the top of the window?

  2. Read until they reach the bottom of their window, then continue scrolling in small increments, such that they’re usually looking at the bottom of the window?

  3. Scroll continuously while reading, in small increments, so they’re usually looking at the center of their window?

  4. Something else, or a combination of the above?

As I thought about this, I realized I’m not even sure what I do, myself! I tend to follow behavior #1 when I’m thinking about it, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how I’d scroll under normal circumstances.

My own research on scroll behavior kept turning up articles on how far users scroll, rather than how they scroll. I know that a lot of people won’t read long passages to begin with, but I want to optimize for those users who do.

I’d ideally like to see some type of eye tracking study, and especially one which has data for different screen sizes and/or types of users. Lacking that, however, anecdotal experience would also be extremely welcome—even anecdotes about yourself, If you’re better at observing your natural behavior than I am.

website – Angular deploy. How to do it

I have Angular 2 app which structure is like this.

Email server and inside I have my client side app.

Email server ( client side inside)

After “ng build — prod”
My app is compiled an I can start it.
I start my app via command ” nodemon server.js”

This command starting my server on specific port and that is. When I open browser and type localhost: port everything works.

My question is when I do deploy on my web site to some web host (VPS) how to say on the server to start from ” nodemon server.js”?

Or probably I have to do something else like to generate somehow index.html page which should to invoke server.js file?

How to engage user if some API is taking time on website or app

What are the methods using which we can engage the user on website or mobile app page where some backend API take more time to provide the output.

website design – Guidelines for when to auto-save settings vs “save” button

In ancient times, documents would have two states: the “saved” state on disk, and the state being edited. I would suggest that’s often a good model, even for on-line applications. To avoid having people lose their work if their connection goes down, it may be good to have the server keep an up-to-date copy of the state being edited, but the “saved” state should generally only be updated if someone affirmatively requests that.

When closing a window after some state has been modified, a user should be allowed to abandon changes, apply changes, or keep as draft. If the user opts for the latter, or if the connection is lost, the next time an attempt is made to edit the state the user should be explicitly formed that the system is retrieving a saved draft.

I dislike having some kinds of changes to a form auto-applied and others not; if certain changes must be auto-applied, I would suggest that rather than using [e.g. a checkbox or radio button, one have a “submit”-style buttons for “Turn XXX on” or “Set mode to YYY”.

What are the best movie hosting service for my website? |

I currently developing a movie streaming website, and i’m using videospider as my movie host. Videospider has annoying pop up ads which ruins the user experience.

If there any better free alternative out there?

If there isn’t I don’t mind paying for movie hosting as long as it doesn’t have ads.

And it needs to work with dooplay.