Is there a reason that Bitcoin Core won’t add built-in support for Lightning Network, is it dead, and what is the real website?

I’ve spent a lot of time recently trying to understand what Bitcoin Lightning is. It appears as if the main website for it is this:

However, the site feels extremely “commercial” and sketchy, full of typos and dubious claims/language.

The only other site I can find is , which has a way more “community-y” domain name, but almost goes to the other extreme in that it’s entirely devoid of anything useful. Extremely barebones and uninviting. Empty.

I frankly did not get this feeling about the Lightning Network until today. I’ve heard about it for years, but not in a long time. Is it dead/failed at this point? Even after reading the entire introduction, I just have no idea how I would actually use it.

To me, this seems like vaporware. Just like I could not figure out how to actually use Ethereum to actually do anything, or even download a single sensible client.

What is the problem with “Lightning”, really? Do the main Bitcoin developers/controllers have different ideas for the future of Bitcoin? I feel like I have to pull every bit of information out from people, and as if they expect me to automatically understand what to do.

Once again, I have to ask: Am I missing something? Is this promising-sounding thing a… thing?

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google chrome – How to load a website with minimal internet speed?

I use Duolingo daily but sometimes my quota is over before the end of my internet subscription so I get throttled to 256kbps (kilobits not KBs) and this makes it nearly impossible to use the Duolingo website. Ideally I want to load the website with no styling (but keep javascript so that it can fetch the lessons) to be able to use it on my very slow internet. Also disable anything that consumes more speed that isn’t necessary to just see the text body of the lessons.

Is there any way to do that?

dns – Moved webhosting and cannot access website from my laptop but i can with other devices?

There are several settings on your laptop that could be preventing you from connecting to your new website.

Delete from /etc/hosts

The most obvious choice might be an entry in your /etc/hosts or (hosts.txt on Windows). You might have created an entry that pointed your laptop to the IP address of your old website for testing purposes. Remove any line that has your website domain name from the file and try again.

Use ping

Next I would open a command line and ensure that when you ping your website you get the expected IP address:

$ ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=59 time=19.3ms

Is the reported IP address the IP address of your old or your new website? If it is the old site, check your /etc/hosts file again. It could also be a local DNS server that you are running.

Use dig

Another command line tool I find useful is dig. It will query your DNS server (bypassing /etc/hosts). Using it you can get an idea if the problem is local or with your DNS server. It will also report the IP address of the DNS server that it uses so you can check that it is what you expect as well.

$ dig
;; ANSWER SECTION:        6419    IN  A


  • Your website IP address ( for in this case)
  • Your DNS server ( for me)
  • The TTL on your domain (6419 seconds in this case)

DNS time to live (TTL)

If dig reports that the IP address is incorrect from your DNS server, it could be because DNS has not yet propagated. Dig will tell you how many seconds you have to wait before it refreshes.

You can test that your DNS server is returning the correct results by querying it directly. First look up the name server and then use that information to query the nameserver directly

$ dig NS
;; ANSWER SECTION:        2333    IN  NS

$ dig
;; ANSWER SECTION:        86400   IN  A

Add to /etc/hosts

If you can’t figure out why the IP address on the command line is your old one, you can work around by adding a line to your /etc/hosts file with the new correct IP:

Browser Plugins

If everything on the command line is correct, it could be an issue with your browser. Try using a different browser. Try starting your web browser in safe mode with all plugins disabled.

Proxy Settings

Check your web browser setting and ensure that you don’t have a proxy set. Using a proxy server (or an auto proxy configuration (PAC) file) could be causing the problem.

backlinks – Would there be without any SEO risk if I link to some website with a high domain authority in exchange for traffic?

First, this is a common approach with people trying to get more links to their website. They’ve read some outdated SEO article about how to build more links to their site.

I get these emails asking me to link to their content regularly. No one ever offers me a reciprocal link (a clear violation of Google’s guidelines). But I have had people offer me money. That too is a clear violation of Google’s guidelines. See

The few times I have responded to these emails about how it would benefit me, I never hear back from them.

But to answer your questions, there’s little risk to you. Neither of the sites appear to be spammy based on their DA. Furthermore, Google appears to smart enough to ignore spammy links and not penalize for it. Additionally, linking to other domains doesn’t necessarily reduce your site’s rank. See Does using links to other pages dilute the linking page’s link juice/page rank?

However, if they aren’t going to link back to you, how would they send you traffic? Are they going to mention your company or your website anywhere? Or are you simply hoping that their having a lot of visitors (which is always a guess if you don’t have access to their system), will somehow generate traffic to your site?

python – How to integrate my recommender system on my website?

How you can read from the title I have built a content based recommender system. It will give recommendations based on similarity of the explicit item. My next will be to integrate it into my website. I get the data from my database. I access it with a mysql query from the mysql connector lib.

I am searching help for architectural solutions/technical solutions to deploy this model on the website.

I am grateful for any help.

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