Website design: how can you beat the challenge of designing for big screen real estate?

This question is a little more subjective, but I hope to get a new perspective. I'm so used to designing for a certain screen size (usually 1024×768) that I find that size is not a problem. Expanding the size to 1280×1024 does not offer enough screen space to make a noticeable difference, but it will give me a little more room to breathe. Basically, I simply expand my "grid size" and the same basic design for the slightly smaller screen still works.

However, in the last couple of projects, all my clients used 1080p screens (1920×1080) and wanted the solutions to use as much of that real estate property as possible. 1920 pixels wide provides almost twice the width I'm used to, and the widescreen makes some of my old design approaches not work as well. The problem that I'm running into is that when I get so much space, I face some important problems.

  • How many columns should I use? The wide format lends itself to a 3-column division with a 2: 1: 1 split (that is, the larger content column than the other two). However, if I go with three columns, what do I do with that additional column?
  • As I do efficient Use of the real estate screen? There is a temptation to put everything on the screen at once, but too much information makes the application more difficult to use. White space is important to help make sense of complex information, but too many make related concepts seem too separate.
  • I usually work with web applications that have complex data, and visualization and presentation is key to making sense of raw data. When your user also has a large screen (at least 24 "), some of the information is out of sight and you need to move the pointer a great distance.How do you make sure that everything that is needed is kept within the visual hot spots?
  • Simple sites like blogs really work best when width is limited, resulting in a lot of wasted real estate. I wonder if having the text box and previewing the text side by side would be a great benefit for the administrator side of that kind of screen. (1: 1 division into two columns).

For your answers, I know that almost everything in the design is "depends". What I'm looking for is:

  • General principles that you use.
  • How your design approach has changed

I am discovering that I have to retrain to work with this different format. Every blip in the resolution that I have worked to date has been around 25%: 640 to 800 (increase of 25%), 800 to 1024 (increase of 28%) and 1024 to 1280 (increase of 25%). However, the jump from 1280 to 1920 is a good 50% increase in space, the equivalent of the jump from 640 in a straight line to 1024. The medium size was not used to help learn the lessons more gradually.

To help focus the question a bit, I had a project that was somewhat similar to Atlassian JIRA, a problem management system. The client wanted to keep about six different types of records, all of which could potentially be related to each other. Data collection was not the central problem, although it did play a role.

The most important side of the problem was creating a system that suggested potential relationships between the records and helped analysts to recognize the patterns in the reported incidents.

There were different types of analysts who focused on different domains of problems, and because of the nature of their type of exploratory work, they did not know what they wanted. They simply knew that they had to make sense of a large amount of data, draw correlations and characterize the kinds of problems.

(Originally asked here:, but said that this could be more appropriate)

For generosity: Stretch your minds a little. The answer "Make everything bigger" has a limit to how useful the answer is. We are talking about users who have to make sense of a large amount of data and find relationships between records. If I simply increase the size in everything, they will be very limited in what they can see on the screen, especially because the vertical is very limited.

Website design: How to name a page that contains 3 features that have no relation to each other?

I'm working on an intranet that requires users to enter 3 different sets of information.

A set is about your relationship with your organization (Partner, License, Applicant, etc.).
The second set is about their location (they usually live in the United Kingdom).
The third set is the team in which they work (international office).

I need to have the results (summary) of this information on the same page, because all the sets have a start and end date and they must be aligned. (Like having the same start or end date in a location and a team).

How do I name this page when the 3 features do not have information correlation or user tasks? I realize that I could summarize, but a summary of what? What is the name of the collection of these 3 characteristics?

seo: shutting down a website correctly and maintaining localized versions in different tld's

I have a website that is available in 6 countries. All versions operate under their own country. tld With different content and language (except the English version that uses .com). For example, the French version uses a .fr the domain and all the content is written in French and so on … (All websites have different content, not the same content in different languages).

So the situation is that I really ruined the .com Site with some redirects, changes to the URL structure and deletion / updates of content. Although it did not receive any penalty, the search traffic was reduced by 95% and it does not seem like it will return (I was waiting 2 months).

Honestly, I really do not mind fixing it because it was the least popular version and did not generate any income. So now, I'm thinking that closing the site would make my life easier. I'm a little afraid that the .com landed in the security room or simply violated a Google line after updating the design and content, which may affect the other versions in the other domains.

My question is: is there any recommended way to close a website without damaging the other domains? Like simply redirecting all subpages to the homepage, erasing everything and simply keeping the Error 500 pages
or using 410 headers

Or should I not be afraid at all because there is no possibility that Google punishes the other domains just because they are using the same domain and managed under the same GWT / Analytics account?

It is important that the other websites did not get the redirects and modifications that caused the problem with the .com, so they do not have any performance issues related to serp.

I would really appreciate if someone with more experience could give me some advice on the right solution to handle this situation.


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How long does this site take to work?

What challenges are there with the execution of this site?

Do you finish the website before publishing it or do you work on it?

Do you finish the website before publishing it or do you work on it? | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. Question Do you finish the website before publishing it or do you work on it?

    Hi guys, I'm working on building a website, but the process is very tedious. I wonder if I should publish my website since the whole article is ready, I just need to finish the product that, as a downloadable material, would not waste time for SEO. I already delayed two months and paid the rent of the server. Thoughts?

  2. You could put your website live, and when it comes to content, maybe you say come soon? In this way, you can also see the performance of the website in terms of speed.

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  3. I think it's better to develop it in private, fill in basic content, optimize and then publish. Usually, a / dev folder on your server is enough for something like that.
    But … like everything else in life, it depends on the project, on some projects that you can publish quickly, while on others you need to have a site fully developed before publishing.

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Website design – Alternatives to the drop-down list when the possible results are unknown

For quite some time I have been searching the web for alternatives to a drop-down list in the data assignment (that is, during the capture of data that will be saved, NOT when looking for some data).

An alternative that is commonly suggested are the "autocomplete text boxes", but only when at least part of the data is known.

Imagine, however, the selection of a city in a specific country. It is possible that the user does not know what they are looking for specifically, therefore, it lists all the cities identified by zip code or their name.
For that scenario, a pop-up window with full search capabilities can be used, however, the process slows down again.

What else does your mind do? What are you commonly using? Do you know any important side that has found a great solution for this?


After finding that I could not correctly describe my question (sorry for that), I try to clarify the use of a screenshot for demonstration purposes.


Assume a form to add new clients, where the name of the client and its main contact employee for that new client is captured.
The employee (assuming a large company with thousands of employees) is identified by four attributes:

  • gender
  • First name
  • surname
  • branch

In the screenshot above, I showed them in a drop-down list, but I think it's obvious that this list is no longer usable. Since the employees differ in 4 attributes, I believe that a self-suggestion is not really usable. So, what else do you commonly use for that purpose?

I hope the question is clear now.

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