I will turn your website into an Android mobile application for $ 5

I will convert your website to an Android mobile application

I will convert your website / blog and other web pages to a fully responsive Android application.

The Android application will have all the features of the website and will have all the latest content on the website and, if you make any changes to the website, it will be updated automatically. There will be no need to manually update the application.

I will send .apk and .ipa files from your application


  • Welcome screen
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blocks – Magento2 Pincode check before entering the website

I need to build a form with zip code field. The customer must be requested before verifying any product on the website or PIN code already saved in the session that can be edited using the "edit" link.

If the PIN code service is not available, it is not necessary to display any product on the website.

If the service is available, then I need to show all products that can be repaired at that particular PIN code.

We have already purchased the extension of the Pincode CED tester and are just checking the availability of the product on the product page. But every time you verify the customer's PIN code on each product it is not a good practice. If the user wishes to buy 10 products, the customer must check the availability of the service 10 times.

May I know how we can implement this functionality? Any ideas?

How to report a website

Well, I can see these guys.

What Google product is your request related to?
Blogger / Blogspot
Web Search
A Google ad
Google My Business (opinions, questions and answers (questions and answers) and company listings)
Drive and Docs
Google Play: music
Google Play: applications
Google Shopping, shopping comments and shopping images
Image Search
Google Photos and Picasa web albums
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What is the best way to report a website? I'm confused

I will design banner ads, Google ads, affiliate website for $ 20

I will design advertisements (google ads, affiliate website)


This concert to design a set of google ads / web banner ad design.

images, dimensions, logo and other instructions must be provided by you.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


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automation: how to automate data entry on a website

The options depend on the website. If the website sends the data to an API, it may be possible to register with the API provider and provide the same data without the web interface. This situation is ideal, since it is more stable than anything else.

If the data is a form that is published without authentication, it should be possible to send the data programmatically to the same endpoint. Raw HTML forms can easily be supplanted with simple HTTP commands (curl It would work for a raw form).

Of course, unprocessed forms and APIs may not be available, in which case you are caught doing some kind of screen capture and automation. The use of Selenium for the remote control of a web browser would be the baseline, with many other tools to scrape and automate existing browsers.

So, in conclusion, the options in order of convenience are:

  1. Use the API that supports the service (that is, call a SOAP or REST API).
  2. Send the HTTP request programmatically (that is, a script or curl command to send the equivalent of the form data to the same endpoint).
  3. Screen capture / browser scripts (i.e., Selenium).

I will create a professional website for you for $ 50

I will create a professional website for you


You do not need any technical knowledge. I will give you true social media tricks and tips for advertising campaigns.

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The website will be included,
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  1. Domain + Web Hosting (I can suggest a domain name and I will give you a promotional code to buy low-cost hosting)
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seo – Do links to other pages on the website help with the overall ranking of all pages?

Not directly. But it can have an effect, even a great effect.

Basically, the way it links through your website affects not only Google's spider ability, but how it views the hierarchy of your website. Prominently linking to an article that has a high "ability to share" will improve your overall position in the search results. This means that more people see it. The more people see it, the more people will share it. As they share it, you get backlinks on your website.

This means that people who viewed these widely disseminated articles have the opportunity to view other content on their website. That can be shared, giving you new backlinks to other content on your website.

Therefore, while a link on your website will not in itself increase your article in the rankings, it can play its role.

I will post a guest post on the High Authority Da 76 Plus website for $ 30

I will post a guest post on the High Authority Da 76 Plus website

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php – Repair strange characters that appear on my website

I published a character set on utf-8 on my html page, I saved the page with notepad + as utf-8, and this character still appears on my website this "".
This is my website: https://translatesubtitles.com/contact.php

Is there a solution to solve this problem?

Thank you

How can you inject my ISP into this website?

Lately I've noticed that the pages I'm going to http Sometimes I have a large banner on the top of my ISP. The strange thing is that when I update the pages I get the https Site version and banner is not there. I try to write the http version in the address bar, but when I click enter I get the https version. The network tab in the developer tools shows that 301 moved permanently when placing http version and then redirect me https version.

So I'm a little surprised at how I get this banner. How can the ISP inject the banner + show the original site under the banner? See screenshot below. I would have assumed that the fact that the page was redirected to https, that an ISP could not display the page with a banner? What's going on here?

enter the description of the image here