I will provide real and genuine WEBSITE TRAFFIC for 1 month for your website for $1

I will provide real and genuine WEBSITE TRAFFIC for 1 month for your website

I will provide real and genuine WEBSITE TRAFFIC for 1 month for your website for 1$

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seo – Optimize sitemaps for a large website

I am trying to create sitemaps for a very large multilingual website; means that every single URL is duplicated with as many languages there are; however the more pressing issue is that content is incredibly dynamic, the lastmod tag can be easily obtained.

The sitemap is composed as follows, each index contains and specifies every sitemap under it.


If I create each collection point based on creation, the point is added, and hence a lastmod tag cannot be added or otherwise known other than by fetching the resource via a HEAD request and reading the header.

If I create each collection point based on modification, the point is added if it was modified during the day, and as so there will be duplicates entries between points with different lastmod dates, any data that changes; since it’s impossible to modify already stored collection points as it will require intensive reads to modify data in older collection points.

Do 120 unique pr10 SEO backlinks for skyrocket your google ranking for $5

Do 120 unique pr10 SEO backlinks for skyrocket your google ranking

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Best way of creating a website with multiple themes/languages

I am building the website for my startup, I have limited knowledge of WordPress but managed to build some decent websites using premade themes. I now face this problem I need to build a website that basically holds 4 WordPress websites in one and I don’t know where to start with.

The structure would be something like


The main site and site2 would have a different theme as site 2 is about a company branch that does something completely different than the main business. Is this workable?

I was planning on using Astra + elementor, is there a way to do this?

Side question: Do you think a landing page that links to the two websites would work better thana large side button on the main site.

enter image description here

thank you very much!

Tips And Tricks For Restaurant Website Design & Inspiring Examples

The top restaurant websites have beautiful presentations. But great design isn’t just about aesthetics; usability matters too. To show you how to get the maximum benefit from both aesthetics and usability and to inspire you and help you understand what it takes to craft a great restaurant website design we’ll start with tips and hints from our designers and conclude with examples of great restaurant website designs

Remove the URL/menu bar for a mobile website

A while back I noticed a cool feature in mobile Firefox that removed the URL/top menu. This made the website feel like it was a native mobile app and I was able to use this feature by making the website a shortcut on my phone’s home screen. This feature was apparently removed and I’m wondering if there’s a way to re-activate it. Or if there is another mobile browser with a similar feature.

Amazon Affiliate Massage Chair Comparison Website

Why are you selling this site?
Need some urgent funds.

How is it monetized?
amazon affiliate program, this is a starter site so has not earned any and has no traffic.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
1-2 hour a week

What challenges are there with running this site?
not much any one with a basic understanding of website can run this with ease.


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Website traffic +100,000 worldwide visits

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