server – How can I make my website safe?

Please, anyone interested in security:
I have a server in Ubuntu 16.04 using Node.JS and proxy as the latest version of eNginx, and a website as a forum where people can sigh and write things, I have planned protection against:

  • SQL injections;
  • XSS attacks;
  • the iframe is closed;
  • Ddos protection is enabled by nginx;
  • 2-factor authentication for ssh;
  • If you logged in, I received an email alert;
  • the server is shutting down if the login is not planned;
  • all ports are closed but 22,80,443;
  • sqlis only local;
  • root entry is disabled;
  • I do receive files (there are no backdoors, right?);
  • fail2banfor brootforce;
  • The ssh key could be used, but I see no sense due to the 2-factor authentication;

Have I missed something?

I want to protect both websites from account theft, but the most important thing is that my server is hacked.

Certain question: Is there still any way a hacker can access my ssh server?

Then tell me what else I could do to make my server and website more secure!

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Which payment website is better in security?

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User behavior: Search button or input field to search the top navigation bar of the website?

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If you have to choose one of them, which one do you choose to put in the top navigation bar? Why?

Thank you

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The website works for those who do not use Avast.

That I have to do?


Thank you!